Download God Hand PPSSPP ISO Small Size for Android

Download God Hand PPSSPP ISO Small Size  – Game God Hand PPSSPP is one of the Playstation 2 or PS2 games which was very popular in its old days.

Now we can play the God Hand PSP game on our Android phones without having to buy a PS2 or game console.

Here we will use an emulator called PPSSPP Emulator which we will use to play this God Hand Iso PPSSPP game.

Download God Hand PPSSPP ISO Small Size for Android

If you have a potato cellphone with 1gb and 2gb ram. Too bad you can’t play this God Hand game because you have to have at least more than 3GB of Ram.

So for friends who might want to play it on a potato cellphone, you can download the small size ppsspp iso game god hand highly compressed so that it can work on your potato android cellphone.

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Info Game God Hand PPSSPP

Initially, the God Hand game could only be played on two game consoles, namely the PlayStation Portable (PSP) and PlayStation 2 (PS2).

In other words, this God Hand Game has two different versions, namely  God Hand PPSSPP  and  God Hand PS2.

God Hand is published by Capcom Studios, although there are two other publishers called Red Developer and Ce Europe Ltd etc.

God Hand PPSPP was designed by  Clover Studio and was designed by two renowned designers  Shinji Mikami and  Atsushi Inaba. Masafumi Takada is the name of the creator of this game who provided the music for the game God Hand.

Did you know that God Hand was the last video game from Clover Studio when it was first released? Initially, sales of the God Hand game were very low but over time it has become the most played video game on PPSSPP / PSP.

This game is programmed by  Kiyohiko Sakata and the artist in this game is named  Masaki Yamanaka the story of this game is written by  Hiroki Kato.

You can play this God Hand game on the PSP emulator. If you have downloaded this game and want to play it on the PPSSPP Emulator, but don’t know how you can see the tutorial we uploaded earlier on  How to Play PS2 Games on PC.

Features of God Hand PSP Games

  • The graphics of this video game are based on 3D (3 dimensions).
  • Special combat mechanics that will never let you get bored from the game.
  • A huge open-world game map where you can roam around and defeat opponents.
  • As this game is Completely offline it is also totally lag-free.
  • Flashy combos and various types of special moves to perform.
  • Many types of Boss fights in the game will provide a lot of fun.
  • Hours of fun destroying your opponents with martial arts.
  • Improve your main character and unlock lots of flashy new moves.
  • Unlock different types of routes while playing the game.
  • Upgrade your outfit while playing the game which will increase your skills and strength.

Gameplay God Hand PPSSPP

God Hand PPSSPP Gameplay Part 1
God Hand PPSSPP Gameplay Part 1


God Hand PPSSPP Gameplay Part 2
God Hand PPSSPP Gameplay Part 2


God Hand PPSSPP Gameplay Part 3
God Hand PPSSPP Gameplay Part 3

Maybe you are wondering what the gameplay from God Hand PPSSPP is like. You can see it clearly like the picture above.

God Hand is a 3D-based game and has very good graphics and for the size of this God Hand game, it is also less than 1GB.

Download God Hand PPSSPP ISO Small Size

For those of you who can’t wait to play the god hand ppsspp iso game, you can download it directly via the link below.

I will provide a download link for god hand ppsspp iso, small size, highly compressed, along with the god hand bios and also the god hand ppsspp mod cheat.

I still don’t have it to save God Hand data, so you can look for it on another website if there is one.

But I suggest if you have a fairly high cellphone specification, it’s better to download the original version. Because it has very good graphics and is comfortable to play.

Bios PS2 [2MB]

For those of you who are confused about how to download PPSSPP ISO games on Coolrom, you can just click the link next to this for a tutorial on how to download games on Coolrom.

How to Download God Hand PPSSPP

For those of you who might be downloading the PPSSPP Emulator for the first time and are confused about how to play the game through the PPSSPP Emulator. You can follow the steps below for more details.

  1. First, download the God Hand PPSSPP ISO / CSO file.
  2. Extract the file that was downloaded earlier if the format is .7z .rar .zip etc.
  3. You will get an .iso / .cso format file.
  4. All you have to do is move the .iso / .cso file to the Internal Memory > PSP > Game folder.
  5. If the PSP folder doesn’t exist, all you have to do is create it yourself.
  6. Open your PPSSPP Emulator application and the God Hand PSP game will already be on your PSP game homepage.
  7. Finished.

If you’ve been playing small PPSSPP games using PPSSPP Silver. You can try downloading the latest PPSSPP Gold APK  which you might be able to use and has better features than PPSSPP Silver!

The Final Word

That’s it friends, the game God Hand PPSSPP ISO Small Size 200mb which you might be able to download and play now on your ppsspp emulator.

Hope this is useful and don’t forget to share this article with the PPSSPP group or with your friends who also play PPSSPP games.

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