Download KineMaster PRO Mod Apk Without a Watermark

If previously editing videos was difficult & expensive, now it’s no longer with the Kinemaster PRO APK.

Yes, the Kinemaster application is already familiar to video creators, especially those who are involved in the world of Youtube.

Kinemaster pro is one of the mainstay applications today that can help its users create and edit videos. In fact, making videos that seem difficult and expensive will feel easy and cheap, which can be done only from a smartphone.

How come? Here you will get to know some of the Kinemaster Pro specifications, advantages, types, and how to download Kinemaster Pro. Come on, listen!

What is Kinemaster PRO APK?

There are 2 versions of Kinemaster, namely the free or free version and the pro version which has more complete features.

Kinemaster Pro APK is an application for creating and editing the latest pro version of videos with various additional features.

This PRO version of Kinemaster has its own advantages because it can be installed on various devices.

Not only on PC but also can be used on smartphones with IOS and Android systems.

Kinemaster PRO & Kinemaster Free, What’s the Difference?

What distinguishes KineMaster pro and free the most is that in the pro version you won’t find a watermark.

Apart from this, there are several differences that might make you switch from the free to the pro version, which is as follows:

PRO version Free Version (Download Click Here )
Video editing quality up to 1080p The video editing quality is only 720p
> 30 fonts can be inserted into the video Several types of fonts can be included in the video
More video effects are available Several kinds of effects to enhance videos
There is a large selection of audio assets and they can be used right away There aren’t a lot of straightforward audio assets yet
There is a Green Screen feature to remove the background on the video There is only a layer feature for cutting and merging videos
There are video exports with a large selection of formats Export videos using a variety of formats
Can unlock premium features that cannot be used on Kinemaster free
There is no watermark There is still a watermark

To get KineMaster access is very easy, you can download it on the AppStore or Google Playstore for free.

However, that way you will always find a watermark attached to the edited video.

If you want a more professional look, then the best solution is to go with the KineMaster pro which is quite expensive.

Even so, currently, there are a lot of Kinemaster PRO applications that have been given a Mod system. What is Kinemaster PRO Mod. We will continue in the next session.

How is the Kinemaster Pro Mod System?

How is the Kinemaster Pro Mod System

Kinemaster Pro Mod is the same as other KineMaster applications, its function is to easily create quality video content.

The difference is, with the PRO Mod APK, you don’t need to pay for a license/buy when using it, aka FREE.

Even though it sounds interesting, actually this kind of mod application has a bad impact for many parties.

For the developers themselves, this is very detrimental to them.

The number of mod applications that can be easily accessed for free can reduce their income. That is why mod apps are considered illegal.

For the users themselves, the risks involved are also not kidding. Using a mod application puts a virus or malware in your device at risk.

This is very dangerous for the health of the smartphone, or hardware and all personal data in it.

What Are The New Features of Kinemaster Pro Edition?

What Are The New Features of Kinemaster Pro Edition

Every application with the latest version must have additional features that are superior to that version.

Yes, this aims to attract users to download or update the application.

So, what features does Kinemaster Pro Mod have?

1. NO Watermark

Maybe you often get annoyed when editing digital content and always show a watermark at the bottom corner. This is actually a form of copyright protection.

But maybe it’s a little unsightly right?

And you don’t need to worry because Kinemaster pro mod is the version without a watermark.

Kinemaster PRO has a new feature to remove watermarks in the form of application names written on content.

Not only that, you can also add a watermark with any name in the content.

2. NO Ads

Who isn’t bothered by advertising? For the writer, yes.

It’s fun to watch videos when I know that there are advertisements, especially when I am editing a video. Can you imagine how it feels!

Well, this Kinemaster pro apk mod could be the best solution for you. Because it doesn’t display ads like a trial version.

Apart from being without ads, the Kinemaster mod application is also more attractive than the original version.

You don’t have to bother skipping trial videos or being distracted by applauds ads while editing videos.

3. High-Speed ​​Rendering

Rendering is the process when saving a video which can be fast or slow depending on many factors.

The most important factor affecting is the application.

For Kinemaster itself, the rendering speed can be up to 30 frames per sec (per second). This is the fastest compared to other apps.

Meanwhile, other factors such as hardware or smartphone specs are also quite influential. The better your smartphone, the smoother the rendering process will be.

4. 4K Full HD Video Editing

The most advanced feature offered by Kinemaster PRO APK is the video quality with the highest resolution, namely 4K Full HD.

With this resolution, the video created will be very clear, without any flaws.

But, with this god’s resolution, of course, an impact on the video size is very large and requires a lot of storage.

This is where the Kinemaster application comes in, namely to support your smartphone in editing large-resolution videos.

With a note, yes, the smartphone you are using must also have high specifications for smooth editing.

5. Social Media Sharing

One of the most interesting features in Kinemaster pro mod is social media sharing.

With this feature, you can directly share content to various social media networks such as Instagram, Facebook, etc.

6. Real-Time Recording

Another advantage of the Kinemaster application is the real-time recording feature.

That way, you can use this application at the same time to create videos, without using another recording application.

But unfortunately, the quality of content that is created might not be good if you don’t use a video recording application.

So, it is necessary for you to test it first before creating long-duration content. The goal is to create better videos.

7. Common Features

Apart from the six features above, below are some of the advantages of this free Kinemaster Pro Apk Mod.

  • Has a variety of great transition effects.
  • Can cut or connect videos.
  • Provides a variety of unique and unlimited stickers, images, music.
  • There are many choices of themes/backgrounds of various colors.
  • Can add video clips or audio from a smartphone or other device used.
  • Keyframe service for animation.
  • Speed ​​control and slow-motion effect feature.
  • Combine multiple layers including video, images, text, music, etc.
  • Live preview feature.
  • Etc..

How? After seeing its features, are you interested in immediately downloading Kinemaster Pro without a watermark Android apk?

Before deciding, let’s take a look at some versions of the Kinemaster Pro APK Mod which can be used as an option for editing videos.

Kinemaster PRO Types & How to Download Them

There are 5 versions of Kinemaster pro mod available today, each version has its own advantages and disadvantages.

The following is a description of each version as well as the free download link for Kinemaster.

1. Kinemaster Pro Diamond Apk Mod

Kinemaster Pro Diamond Mod Apk

Kinemaster pro diamond or also called version is the first choice for those of you who want a mod version of this application.

The following is a complete description of this diamond-themed KineMaster application.

Name Kinemaster Diamond Pro
Application Version 4.12
Android version 4.1 and above
Application Size 57 MB
Cost Free / Free
Description of Kinemaster pro diamond mod

With this application, you can use Kinemaster pro without paying or subscribing every month.

But, you can also use the premium version for only IDR 60 K, it’s unlimited and you can enjoy premium for free.


What are the main features of Kinemaster Diamond? It’s below.

  • Ease of setting the timeline.
  • A keyframe feature is available for creating simple animations.
  • There is a wide selection of cinematic effects for dramatic effects.
  • No watermark and ads.
  • There is a project assistant feature.
  • Can make videos with long duration.
  • Can share to social media.
  • Additional audio effects, motion blur, or autofocus.
  • Etc..

How? Interested? Want to download it? Please download the file below.

But before doing so, we as authors do not recommend that you use this mod application because it can potentially damage your device.

Download link:

2. Kinemaster Pro Vers. 7 Indonesia (Apk Mod)

One of the KineMaster for pc that provides Indonesian language access.

This application has been modified and is free to use, without the slightest cost.

Name Kinemaster Pro Version 7
Application Version V7
Android version Android 5.0
Application Size > 100 MB
Cost Free
Description of Kinemaster Pro Version 7 Mod

If you want the premium version, it will not cost you much, only IDR 70k per month.


The following are excellent features that can be enjoyed from the installation of this Indonesian version 7 application:

  • The bug has been fixed.
  • No watermark.
  • Available New Voice Changer and EQ.
  • It looks cooler.
  • Can be anti-lag and broken effects.
  • Can use video layers.
  • Can be reversed and cut for 0.1 seconds.
  • 85% of the language used is Indonesian.

However, you need to be careful when using Xiaomi Redmi and Huawei devices.

Sometimes there will be problems during installation. The solution can be by installing Parallel Space or Multi 64 bit then cloning the Kinemaster application.

Are you interested? This is the download link, you can download it directly below.

Download link:

3. Kinemaster Pro Indonesian Version 8 (Apk Mod)

In addition to version 7 above, the Kinemaster version 8 application also provides Indonesian language features. Some of the advantages are as follows:


  • Unlimited layer feature for joining videos.
  • Available> 30 different fonts.
  • Amazing color grading system.

To download this version of the application, we provide the link below.

But again, the modified version of the app makes your device very vulnerable to viruses/malware or data theft. So you should just use the premium version of the application to be safe.

Download link:

4.Kinemaster Pro Gold (Apk Mod)

Kinemaster Pro Gold (Apk Mod)

This is the most unique and special application that KineMaster has. Its trademark is the luxurious gold theme and is not available on the Playstore or App Store.

However, take it easy because there is a modified version and it’s free. Here is the KineMaster pro gold mod apk.

Name Kinemaster Pro Gold
Application Version 4.12
Android version Android 4.1 and above
Application Size 29 MB
Cost Free
Description of Kinemaster Pro Gold Mod Apk

The most interesting thing about this application is that it has a nice 2D to 3D transition effect. You can create videos with incredibly flawless results.

Apart from that, there are still many interesting features of this free application.


  • New user design which is simple and easy to understand.
  • No watermark and no ads.
  • There are unlimited layer of choices.
  • There are features to zoom in and out.
  • Choice of sound effects for both fade in and fade out.
  • There is slow-motion and speed control.
  • There are settings for sona, brightness, and saturation controls.
  • Can be used for all video formats.

Don’t forget to prepare an Android device with a Kitkat version to use this application.

Do you want to download the Kinemaster mod without the apkpure watermark? Please download at the following link.

Download link

5. Kinemaster Pro X (Apk Mod)

This Kinemaster iPhone mod is the first version of the diamond version. What are the advantages? Here’s a brief review.


  • Provides a Chroma Key feature.
  • Can export 4K quality video.
  • Edit videos with multi-layer features.

Download link:

6. Kinemaster v4.11.13 Mod Apk

This modified application is the latest version of Kinemaster Pro and its features are very compatible with video editing needs.

Name Kinemaster Pro V4.11.13
Application Version 4.12 and above
Android version Android Q
Application Size
Cost Free
Description of Kinemaster Pro Version 4.11.13

Improved functionality of v4.11.13 is more focused on navigation, for example, button settings. Here are some of the advantages of this mod application.


  • Can cut footage up to 0.1 seconds.
  • Able to make smooth videos.

The free version of this application can be downloaded at the following link. However, buying the premium version is also inexpensive, which is IDR 79K.

Download link:

7. Cyber ​​KineMaster Pro

Cyber __KineMaster Pro

This modified application was modified by SatriyaID and its features are very similar to Kinemaster Mod. The following is a description.

Name Cyber ​​Kinemaster Pro
Application Version 4.12
Android version Android 4.1
Application Size 72 MB
Cost Free
Description of Cyber ​​Kinemaster Pro

With this application, of course, you will receive a subscription fee of around IDR 70 per month to enjoy premium features.

What are the advantages of the Cyber ​​Kinemaster application?


  • There is no watermark.
  • There are features to add and combine layers.
  • Speed ​​control up to 16x.
  • There is an integration feature for joining frames into a video.
  • There is a green screen editor.
  • Social media sharing.
  • Can be used for all video formats.
  • Explore videos with QHD 144op resolution up to 30 FPS.

If you are interested, please download the application at the download link below.

Download link

8. Kinemaster Premiere

Kinemaster Premiere

Similar to mod applications, Kinemaster Premiere provides premium features that are free for you.

Name Kinemaster Premiere Pro
Modder Rifky Thesangger
Android version Android 4.1 and above
Application Size 57 MB
Cost Free
Description of Kinemaster Premium Pro

The features available are actually not much different from Kinemaster Pro.

The only difference is the theme that gives the impression of Adobe Premiere. Can you imagine how luxurious this application is?


  • No watermark and ads.
  • Unlimited fonts and premium access.
  • Unlimited special effects.
  • Social sharing feature.
  • Slowmotion feature and speed control.
  • There is a preview feature.
  • Etc..

Curious? Here is the download link to download it.

But please remember once again the effect you get by using the mod application.

Download link:

How to Install Kinemaster PRO APK?

Above we have described some of the slick KineMaster pro mod versions that you can also download at once.

After downloading the file, what should I do? Either the old or the new version, the method is the same.

It’s just that it requires a special way because this application is considered illegal.

Following are the specific steps for installing the KineMaster mod application.

  • Download one of the KineMaster files from the link above.
  • First, open the phone settings on the smartphone then select accessibility.
  • Allow installation by checking the install from unknown sources section.
  • Look for the downloaded file which is usually automatically in the internal memory in the download folder.
  • Install the application on the smartphone and wait for the process to finish.
  • Done. You can use it to help create great video content with no time limit.


That was the discussion about KineMaster Pro APK for your reference material.

Keep in mind that what determines the quality of the video is not only the application or device you use.

It still takes unlimited creativity and hard work to create great videos.

Once again we remind you, if you have more capital, please use the premium version because it will be safer.

In addition, you also play a role in appreciating the struggles of the creators and developers of KineMaster Pro APK.

Are the above applications safe to use?

Yes, obviously safe if you download Kinemaster PRO premium which is purchased directly on the play store.

How much does the Kinemaster PRO application cost?

The cost for 1 month is 79 thousand per month, or if you buy per year around 300 thousand. For beginners, this price is quite expensive, but it needs to be remembered, using a mod application is dangerous for your smartphone.

Disclaimer: We never support downloading any apk from any sites, the article is for information purpose only.

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