How to Pause Windows 10 Automatic Update (2021)


windows update

Windows 10 has a new feature. Always new.

Windows Update is only one of them.

On Windows 10, Windows Update by default runs behind the scenes and updates automatically.

Even though you can turn off automatic updates, you won’t be able to pause or delay the updates that are in the process of downloading or installing.

After the update is complete, Windows 10 will restart the PC or laptop automatically at the time you specified, or at the hour that is considered a “rest hour” like midnight.

If so, you need to delay or pause Windows Update not only to pause the download process by force but also delay Windows 10 to restart automatically when the time for the install updates process arrives.

1. Forced How to Postpone / Pause Windows Update

When Windows Update downloads updates and prepares installation updates ( preparing to install ), you can easily force Windows Update to stop downloading updates.

Microsoft may or may not present a special button to pause the download updates process as in the Control Panel on Windows 7, but you can forcibly delay the process of downloading updates on Windows 10.

When the download process updates, right-click the Taskbar and open the Task Manager.

open task manager

Go to the Services tab, and look for the Windows Update description.

how to pause the Windows 10 update

Right-click on Windows Update, and select Stop.

This will stop the service that allows the download update process to run. When stopped, the service will restart automatically which then ends with the failure to download updates.

pause windows update

In other words, you have thwarted the process of downloading updates. So, when you see the Windows Update page in Settings, a message will appear that the update process has failed, and needs to be retired.

But calm down, you can continue the process of downloading updates on Windows Update by clicking the Retry button.

When this button is clicked, you no longer need to repeat the download process from scratch again, even though the download process is already in the middle of the road.

This is because Windows Update has a useful feature just in case the update process failure occurs, then you don’t need to repeat from the beginning.

This trick is very useful for those of you who don’t want to run out of internet quota because they forget or just remember that it turns out that Windows Update is downloading updates in the background.

Well, at other times, you don’t need to force pause Windows Update again. Because you can actually turn off the automatic update feature in Windows 10.

2. How to Turn Off the Automatic Update Feature in Windows 10

Maybe this is the reason why Windows 10 is wasteful of internet quota. That’s because the users themselves don’t realize that there is an automatic update feature running. Automatic updates download updates secretly behind the scenes.

As a smart user, you can easily turn off automatic updates.

Press the Windows Logo + R. Type gpedit.msc and press Enter.

turn off automatic updates

Enter Computer Configuration> Administrative Templates> Windows Components> Windows Update.

pause download the update

Double-click Configure Automatic Updates and select Enable.

turn off updates

After that, Windows Update will no longer download automatically. When the time comes, you can download updates at the time you want.

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3. Delay or Pause Download Updates for 35 Days

Windows 10 with Creator Update has a new feature to delay updates for 35 days. After 35 days you pause updates, Windows Update will begin the process of downloading and installing updates.

Open Settings> Updates & Security> Windows Update.

Select Advanced Options.

pause update

Scroll down the screen, and select Activate Pause Updates.

how to pause an update on Windows 10

This will delay or pause the process of downloading or installing updates. It should be noted, the delay is limited to only 35 days.

In addition to delaying the process of downloading updates, you can also delay the installation process of updates that require your PC or laptop to restart.

4. So that the PC or Laptop Restarts in the Right Hour and Minute

Windows 10 often restarts automatically, and there is the writing “Working on Updates”?

windows update

Windows 10 by default will automatically restart at a time that is considered a break, at a time when you leave your PC or laptop for a long time, to install updates.

But, in order to prevent the PC or laptop from restarting automatically at the wrong time and time and minutes, you need to delay the installation process of updates that require a very long restart.

Windows 10 has a feature called Active Hours.

This feature sets the active hours when you use a computer. Active Hours must be working hours, usually between morning and evening.

When Active Hours is determined, Windows 10 will not restart the PC or laptop at the wrong time again. It will restart at the hour outside Active Hours. For example, midnight.

To set Active Hours, still in Settings> Security Update> Windows Update. Select Change Active Hours.

automatic restart

Then choose when the PC or laptop should not be restarted by Windows Update. Choose between 3:00 and 12:00 PM, just in case it turns out that the installation process takes a long time for hours because the working hours are usually at 7:00 in the morning.

restart the laptop PC

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5. For Windows Update to restart RIGHT on the Specified Clock

pause the active hours update

There are times when you need to restart your PC or laptop to install updates at a specified time and date. Not 35 days after or hours outside active hours. But, all the dates, hours and minutes.

Still in Settings> Update & Security> Windows Update.

Click Restart Options.

Turn it on, and select the exact date and time when the PC or laptop will restart automatically for the update installation process.

restart option

Delaying or pausing Windows Update is very useful. You can force pause through the Task Manager during the process, or wait 35 days to download updates. If necessary, delay the installation process.

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