Download KineMaster for PC Windows [10/8 / 8.1 / 7] and MAC

The KineMaster for PC by default was developed to be used on Android and iOS operating systems only, but more and more people are also interested in the possibility of using it on desktop computers or Laptops.

Here you will find to download Kinemaster PC Windows. Also in our tutorial, we will give you all the information you need to know and the steps you must follow in order to use this important application on your computer or laptop with the Microsoft Windows 10 or 7 Operating System, without dying trying!

Download KineMaster for PC Windows

What is KineMaster for Windows PC?

Kinemaster is a video editing platform that is placed on many platforms like Android, iOS, PC, and Mac software, etc.

I have created the application, which in this post we are going to mention about the Kinemaster for PC software.

If you have used the computer well, then you must have learned or are learning video editing. Both software such as Adobe premiere pro-CC, Cyberlink PowerDirector, core VideoStudio Ultimate, and wonder share film ora, etc.

must have been used. You must have heard about it, it is the best video editing software to do video editing.

Similarly, KineMaster is also a video editing software, which has become very popular among Android devices, but the computer they use is the Kinemaster for PC on their laptop PC.

I definitely want to use it. So we have given the following method to fully use them on your computer.

Features of KineMaster for PC

Do you know that KineMaster is a video editing application, with the help of which we can make videos attractive?

If you are unfamiliar with the features of KineMaster for PC, this post will thoroughly inform you what features of KineMaster for PC There are people who are doing excellent video editing using the professional level of this application.

1. Intuitive editing

If you use a PC, then you have very good news, because KineMaster works very well, compared to Android devices. If you use a PC, then the PC board is a very large screen, all the tools work easily, and you can also move your PC cursor anywhere, which can edit the video well.

2. Instant preview

If you are using KineMaster software to edit the video, you won’t have to wait for the preview in time as soon as you edit the video, you can see your work right away. The best preview option is.

3. Multitrack audio

As you know, in multitrack recording, a different type of sound is heavy, when you edit any video and place a recording, you see a different type of sound, according to the sound of the video.

4. Multiple layers

The largest video editing app in the world is the KineMaster app, which comes with amazing features, with many layers.

If you’ve used other video editing software, they won’t provide you with more layers, so I suggest you use the premium version of KineMaster as I’m giving you below for free.

I will tell you some layers found in this application. Such as mixing mods, chroma-key, voice recording, speed control, transition effects, video format support, automatic optimization, etc.

Nowadays, KineMaster is used more in the world, but most of it is on an Android device, so for people who use KineMaster on an Android device but have PC Hai, I would recommend downloading the software, which will be able to edit 50% of The videos on the Android device.

How to Install KineMaster on Windows PC

As we mentioned earlier, the KineMaster application in any of its versions was developed to work on Android and iOS operating systems, since it is aimed at mobile phones.

But it is possible to install KineMaster on a PC with a Windows operating system, and here we bring you the steps you must follow to achieve it:

Step 1. Download an Android Emulator:

In order to install an Android application on your PC, you must first download a program that emulates an Android operating system on your computer.

This is achieved by installing programs like Memu Play or Nox Player, which are excellent free programs, easy to use, fast, and efficient.

To download the best Android emulator for pc you can check out our previous article Best Lightest Android Emulator for PC.

They are compatible with any Windows operating system and can even be installed on Macbook computers.

Basically, this software allows you to create a virtual Android operating system on your PC and allow you to use any Android application without inconvenience.

Step 2. Install the Android Emulator on the computer

To install this software you just have to go to the official websites of Memu Play or Nox Player, and download the latest version available compatible with your Windows operating system.

Then you simply have to follow the installation steps, when you finish you will be able to enter the program and you will see how a Virtual Android operating system opens similar to if you were using your Mobile but on your PC.

Additionally, these emulators are integrated with the Google Play Store, which allows us to easily download any application we want and install it just as we do through our mobile phones.

Step 3. Download the APK of the KineMaster App on your PC

When we already have our emulator running, we just have to choose which version of KineMaster we want to install on our computer.

There are several versions available of this application, each with its own characteristics. If you want to use the official version of KineMaster, you can download it from the Google Play Store and install it normally.

Download Kinemaster Pro

You just have to keep in mind that this version is limited and will generate a watermark in your projects unless you pay the monthly subscription they request.

You can also opt for some modified versions or Mod derived from the official version, which are unlocked and offer all the Premium tools of the app for free.

Step 4. Install the KineMaster version of your choice.

The official version of KineMaster is available in the Google Play Store and you can access it through this LINK. Just log in, download, and install it like any other app.

If you decided to install a modified version of KineMaster to unlock the Premium options for free, you will only have to download the APK file of the App separately and install it on your Android emulator manually.

If you want to see how to perform this procedure step by step, you can enter our tutorials on KineMaster Mod Pro and KineMaster Diamond.

In them, you will find the download links and steps to follow to install the APK without problems.

Step 5. Open the App and configure it.

Finally, when you already have KineMaster Windows installed on your Android Emulator, you must enter the application and make the initial settings that it requests on the screen.

Now you have KineMaster installed on your PC or Laptop. You can use it to start making professional videos, edit and personalize them to your liking just like you do with your mobile phone.

Frequent Ask Questions:

1. Is Kinemaster available for PC?

Yes, Kinemaster is available for PC if you download it using the Android BlueStacks emulator.

There is no version specifically designed for PC, so you must use an emulator to download and install the application on your PC.

2. How can I download the full version of Kinemaster for PC?

You can download and install only the full version of the app using an Android emulator, and the best thing, in this case, is the Android BlueStacks emulator. It will start by downloading BlueStacks to your PC and launching it.

Once the software starts, you will need to type Kinemaster for PC into the search button and download it from the search results that appear.

3. How can I download Kinemaster for PC without a watermark?

It can be quite difficult to download the application without the watermark. However, you can choose to use the subscription service without a watermark.

Fortunately, the subscription service has a monthly and a yearly subscription.

4. How can I play Kinemaster on my PC without using BlueStacks?

You may not like how BlueStacks works and would like to play Kinemaster on another emulator.

If you feel like this, you can use Nox App Player instead of using BlueStacks as an emulator to play Kinemaster on your PC.

5. How safe is BlueStacks?

BlueStacks is completely safe to use on your computer. It may take a little longer to download and install, but it is still the best and safest emulator to use.

6. What is the Difference Between the Normal Version and Kinemaster Pro for pc?

Kinemaster Pro is the full version of the tool. To access it, you have to pay. Although there are web pages where you can find it for free, normally, these websites are not recommended. In case you are going to download Kinemaster Pro, please do so carefully and at your own risk.


Currently, the need to be able to handle programs that allow us to edit videos and audiovisual media in order to create unique, creative, and attractive content for the public has become increasingly important thanks to the spread of social networks.

It is for this reason, tools such as the KineMaster software for PC have become an interesting option for editing with very professional finishes, as well as simple ones.

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