How to know if someone blocked you on WhatsApp


How to know if someone blocked you on WhatsApp 1

Guys, isn’t it suspicious if suddenly the WhatsApp chat to the chat has never been answered again? You must be confused, does he really not want to reply to your chat or you have indeed been blocked from WhatsApp chat.

Well, to find out whether you are just ignored or blocked by WhatsApp, there is nothing wrong with checking the following steps.

1. Check the status of WhatsApp him, still available or is empty.

The easiest way to know that you have been blocked from WhatsApp is to check the status. Well, if you see the WhatsApp status is no longer available or empty, then your fix has been blocked from WhatsApp him.

2. Profile Picture he never updates or even disappears.

If his picture WhatsApp profile has never been updated or even lost, then your fix has been blocked. Do not bother to chat with him constantly, because he also will never and will reply to your chat.

3. Last Seen status has never been updated.

If it is normal (not blocked ), then you will be able to see the time to access or update him through the top, under the WhatsApp contact name.

Well, if you have blocked it, then you will never see an update when he again, aka the update will only show the last time he did activities on WhatsApp before blocking you.

4. Chat you to him will never be sent.

This is also an easy way to find out whether you have been blocked or not on WhatsApp.

So, if you are blocked by him then the message you send will only show a check mark. It’s different if for example you just ignored him, then the chat you send will only show two check marks without changing color.

5. You can’t call him anymore.

Besides chatting, WhatsApp can also be used to make calls. Well, for those of you who tried to call him they never got picked up, chances are that you have been blocked .

Sure, even though WhatsApp is blocked or not, you can still connect to the dial tone, but if you repeatedly try to call and he never responds, then you have blocked the fix.

That’s a quick and easy way to find out whether you are blocked or not from WhatsApp. Well, if you’ve already experienced the above then you are already fixed diblock of WhatsApp him. Just wait!


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