How to Easily Download Torrent Files Using IDM

If you don’t want to use Torrent download software but instead want to download Torrent on IDM, then in the following tips we will explain the easy way to download Torrent files through IDM software.

In addition to direct links, one of the most reliable ways to download files is through Torrent services. Besides being more complete, services that rely on the Peer-to-Peer system are also known to be faster in presenting videos, games, and other popular files.

But the disadvantage of Torrent is that it requires certain software to download it such as uTorrent or BitTorrent. If you don’t want to use torrent download software but instead want to download Torrent on IDM (Internet Download Manager), then in the following tips we will explain the easy way to download Torrent files through IDM software.

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How to Download Torrent Files Using IDM

  • The first step, you only need a special service that can convert Torrent files to direct links. One website that can do it all is zbigz. Copy the magnetic link from the Torrent file you want and paste it in the column on the zbigz website. If so, press the Go button!


If you don’t have a magnetic link from Torrent but have a file with a torrent extension on your computer or cellphone, press the Upload button on the zbigz website and upload the .torrent file.

  • If the popup contains Free and Premium, press the Free button.


  • zbigz will automatically download and convert the Torrent file to direct link. Wait for the process to complete.


  • If the conversion process is complete, the download button will appear.

zbigz torrent

  • Now you can download torrent files using IDM. It’s easy?!


Fun, finally now you can download any file, including Torrent using Internet Download Manager software. Uh, but if the Zbigz site is down, are there other alternative websites? Of course, there is.

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Website Alternative to Download File Torrent Using IDM

1. PutDrive

You can also use the services offered by PutDrive as a tool to convert Torrent to direct link. PutDrive provides a limit of up to 10GB for free account users without having to spend a penny.

But keep in mind that this website requires users to register and login first before using their services.

2. Boxopus


The next alternative that might suit you is Boxopus. In addition to providing the direct link, Boxopus can also enter the Torrent file you want into Dropbox.

The encryption feature is also okay, so only you can access the download file.

3. Pcloud


The last is Pcloud . Similar to what is offered by PutDrive, Pcloud also provides up to 10GB of bandwidth for free users. Large enough and enough to download your favorite files on Torrent.

That’s how to download Torrent files via Internet Download Manager. Did we miss anything? If you have questions or opinions, don’t forget to include them in the comments column below.

Thank you.



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