20+ Best Alternatives Sites Like PutDrive in 2021


PutDrive is a new level of internet downloader that offers users to find a new method of downloading torrent files from nearly one hundred hoster and save them on a personal cloud storage account or to a PC too.

20+ Best Alternatives Sites Like PutDrive in 2019

PutDrive is not a free service at all, and to use this web-based service you will be asked to create an account first, and after that, you can download everything you want to download.

There is no need to place too much importance on multiple hosting services because one PutDrive account is enough to download files from the world’s leading file hosting server.

Whether it’s your favorite movie or any music clip, PutDrive will allow you to find it and get it downloaded to your PC. You can start downloading external files yourself too.

Above all, simplicity and ease of use are the main advantages of using PutDrive because it offers instant access to users to all their cloud accounts.

This is an ideal source for creating organized online files and accessing them instantly from anywhere.

1. ZxcFiles


ZxcFiles is free to use torrent downloads and file upload services that provide online storage and remote backup management facilities and upload and download torrent files via the internet.

The main advantage of using ZxcFiles is that it offers super-fast download speeds even for files that are too large, ensures the security of remote storage capacity for backup management and allows users to access.


2. MyFastFile


MyFastFile is a super-fast cloud-based downloader that allows users to download or stream any torrent files from the internet using a high-speed server from this one cloud download service.

This allows users to access and download all types of files directly to a personal cloud account. What makes MyFastFile special is that it combines direct and secure access to limited services.


3. Bruzzy


Bruzzy is simple to use torrent downloader that offers two methods of downloading torrent content via the internet. Users can download data from a BitTorrent network in two ways:

Implementing a torrent program or using It web-based services that don’t need to install a torrent client at all. The main advantage of using Bruzzy’s web-based torrent download service.


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15. ZbigZ


ZbigZ is the simplest way to handle BitTorrent files in the easiest way by simply downloading them to your PC.

The traditional way to download torrent files is not the recommended method because you have to share the internet and download speed with other users because they share files peer to peer. However, now you can get back all download speeds using only web-based download services.


5. Fuge.It


Fuge – It is a web-based downloader where you can upload your torrent file and after that Fuge. This will try downloading it for you.

When finished, you can stream it directly via the internet or can download and save to the PC too. Fuge. It is just one of the best ways on the internet that allows users to download and transfer torrent seed directly from them.


6. ByteBX


ByteBX is basically cloud-based storage and backup management service that offers users the ability to upload and download files from the PC as well.

Web-based ByteBX services can be accessed anywhere and anytime. Users only need to paste their media file links and after that, they can stream online or can download on PC too.


7. Furk.net


Furk.net is a web-based platform that functions as a private secure storage platform and retrieves multimedia files over the Internet and allows visitors to stream them instantly.

This web-based platform can be used to stream various types of media files. First of all, you will need an account, and after that, you can start streaming media files. Furk.net makes it easy and simple for users.


8. Multi-Debrid


Multi-Debrid is one of the best alternatives for traditional torrent downloaders who share internet speeds with other internet users who download the same torrent file.

It is different from the rest of torrent downloaders on the grounds that it unloads internet connection speed by removing the restrictions imposed by ISPs and on file hosting services as well.


9. Bytesloader


Bytesloader is a web-based download service that allows users to download and store cloud-based or local files on the internet.

The best thing about Bytesloader is that it displays web-based audio and video downloaders too.

This allows users to always download files to any device and operating system. Users can download files to a PC and even to a private cloud.


10. TransferCloud


PutDrive Alternatives – TransferCloud is the best source that offers direct downloading of torrent files to cloud storage accounts and even to FTP servers as well.

This is called the safest way on the internet to retrieve content from websites and file hosting services. Users can even transfer files anywhere in the cloud too. TransferCloud is just one of the best sources.


11. Sonic SeedBox

Sonic SeedBox

Sonic SeedBox is a super-fast torrent downloader that offers users the best cloud torrent services. This allows visitors to download any torrent files through the support of many download servers.

It also allows users to convert their torrent files to direct HTTP links at high speed and even download torrent files without ISP restrictions and bandwidth limits imposed by BitTorrent too.


12. Direct Torrent

Direct Torrent

PutDrive Alternatives – Direct Torrents is one of the best substitutes for the traditional way of downloading torrent files from the internet.

This web-based service allows visitors to always download torrent files from all torrent and file hosting services at a very fast speed and direction to the PC.

It also allows users to manage their downloads privately and safely too. The main advantages of using Direct Torrents.


13. TorrentSafe


PutDrive Alternatives – TorrentSafe is a web-based platform that is called to be an anonymous torrent cloud client.

This web-based platform allows users to download links anonymously. The best thing about TorrentSafe is that it doesn’t require registration and support from third-party plugins and extensions at all.

Before paying for the premium version of TorrentSafe, you can enjoy a free trial too. Downloading torrent files or magnets via TorrentSafe.


14. Offcloud

Offcloud is a alternatives of PutDrive

Offcloud is the best cloud-based download manager that allows clients to download files directly from all hosting websites to cloud storage services and even to the system as well.

This web-based application means that you can unlock, speed up and transfer content from one platform to another. This will even increase your capacity to download almost all files from simple.


15. Filestream

Filestream is a alternatives of PutDrive

PutDrive Alternatives – Filestream is a regular download manager and private cloud storage platform that allows clients to download and store torrent files, magnetic torrent and even media files from leading hosting providers and torrent files via the internet.

It allows users to download files anonymously and at lightning speed. All you need to add a link from a torrent file and start downloading files through the default downloader.


16. FileLoop

FileLoop is a alternatives of PutDrive

FilesLoop is one of the most reliable entertainment sites on the internet that allows visitors to always search for and download files shared from several torrents and hosting websites.

FilesLoop is widely available for almost all operating systems and can be accessed from any device including smartphones too. The best thing about FilesLoop is that it offers its users files from the leading and safest hosting.


17. Nody.me

Nody.me is a alternatives of PutDrive

Nody.me is called to be one of the easiest tools available on the internet to download multiple media files for purposes from various sources to the same place.

What makes Nody.me special is that it always supports increasing the number of protocols so that clients cannot be limited to uploading files from their PCs, but also from other remote locations like FTP.


18. Bitport.io

Bitport.io is a alternatives of PutDrive

Bitport.io is a new way to download torrents in the cloud and then stream online without downloading and storing them to a PC at all.

The best thing about Bitport.io is that it is a multiplatform service that can be accessed from any device and operating system.

All you need is a web browser that works properly, and high-speed internet connection and rest will be done by Bitport.io.


19. Seedr

Seedr is a alternatives of PutDrive

Seedr is a website that simplifies the streaming process and downloads multimedia files over the internet. This website is specifically for handling relevant torrent and multimedia files.

This free service available via the internet can be accessed from any part of the world. Seedr is basically designing to handle torrents in the cloud. This allows users to stream multimedia files and even read digitally.


20. CloudLoad

CloudLoad is a alternatives of PutDrive

CloudLoad is a different type of cloud and file storage website that allows clients to store their files securely over the internet and stream them from anywhere in the world.

With the use of this cloud storage platform, you will be able to store and stream safely and even download all your files including torrents and the rest of media files too.


21. Sky Torrents

Sky torrents is a alternatives of PutDrive

Sky torrents is a torrent search engine that focuses on user-friendly privacy that combines results from dozens of search engines.

With the help of this platform, users can easily find high-quality content and download it without restrictions.

The platform does not require any registration or installation, you only need to visit the official site, place the string into the search box and press the search button.



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