Best Fastest Android Download Manager Apps (2024)

Today we will discuss the Android Download Manager Apps. The progress of 4G LTE technology makes you no longer need to bother downloading using a computer. Because you can directly use a smartphone.

Questioning the download business, the download speed using a PC or laptop computer is indeed more qualified. Because it is supported by a fast WiFi connection and sophisticated software like IDM that can increase download speeds significantly.

Often we download documents, music or video files for smartphones using a computer, so in the end, they have to bother moving to a smartphone.

Best Android Download Manager Apps

The progress of 5G technology that has been implemented in India, makes you not have to download using a computer. Because you can directly download document files, application programs or entertainment media such as music and videos and others immediately use the smartphone quickly.

In order for the process and download speed to be more smooth, you need to install a lot of download manager apps available on the Play Store. What is the fastest?

Best Android Download Manager Apps In 2024

1.  IDM Download Manager

IDM Download Manager

Download Internet Download Manager

IDM Download Manager is a favorite download manager application for users of PC or laptop computers. This application is also available for the Android platform which can be installed for free.

That will overcome the limitations of default download applications, such as authentication, and integrity checking, so you can download any type of file, such as videos, music and other files efficiently.

2. Advance Download Manager

Advance Download Manager

Download Advance Download Manager

The next download manager application is Advance Download Manager, it appears simple but has features that are quite capable to speed up the download process with up to three files simultaneously.

You can also continue downloading files that are paused, change themes, save files of various types in different folders and so on.

3. Download Manager for Android

Download Manager for Android

Download Manager for Android

By using the Download Manager for Android application, it is claimed to be able to increase download speeds up to three times the normal speed. Even for all types of files, such as video files, apk, rar, zip, and other files.

Other interesting features include the ability to download files with unknown formats and unknown sizes and support built-in media players. So you can efficiently download and manage all types of files via a smartphone.

4. Droid Download Manager Loader

Droid Download Manager Loader

Download Droid Download Manager Loader

Droid Loader Download Manager is a download manager application that can download files with any format easily and efficiently. Such as videos, images, music, applications, documents, and other files.

This application is very small and offers a simple interface with a dark or light theme. Its superior features are accompanied by a progress bar display to find out the ongoing download process, automatic pause when the internet connection is broken, resume the automatic download when the internet is connected again, schedule download times and much more.

5. Download All Files

Download All Files

Download All Files is an application that works like a browser plugin, which allows you to download all types of files and directly save them to a memory card. This application also integrates with Gmail so you can store all attachments easily.

6. Download the Blazer

Download the Blazer

Like other download manager applications, Download Blazer also promises faster download speeds. You can pause downloads, continue downloading that is interrupted, set the queue of files and integrate almost with all browsers.

7. Turbo Download Manager

Turbo Download Manager

Download Turbo Manager

Turbo Download Manager carries quite a number of features, essentially allowing users to download any file faster by increasing the maximum speed provided by the operator. Download files can be managed easily, can be paused, scheduled, and work in the background.

8. Super Download

Super Download

Super Download is an Android downloader application that is used to increase download speed from Android up to 3 times. Speeding up your download process on Android can now be done with this download application.

9. Fast Download Manager

Fast Download Manager

Fast Download Manager promises to download files faster and better than other browsers or downloaders. Features include concurrent downloads of up to 10 files, full control to download files in the background, stop or restart downloads at any time and so on.

10. Torrent Downloader

Torrent Downloader

Want to download large-size files or torrent files not only using a computer? This application provides easy access to media with integrated music and video library, the application runs fast and lightly. Also available is WiFi mode to ensure your internet quota is not drained because of a WiFi connection.


That is the Top 10 fastest download manager applications for Android smartphones, combined 5G connection is indeed a fast download speed using a smartphone. But it can’t beat the download speed through a computer if there are additions you can pin it in the comments column below.

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