How to Resolve Unfortunately Contacts Has Stopped on Android

Unfortunately Contacts Has Stopped – Almost everyone has a smartphone or smartphone device, especially Android-based ones.

This sophisticated device has many advantages that make it the main choice for many people. One of them is because the price is more affordable compared to other smartphones, such as the iPhone.

For just Rs. 8000 we can buy an Android cellphone, even in new condition. If you want higher specs, we can buy a cellphone for RS. 8000 in used condition.

How to Resolve Unfortunately Contacts Has Stopped on Android

However, if you have a bigger budget, you can buy a cellphone at a more expensive price. Of course, the quality is getting better and the performance is fast and responsive.

Android cellphones are equipped with various advanced features, these features can help facilitate various daily activities for users.

For example, in terms of searching for information, helping with office work, as a business tool, and many others. Apart from that, Android cellphones cannot be separated from their main function as a communication tool.

In this case, we can use the cellphone’s built-in features to communicate remotely. Be it, communicating via chat, voice calls, or video calls which are currently trending.

Apart from using the built-in features, we can also use the application for long-distance communication. For example, using WhatsApp, Telegram, Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, and so on applications.

To be able to communicate with other people remotely, we need to save the other user’s contacts. Saving contacts in the form of telephone numbers is the most common practice.

We can save the cellphone numbers of friends or other people in the contact book, making it easier for us to contact them later by accessing the Contacts application.

Talking about the Contacts application on your cellphone, there are times when the application experiences an error so it cannot be accessed.

When you try to open it, the application exits by itself, and a notification appears that says “Unfortunately, Contact Has Stopped”. So, how do you deal with the problem that contacts have stopped on your Android cellphone?

You can see the complete information below.

How to Resolve Unfortunately Contacts Has Stopped on Android

How to Fix Unfortunately Contacts Has Stopped on Android

There are several ways you can fix the problem of the Contacts application continuing to stop and exit on its own. However, you need to know first what factors are the main cause.

Knowing the cause will make it easier for us to make repairs, as well as to prevent the same problem from being experienced again at a later time.

There are several causes of Contacts on an Android cellphone exiting and stopping by themselves, in full, as follows:

  1. There is an error or bug in the Android system. Bugs or errors in the Android system often occur and have an impact on cellphone performance. Including one of them making the Contacts application inaccessible because it keeps stopping and exiting by itself.
  2. Too Much Cache Stored in RAM. RAM is a hardware component whose function is as temporary file storage. It will save all activities on the cellphone, including when running applications. Cache files that fill up RAM make it unable to store new data, ultimately causing new applications that are run to stop themselves.
  3. Error Contacts application. Another problem is that the Contacts application experiences bugs or errors so it cannot function properly. This causes Contacts to not run and to always exit itself when opened.
  4. Android OS Not yet Updated. Updating Android OS to the latest version if available is mandatory. This will prevent bugs or errors in the system, including problems with Contacts exiting itself when running.
  5. Factory Default Error. Errors on Android cell phones may indeed be a congenital problem. This can be ascertained if those who experience this kind of error problem occur on most of the same type of cell phone.

If you already know some of the causes above, now let’s move on to how to solve the error problem in the Contacts application on the Android cellphone.

As for how to fix the problem, unfortunately, contacts have stopped on an Android cellphone in full, as follows:

1. Restart your Android cellphone

The most effective and easy way to deal with the contact error on the first Phone cannot be opened, namely by restarting or restarting. This method is claimed to be able to solve various minor error problems on cell phones, including problems with contacts.

Restarting the Phone will delete all cache files stored in RAM, so RAM can store new files in it. Automatically this will also solve the problem that the application cannot be opened because the RAM is full.

2. Deleting Contact Cache Files

If you still experience the same problem, then you can try deleting the cache files stored in the Contacts application. We can do this via the Settings menu on your Android cellphone. The steps to do it yourself, namely:

  • Open the Settings menu on the Phone.
  • Then go to Application options.
  • Find and select the Contacts application.
  • Then select the Storage option.
  • Continue by clicking the Clear Cache or Clear Memory button.
  • Finished.

Now you can try to reopen the Contacts application on the Phone that had the error earlier. If it still persists, you can continue by clicking the Delete Data button. However, to do this method, make sure you have backed up the contact data on your cellphone.

3. Update the Android Operating System

This third method can be used if the problem with the application continuing to stop when opened also occurs with other applications on the cellphone.

It is possible that this is caused by an Android system problem that has a bug or error. Updating the Android OS to a new version can only be done if there is already a new OS version. You can check by following these steps:

  1. Open the Settings menu on your Android cellphone.
  2. Then scroll down and select the Software Update option.
  3. Click on the Update and Install option.
  4. If the latest Android OS version is available, then you download and install it there.
  5. Finished.

4. Set the Time Zone to Auto Mode

Manual Time Zone settings on cell phones often cause errors in several applications that access this feature. This can happen if the time zone setting on the cellphone does not match the actual time where the user lives.

For this reason, solving this problem is enough to set the time zone on your cellphone to automatic mode. How to do it yourself, namely:

  1. Open the Settings menu on your Android cellphone.
  2. Then enter the Additional Settings option.
  3. Next, click on the Date & Time option.
  4. Then the Automatic Time Zone option by moving the slider button to the right.
  5. Finished.

Usually in this way the application that has an error, including the appearance of the notification “Unfortunately Contact Has Stopped” will be resolved.

5. Factory Reset Phone Android

Another way you can overcome the Contacts application is to restore the cellphone to factory settings. To do this, you should back up important data first. The reason is, that this method will delete all files stored on the Phone internal memory.

To reset an Android cellphone, you can go to the Settings menu >> Additional Settings >> Backup and Reset >> Reset >> Reset to Factory Settings.

6. Re-flash the Android phone

The problem that the application has stopped or exited itself does not only occur in the Contacts application but also in several other applications. If you experience this kind of problem, what you need to do is re-flash your Android cellphone.

This method will reinstall the firmware or stock ROM on the Android cellphone so that the problem of bugs, errors, and corruption in the system will be resolved.

To do this, you need the help of a PC / laptop, FlashTool software, USB cable, Android driver, and firmware file according to cellphone type.

There are times when we need to be patient to wait for updates from vendors to overcome this kind of problem. It is possible that this error occurred due to a system error made by the vendor, so an update needs to be done.


It’s easy enough, isn’t it a way to deal with unfortunately contacts have stopped on the Android cellphone above? Don’t forget to share this information on your personal social media account so that it is also useful for others.

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