How to Solve the Status Bar Can’t be Pulled Down [2023]

Status Bar Can’t be Pulled Down – Android cellphones come equipped with various advanced features that will certainly help facilitate various daily activities for users.

Each Phone vendor is of course different in how it embeds the features in its smartphone devices. Each has its own ideas and uniqueness, making it an attraction for users to choose their smartphone.

Not only the features, but the specifications included are also quite high so that they are able to produce fast and responsive performance.

How to Solve the Status Bar Can't be Pulled Down

Generally, the features embedded in this Android cellphone can be accessed easily and quickly via the Status Bar.

Even though it is called the Status Bar, its main function is to display media previews of notifications coming to the Android cellphone.

However, the Status Bar is also a place for quick access to Android features. Starting from the WiFi features, Cellular Data, Bluetooth, Flashlight, Hotspot, Location, Airplane Mode, Battery Saving Mode, Sync, Android Mode, and so on.

You are also free to adjust the layout of which icons or features you want to display or hide.

Display the Status Bar on an Android cellphone, generally by swiping the screen from top to bottom. On some brands and types of cell phones, it is also possible to display the Status Bar by simply swiping anywhere on the screen and pulling it down.

However, sometimes on Android phones, you cannot pull the Status Bar down so users cannot access the features there.

So, how do you solve the status bar not being able to be pulled to the bottom of the screen?

You can see the complete information below!

How to solve the status bar can’t be pulled down

status bar can't be pulled down

There are several ways we can fix the problem of the Status Bar on an Android cellphone not being able to be pulled down.

What is certain is that these methods can be done easily, even for those of you who are still beginners.

The complete easy way to solve the Status Bar cannot be pulled down is as follows:

1. Turn off the cellphone screen

The easiest and most practical way to overcome the status bar on an Android cellphone that cannot be pulled down is to turn off the screen.

Press the Power button once quickly to turn off the screen. Then quickly press the Power button on your cellphone again to turn on the cellphone screen.

Unlock the screen if the cellphone is protected with a key so you can enter the main menu screen display. Then just try pulling the screen down again to display the Status Bar.

2. Restart the cellphone

If the method above still doesn’t work to pull the Status Bar down, then you can try restarting your cellphone. This method is also claimed to be very effective for overcoming errors in the Status Bar on your cellphone that cannot be pulled down.

Press and hold the Power button until several options appear on the screen, then continue by clicking the Restart or Restart option.

When the cellphone turns back on, usually the screen will return to normal and can display the Status Bar.

Indeed, the reason the Status Bar cannot be pulled down is because the cache is full in RAM. Restarting will delete all cache files and make the cell phone normal again.

3. Clean the screen and check the screen protector

The Status Bar cannot be displayed at the bottom of the screen possibly because the screen does not respond when you touch it.

It could be caused by dust or dirt stuck to the top of the screen, so it can’t pull up the Status Bar. For this, you need to clean the screen using a microfiber cloth, if necessary, you can use a special screen cleaning fluid.

Apart from that, you can also check the screen protector used on your Android cellphone. It could be because the shape, size, or material of the screen protector doesn’t match the cellphone.

So it can’t respond when you touch certain parts of the screen, for example at the top of the screen. If it doesn’t fit, you can just remove the screen protector.

If you still want to use a screen protector, you can replace it with one that is a suitable size and has a high level of sensitivity.

4. Perform a Factory Reset Phone

It could be that the Status Bar problem cannot be pulled down due to a bug in the Android system.

The causes can vary, starting from viruses and malware infiltrating, using MOD or illegal applications, cell phone root activity, android system hacking, and so on.

To solve this problem, you need to factory reset your Android cellphone.

You can do this via Recovery Mode which is available on all brands and types of Android cellphones.

How to do it yourself, namely:

  1. First, turn off your cell phone as usual. Make sure the remaining battery power is at least 50% or higher.
  2. Now turn on the cellphone by pressing and holding the Power + Volume Down button (some other types of cellphones use the Power + Volume Up button combination ) for a few seconds until the display appears on the screen.
  3. Release pressure on the Power button when the brand logo appears. Then also release pressure on the Volume button when you enter Recovery Mode.
  4. Continue by selecting the Wipe Data / Factory Reset option. Use the Volume buttons to navigate options and the Power button to execute options.
  5. Then confirm resetting the cellphone by selecting Yes, Wipe Data All.
  6. Wait until the process is complete. Next, you select Reboot System Now.
  7. The cell phone will restart and turn on again.
  8. Finished.

Apart from the method above, there is actually another alternative to reset or return your cellphone to its original factory settings, namely through the Settings menu.

Here are the steps:

  1. Open the Settings menu on your Android cellphone.
  2. Go to Biometrics and Security options.
  3. Continue by selecting Reset.
  4. Then select Factory Data Reset.
  5. And confirm by clicking OK.
  6. Finished.

5. Re-flash the cellphone

The final way to overcome the Status Bar not being able to be pulled down is to flash it again. This method will not only delete data on the cellphone and return it to its original factory settings but will also update the firmware or ROM used by the cellphone.

To re-flash an Android cellphone, you can prepare a PC or laptop, FlashTool software (according to the brand of cellphone and chipset used), firmware or ROM files according to the type of cellphone, and a USB cable. The steps can be adjusted to the FlashTool you are using. It’s easier to look for tutorials on the internet.


Those are some easy and effective ways to overcome the Status Bar not being able to be pulled down on an Android cellphone. Don’t forget to share this information on your personal social media account.

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