How to Fix Screen Rotation Not Working on Android Phones

Screen Rotation Not Working on Android – Android cellphones can be said to be one of the most widely used electronic devices today.

The price is quite affordable, making it possible for many people to get it. Moreover, because price competition between Phone vendors is increasingly heating up, many Phone series are actually being offered at very affordable prices.

It’s even cheaper if we buy a cellphone in used condition. Even though they are used, most cell phones are still in pretty good condition and can function perfectly.

How to Fix Screen Rotation Not Working on Android Phones

Android phones are equipped with various important components, and each component has its own role and is interrelated with one another.

If one of the Phone hardware components is damaged, this will of course disrupt the function of the Phone. Android cellphones will not be optimal when used, sometimes even making them unable to be used at all.

For example, if there is damage to the Phone screen, of course, this will make it difficult for the user to operate it. Moreover, the screen or LCD is the main component that has a very important role in an Android cellphone.

Talking about damage to cellphone screens, there are several conditions that users often experience. One of them is the Rotation feature which does not work on Android phones.

This feature’s main function is to change the direction of the cellphone screen display as desired. For example, when playing a game in landscape mode, we need to tilt the cellphone so that the game can be displayed more perfectly.

Apart from that, users often rotate the screen when watching videos so that the view is wider. The important function of the Rotate feature make users less comfortable when operating a cell phone.

So, how do you solve screen rotation not working on your Android cellphone? You can see the complete information below!

Causes of Phone Screen Rotation Feature Not Working

Causes of Phone Screen Rotation Feature Not Working

Before proceeding to how to fix damage or errors in the Screen Rotation feature, we should first know what are the factors that cause it.

Knowing the cause of this will make it easier for us to fix the problem. There are several causes for screen rotation not working on Android in full, as follows:

1. Screen Rotation Feature Off

The first main cause of screen rotation not working is that the user has not activated the feature. In fact, we can control this feature easily, whether we want to activate or deactivate it.

The Screen Rotation feature itself can be found in the menu bar or via the Settings menu.

2. Bugs or Errors on the Android System and Phone Sensors

Another cause is due to a bug or error in the Android system. This bug itself often occurs on the Android system which makes some features not work as they should.

Apart from that, bugs can also occur on cellphone sensors whose job is to rotate the screen, namely the gyroscope and accelerometer sensors.

3. Installation of Certain Applications

If the problem of Android cellphone screen rotation not working occurs after you install a certain application, it is very likely that this problem is caused by that application.

It’s possible that the application you just installed is locking the screen so that the screen cannot rotate automatically when the cellphone is tilted or turned over.

4. Application does not support screen rotation

What might happen is when you open a certain application on your Android cellphone, and when the cellphone screen is tilted or flipped, the application display remains as usual.

The display cannot rotate according to the condition of the cellphone screen. It could be that this is because the application you are running does not support screen rotation, so it seems as if the rotation feature on your cellphone is the problem.

5. Android cellphone rooting activity

Screen rotation not working can also be caused by cellphone rooting activities. Rooting an Android cellphone can indeed have an error impact on the function of Phone features, including the screen rotation feature.

How to Overcome Screen Rotation Not Working on Android Phones

After knowing some of the causes for the Phone screen rotation feature not working above, now proceed to the ways to solve them. In this case, there are several steps you can apply to improve the function of the screen rotation.

There are several ways to fix the complete Android cellphone screen rotation not working, as follows:

1. Restart your Android cellphone

The most effective way to deal with screen rotation errors on Android phones is to restart or restart. This method will delete all cache and junk files that accumulate in RAM and often cause errors on the Android cellphone system, including the screen rotation feature.

Apart from fixing the problem that the cellphone screen cannot be rotated, this method will also speed up the performance of the Android cellphone.

2. Check the cellphone screen rotation feature

It is possible that the screen cannot be rotated because the Rotation feature on the Phone has not been activated. For that, try to check whether the feature is active or not.

You do this by swiping the screen from top to bottom to display the menu bar, then look at the Rotation or Rotate menu.

If the screen rotation feature has not been activated, then you need to activate it by clicking once on the menu.

3. Try opening another application

If this happens when you run a certain application on your Android cellphone, try exiting the application and opening another application.

For example, open the YouTube application, then search for and play one of the videos there. Enlarge the video screen by clicking the Full Screen icon at the bottom right of the video.

If it turns out that the YouTube video being played can be zoomed in and automatically displayed in landscape mode (fills the screen), this indicates the normal Phone screen rotation feature.

It is possible that the application you ran previously does not support the rotation feature so the display cannot be rotated.

4. Uninstall Certain Applications

As explained above, the Phone screen rotation feature that cannot function normally can be caused by certain applications that lock the screen.

Try to remember what applications you have installed on your Android phone before. If you have found it, then you uninstall or delete the application.

To uninstall an application on an Android cellphone, you can enter the Settings menu >> Applications >> select the application you want to uninstall >> click the Uninstall or Uninstall button.

5. Check the Phone Sensor Function

The screen rotation feature on Android phones works by relying on sensors, namely the gyroscope and accelerometer.

If both sensors experience error problems, of course, the screen rotation feature will not function as it should. For this reason, you need to check the function of the two sensors.

The way to check its function is to calibrate these two sensors. For how to do it yourself, namely by visiting the Settings page >> About Phone >> Kernel Version >> Calibration.

6. Unroot your Android cellphone

If you have previously rooted an Android cellphone, it is very likely that the rotation feature error occurred due to this activity. To overcome this, try unrooting your Android cellphone.

To unroot, you can use the rooting application that you used previously. Usually, the Android Root application provides an Unroot feature in it.

Doing root will indeed give users the freedom to modify the Android cellphone system. However, this will also open security holes in the Phone and it is not uncommon for the Phone to experience errors in some of its features.

7. Update the Android System to the Latest Version

Android cellphones are equipped with Android OS, where every time the vendor often provides the latest updates on the OS they develop.

This Android OS version update is done in order to improve the features embedded in it. As well as fixing bugs contained in the Android system so that it will maximize its function.

To update the Android OS version, you can check it in the Settings menu >> Software Update >> Download and Install.


That’s how to fix screen rotation not working on an Android cellphone and the causes that you should know. Don’t forget to share this information on your personal social media account.

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