Sausage Man Mod APK [Unlimited Money, Candy, Mod Menu]

Not only is the gameplay fun, but this game also has a variety of items that you can own.

These items can be rare or ordinary items that can be used using Candy.

Sausage Man Apk Mod is a third-party game application that was deliberately made to modify the original game version.

Sausage Man Mod APK [Unlimited Money, Candy, Mod Menu]

So that the Mod version of the game has a variety of the latest features that the players can use for free.

What is Sausage Man Mod Apk?

Sausage Man Mod Apk is an online game that has good graphics, even has similarities with PUBG and FF games.

This game is made by XD Entertainment Pte Ltd. Sausage Man Apk 2021 itself is one of the Android action games that has gameplay like a battle royale game, for example Sausage Man PUBG Apk.

This game was officially released on June 29, 2021. Even though it’s new, it immediately caught the attention of game lovers.

Because it offers a concept that is quite unique. In this game, you will use a cute sausage character.

Where cute sausages can jump, shoot, run, and can even drive a car in order to survive.

And later you will plunge into the battlefield. Then it becomes one of the many costumed sausage characters that are required to survive in the middle of the battlefield. How very exciting right?

Download Sausage Man Mod Apk Unlimited Money

If you are interested in becoming a hero sausage who is an expert in fighting and defeating all enemies.

So just download this Sausage Man Mod APK game on the link that I have provided. Here is the link:

Game Specifications:

Name of GameSausage Man
Last UpdateJune 17, 2023
CompatibleAndroid 4.4+
Application Versionv15.43
File Size94.40 Mb
Modification FeaturesUnlimited Money and Candy
CategoryRole Playing
Link to DownloadClick Here
  • Original Version Click HERE to download.
  • MOD Version Apk V10.98 Click HERE to download.

Differences Between Sausage Man APK Play Store & MOD

Differences Between Sausage Man APK Play Store & MOD

This mod apk version, definitely has several cheat features such as Sausage Man Mod Apk Unlimited Candy.

And for more details, here are some differences between the Google Play Store version and the mod apk version:

Google Play Store Original VersionApk Mod Version
Limited CandiesApk Mod Version
Unlimited GemsUnlimited Candy
There are advertisementsUnlimited Gems
Quite difficultNo ads
PaidMany facilities
Available on Google PlayStoreFree
Auto InstallNot Available on Google PlayStore
Automatic UpdatesInstall Manual

Main Features of Sausage Man Mod Apk

As mentioned above, the MOD version offers various features that you cannot find in the original version.

So what are these features? The following below are some of the features found in Sausage Man Mod Menu:

Unlimited Candy

The first interesting feature in Sausage Man MOD is unlimited money or unlimited candy and it’s free.

So that becomes the main attraction is not it? By using this one feature, you can get all the existing items, even the expensive ones.

And even though it’s rare, you can get it without having to top up first.

MOD Menu

The next feature contained in the MOD version of Sausage Man APK PC is the MOD menu which contains a set of third-party applications that can be considered quite complete.

With third-party applications provided by this Menu mod, users of this application do not need to make any settings or adjustments.

This is because third-party applications are already available directly in the MOD menu. Such third-party applications include:

  • No Recoil
  • Aim
  • Aimlock
  • aimbot
  • Antenna
  • Headshot

Nice Graphics

Apart from having unique gameplay and not quickly making players feel bored. The visuals and graphics in the Sausage Man Mod game are also guaranteed to please the eye and are full of color.

So that the players feel comfortable playing this game. When compared to the PUBG game which has realistic visuals, this is an online game that can be used in multiplayer.

It will be very suitable for those of you who like a vibrant and adorable look.

The graphics embedded in this game are also very good, even stunning. So that it becomes one of the charms. Plus the colors used contrast.

So that it can make the items contained in this game look cooler. How very exciting isn’t it how it looks?

Game Mode

Are you the type of person who doesn’t have much time to play this game? Take it easy, don’t worry.

Because the Sausage Man Mod game doesn’t only provide a classic game mode with 100 players. But there are also other modes.

For example, Quick Party contains 28 players in a smaller area. There is even an 8V8 Team Battle which contains 2 teams with 8 players each.

Auto Headshot

As a shooting game, here you have to defeat the enemies by shooting them dead using the weapons you have.

Because the main goal of this game is to be the last player alive until the end of the game.

So to defeat your opponents you don’t only need weapons and aim. But also playing techniques and skills so you can shoot your opponent on target.

So they can be killed immediately on the spot with several shots or even just one shot.

Of course, you have to pay attention to every shot movement you make so that ammo or ammunition is not wasted. Because if you have the aim, the weapon will no longer be able to function.

So that you will be vulnerable to opponent attacks and are at risk of losing in battle.

Well, fortunately now there is an auto headshot feature that allows you to shoot accurately right in the head even though you have the skill and ability to shoot on par with beginners.

But with this feature, every shot you release will immediately hit the target. So it will be much easier to defeat opponents and become a winner. Because the enemy will die more easily when shot in the head.

Auto Aim

This feature is also useful for allowing you to shoot on target at your opponent. Even though you are running or moving to avoid your opponent.

But you will still be able to shoot with a high level of accuracy.

Wall Hacker feature

This one cheat feature functions to see opponents even though they are behind a wall or wall. Even you can still shoot your opponent through the wall. So they will die faster.

With this feature, you will win faster.

No Ads

No need to worry when playing this game because you can play Sausage Man without any ads.

So that playing games will be more fun and the appearance of this game will be much neater and friendlier for its users.

All Items Unlocked

There are several expensive and difficult items to obtain in the Sausage Man Game, it is for this problem that Sausage Man Mod is expected to be an alternative to solving the problem.

However, as I mentioned earlier, most of Online Mod Games like Battle Royale games are easier said than proven.

Because until now it is rare to have an Online Game with Unlimited Money experience available on the Main Server and work for a long time

All Costumes Unlocked

Another item that is quite expensive is the Character Costume. Even though Sausage Man Mod is considered a new game, there are already dozens of cool custom character skins that you really have to try.

This costume does not have an impact on Game DMG but can give a good impression when opposing players notice that the skin being used is a premium Skin and so on.

All Characters Unlocked

If you are playing this game for the first time, the characters that you can use in it are also limited.

And over time it will increase as long as you keep playing the game patiently.

It’s just that not all players can be patient until everything opens in time and prefer to use Sausage Man Mod Apk for the fast method.

How to Install Sausage Man APK?

After you download and understand some of its features. Surely not a few are still confused about how to install the Sausage Man Mod APK application, right?

Relax, because below I have provided the guide. So you just have to read the steps carefully and then practice.

  1. Make sure you have downloaded the MOD version of the application at the link that I have provided above.
  2. After successfully downloading it, you must give installation access permission.
  3. First open the Settings menu first on your cellphone.
  4. Then select Additional Settings. Then select the Privacy menu.
  5. After that, put a check mark or move the button in the Unknown Sources sub menu.
  6. When it’s finished, please open the File Manager application on your cellphone’s home menu.
  7. Please enter the Downloads folder and look for the file called Sausage Man Mod Apk.
  8. Then open that file and continue with the installation process.
  9. After the installation process is complete. You can immediately play this game.

But if you don’t really understand, don’t worry. Because below I also provide a guide on how to play Sausage.

How to Play Sausage Man Game APK?

In essence, the Sausage Man APK Tap Tap game is similar to the Free Fire and PUBG games.

However, to make the game more exciting, you can make display settings and adjust several buttons, such as loading bullets, shooting, and aiming.

For more details on how to play this game, here are the steps:

  1. First open this game on your device which has previously been successfully installed.
  2. Then go to the Login menu. There you can create a new account.
  3. Please go to the main page.
  4. Then open the Settings menu to customize the buttons and set the sensitivity.
  5. For the Warehouse menu, you can specify additional knick-knacks. For example clothes as well as characters.
  6. To start the game process, you can press the Mode button.
  7. After that select Classic Party. Then select Start Game.
  8. Later in the game, especially in combat, you have to find the best type of tool to fight the enemy.
  9. In order to win the battle, you are required to survive and be the last character to survive.

The final word

Thus was the review of Sausage Man Mod complete with the download link. If the link or application that is being shared is an error, you can convey it by sending a few comments below.

That’s all and have fun.

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