How to Restore Lost Apps After Restarting on Android [2023]

Restore Lost Apps After Restarting – Android cell phones are one of the types of gadget devices that are most in demand today.

This device is considered multifunctional, so this is one of the reasons why almost everyone has it. Previously, cell phones could only be used as a communication tool.

However, as technology develops, cell phones are getting smarter and have many functions, especially to help facilitate various daily activities for users.

How to Restore Lost Apps After Restarting on Android

There are many types of smart cell cellphones available today, some of which are even quite affordable.

As we know, on Android phones there are two types of applications available, namely system or default applications and applications from third parties.

Default applications or what is often called bloatware, are applications provided by default by HP vendors, some are even mandatory applications.

Meanwhile, for third-party applications, users can download and install them via the Google Play store or other Android application provider sites.

There are many types of applications for Android devices that can be used, that is, each application has its own function.

Talking about Android applications, sometimes there are error problems that are often encountered and experienced by users.

One of them is the application icon that suddenly disappears when the cellphone has finished restarting.

This kind of thing can be caused by various factors, of course, dealing with the loss of applications on an Android cellphone is quite easy to do.

Here are several ways to restore lost applications after restarting on an Android cellphone that you can read and apply.

Causes of Apps Suddenly Disappearing After Restarting the Phone

Causes of Apps Suddenly Disappearing After Restarting the Phone

Before proceeding to how to make the application icon disappear after restarting, you should first know what factors are the main cause.

Knowing the cause will make it easier for you to overcome it and prevent it from happening again.

There are several reasons why applications disappear when restarting, as follows:

  • The application icon was accidentally moved into a specific icon folder on the main menu screen. For example, go to the Google icon folder, System Applications, and so on.
  • There is a bug or error in the Android system that prevents one or more application icons from appearing on the main menu screen.
  • The launcher on the cellphone is experiencing error or corruption problems, whether it is the default launcher or a launcher from a third party.
  • Bug or error in the application where the icon disappears from the main menu screen.

Apart from the causes above, there could also be other causes that we may not know about. What is certain is that it is very easy to restore lost application icons on your Android cellphone, you can see the method below.

How to Restore Lost Applications After Restarting

There are several tricks or ways to bring back lost application icons on your Android cellphone. What is certain is that these methods are very easy to do, even for those of you who are still beginners.

The complete easy way to deal with missing applications after restarting your cellphone is as follows:

1. Restart your cellphone again

The easiest way to restore lost application icons on an Android cellphone is to restart the Android cellphone.

When the cellphone has finished restarting for the second time, the application icon that disappeared previously will reappear.

This could be because there is a reading error in the system so it cannot display the complete application icon.

Apart from that, restarting your Android cellphone will also help speed up your cellphone’s performance so that it is more responsive.

2. Check the application in the application icon folder

On an Android cellphone, users can group certain application icons and put them into one icon folder on the cellphone’s main menu screen.

This is done to make it easier when you want to access it, as well as to make the cellphone menu screen appear neater and more concise.

For example, the Google folder which contains Google applications and services, the Social Media Folder for social media applications, and so on.

It’s possible that you or someone else who borrowed your cellphone accidentally put a certain application icon in that folder and you didn’t realize it.

So you think the application has disappeared, and you happen to want to access the application after restarting your cellphone.

All you have to do is check the existing application icon folder and see whether the application whose icon is missing is there or not.

If there is, then you just need to remove it by pressing and holding the application icon and sliding it to the edge of the screen to remove it again.

3. Make sure the application is not hidden

On Android phones there is usually a feature to hide applications easily and safely. Whether intentionally or not, you have hidden certain applications and forgotten what you did.

And in this case, you think the application has disappeared from the cellphone, especially after restarting it.

To restore it, all you have to do is check the Hide Application feature. Usually, this feature can be accessed via the Settings menu.

Meanwhile, for Samsung cellphones, you can find this feature by pressing and holding on an empty area on the main screen, then going to Settings.

There you can find the Hide Application option, as well as display applications that have been hidden again.

4. Clearing Cache and Launcher Data

As explained above, one of the causes of applications disappearing on Android phones is because the launcher is error or corrupt.

This can happen with the default launcher or the launcher that you installed yourself via Google Playstore. To overcome this, you can delete the cache and data from the Launcher.

Don’t know how to clear Launcher cache and data on Android? Here are the steps, namely:

  1. Open the Settings menu on your Android cellphone.
  2. Go to Applications or Application Management / Installed Applications (adjust the settings on your cellphone type).
  3. Next, find and select the launcher you are using. For Samsung users, it is usually called One UI Home.
  4. Then go to Storage options.
  5. Then click the Clear Cache button.
  6. Continue by clicking Erase Data.
  7. Finished.

5. Delete Cache and Lost App Data

If it still persists, you can delete the cache and data on the application that was lost after restarting. Generally, only the application icon is missing, but the application can still be accessed via Application Management.

How to do it, namely:

  1. Open the Settings menu on your cellphone.
  2. Go to the Applications or Application Management option.
  3. Find and select the application whose icon is missing or does not appear.
  4. Then go to Storage options.
  5. Click Clear Cache, then click Clear Data.
  6. Finished.

6. Perform a Factory Reset Phone

Have you done all the methods above, but still the missing application icon cannot be restored? It could be that this happens because of a bug or error in the Android system.

To overcome this, you can reset your cellphone, here are the steps:

  1. Open the Settings menu on your cellphone.
  2. Go to Biometrics and Security options.
  3. Click on the Reset option.
  4. Click on the Factory Data Reset option.
  5. Finished.

7. Perform Flashing Phone Android

And the final way to deal with applications disappearing after restarting is by flashing your Android cellphone.

This method will update the ROM or firmware on the cellphone so that all error problems will be resolved immediately.

This also includes the problem of applications that often disappear after being installed and restarting the cellphone.


Those are some ways to deal with missing applications after restarting your Android cellphone that are easy and effective for you to apply. Hopefully, the information above is useful.

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