Download PUBG Mobile Lite Latest Version for Android

On this occasion, TechMint will share the PUBG Mobile Lite Version game. The developer of the PUBG Mobile game has now released the LITE version. PUBG Mobile Lite is made especially for mobile devices whose specifications are still low.

This is suitable for android 4.0.3 or higher. This version uses less RAM, it will be very suitable for you, the cellphone spec is still low. This game is made with Unreal Engine 4.

For the download link, please scroll to the bottom, but you should first understand the new features contained in this PUBG Mobile Lite game.


Download Pubg Mobile Lite

PUBG Mobile Lite has the same gameplay as the original PUBG, which is struggling to survive in a way until there is only one player.

This game will be easier if we already have a lot of weapons and other equipment because on the island there are lots of weapons, equipment, and vehicles that you can use against other players.

Unlike PUBG Mobile, this PUBG Mobile Lite contains smaller maps that can only accommodate 40 players, which means it only takes a little time to win this game.

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Here are Some PUBG Mobile Lite Features That You Might Not Have Felt Before:

1. Survive to Win the Game

Download PUBG MOBILE LITE latest version

40 players who were accommodated in a plane will be parachuted to an island that is 2×2 km wide to survive and become the only player who still lives on the island.

Players must search for weapons, equipment, and vehicles to defeat other players surrounded by a shrinking playing zone.

Then be prepared to land in a strategic place and avoid many enemies and be the last person alive.

2. High-quality graphics and immersive audio

High-quality graphics and immersive audio
Undoubtedly, Unreal Engine 4 can create a very stunning visual experience that is rich in details, very realistic gameplay effects, and a large map for Battle Royale. Coupled with high-quality audio that can create immersive 3D sound effects

3. Realistic weapons

Download PUBG MOBILE LITE for Android
In the PUBG Mobile Lite, there are various kinds of firearms, melee weapons, long-range weapons and also some very realistic throwing weapons and travel trajectories that give players to shoot, kill or burn your opponents.

4. Join Friends

Staying with your friends will make the game more exciting and certainly will train your cohesiveness. So you should invite and make a team with your friends and plan a realistic battle using Voice Chat to more easily kill opponents.

5. Fair Gaming Environment

Fair Gaming Environment
In contrast to other games, in PUBG Mobile it’s very rare for cheaters to roam the game. By adding the Anti-Cheat feature the PUBG Mobile Lite game becomes more exciting and more fun because all players play fairly. Therefore, you should never use a cheat to play PUBG Mobile.


Well, that’s the review using PUBG Mobile Lite from which hopefully can help you play the LITE version of PUBG Mobile.

You can leave a review for PUBG Mobile LITE so that Players who have never played this game know the advantages and disadvantages of this game.

For more information about PUBG Mobile Lite, you can contact the Tencent Game directly.

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