How to UnBlocked Torrent Access Connections [2021]



The rise of piracy on the internet raises calls for fighting sites that are considered to be violating, one of which is the Torrent site.

Content creators and copyright owners continue to try to cover all access to the Torrent hosting website. Some ISPs (Internet Service Providers) are also required to always be active to block all torrenting activities.

Although efforts to close or block Torrent sites continue to be intensively carried out, still there are piracy sites that continue to emerge.

In addition, there are several ways we can open sites that are blocked or limited by the ISP that we use, including Torrent sites. How to? Let’s just look at the following.

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5 Effective Ways to Open Blocked Torrent Access Connections (Bypass Torrent)

1. Use a Different Connection

The first solution to bypass the torrent access connection is to use a different connection. Often many ISPs and network firewalls implement basic blocks, such as in an office or campus.

The basic block is used to limit the initial connection to a torrent site. So, to overcome this problem, we can use several different connections to outsmart it. So, when starting torrent access we can use the cellular data internet path on the cellphone, then after torrent starts downloading, use again access other connections such as WiFi to continue downloading.

Note: This method won’t work if the Firewall uses more advanced features, but this method doesn’t hurt to try it first.

2. Change the DNS Server

Often, the only block implemented by ISPs is only at the DNS level. DNS or Domain Name System that functions to translate IP addresses to website names is often used to restrict access to torrent sites. Because by default, users use DNS servers that are regulated by ISPs. Therefore, turning it into a public DNS can solve the problem of difficult access to the torrent site.

Next, the most popular public DNS servers used are:

  • Google DNS: |

  • OpenDNS: | 208.67,220,220

  • Comodo DNS: |

We can change the DNS server through network settings, and soon we will be able to access all websites that are blocked by each ISP.

Here’s how to change the DNS Server:

In Windows: Enter Network Device and right-click> Click Properties> Ipv4 Properties, then change the DNS server and click OK.

On Mac OS: Enter System Preferences> Network> Adanced> DNS, and add a new DNS server, then click OK.

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On Linux: Click the Network Applet> Edit Connections> Edit> Settings for Ipv> Automatic (DHCP) Addresses Only> DNS Server, and add each new address separated using a comma.

3. Use Free VPN

If we are not familiar with network settings as above, another alternative method for opening block sites is to use a VPN. VPN or virtual private network functions to cover the original IP address.

In principle, we will be intended as clients who access the internet from different countries, which sites are not blocked in that country.

At present, we can use a number of free, reliable VPN providers, but we will still give a limit to downloading data every month.

For those who do not want to bother with any free VPN that can be used, then you can try Windscribe or Hide. me. Both VPNs are able to work well and reliably.

But insecurity, is safer than other free VPNs because the tool doesn’t store any logs when accessed by users.

If you don’t want to bother anymore, you can use the Opera browser which by default has a free built-in VPN that can be used as much as you like.

4. Use Premium VPN

The advantage of using VPN premium is that besides being more reliable, it is also safer than the free version.

Premium VPN has a feature to encrypt data and they also will not record user network activity on the Internet, so it is guaranteed safe.

How to use it is also very easy, just pay the subscription price and install it on the computer or router used, and we can access and download the torrent very easily.

If you want to try the reliability of Premium VPN, then you can try it with ExpressVPN, it is a VPN service that has been specifically tested to service all the needs that will be critical.

But even so, there are still many other reliable VPN services to choose from out there.

5. Use ZbigZ or Seedbox Premium

Seedbox is a new tool in the torrent world. It is a virtual server that allows us to upload and download torrents.

It’s similar to a popular Dropbox service, only this time it functions as a place to access everything related to torrents.

The reason why Seedbox is popular is because of its unique data transfer capabilities.

So this allows anyone network administrators unable to block Seedbox services because that means they have to block all web access.

The solution is to use the paid Seedbox, it will eliminate all limitations. The most convenient and easy to use Seedbox for torrents is Bitport, Seedr, and Filestream. But if you feel comfortable with your own personal virtual server, then there’s nothing wrong with using services like and Kimsufi which can be the right choice to use.

So the question is whether you use torrents legally or for piracy activities? Let’s share your feedback via the comments column below.


  1. I am not a big fan of free VPNs. I believe that they allow third parties to access your personal data and can use them for illegal purposes. So better pay a few bucks for NordVPN subscription every month and feel safe while torrenting.

    • Yes, you can use a VPN, but not for illegal purpose. Because, Using a VPN can be a great way to protect your identity online, as well as opening up areas of the internet that could be blocked off to you based on your location.


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