How to Send Folders Via WhatsApp on Android & iOS [2023]

Do you want to know how to send folders via WhatsApp on Android or iOS? If yes, then are the right place. So, without wasting time let’s get started to the point.

WhatsApp is the most popular mobile chat application today. Where almost all Android cellphone users in particular must have a WhatsApp account in it.

WhatsApp itself is not just an online chat application, but more than that. On WhatsApp we make it possible to make calls, be it voice calls or video calls.

How to Send Folders Via WhatsApp on Android & iOS

The sound quality produced is also quite clear, and for video calls the picture looks good so it’s more satisfying to do it.

However, of course, this also depends on the speed and stability of the internet connection used on the HP device.

For matters of sending chats on WhatsApp, we can’t only send text-based messages. But you can also insert emoji and stickers as self-expression.

Emoji that can be used are provided free of charge by WhatsApp, you can also use the default emoji from the keyboard application on your cellphone.

Meanwhile, for stickers, WhatsApp also provides them for users, some of which are paid to be able to use them. If you like unique things,

WA stickers allow you to make your own, even using your photos that have been turned into WhatsApp stickers.

This is the reason why there are still many people who prefer the WhatsApp application compared to other similar applications.

Sending media files is also possible in the WhatsApp application. Media files such as music or audio files, images, videos, to document files, can all be sent easily.

However, there are limitations implemented by WhatsApp for sending those media files. In addition, especially for photo or image files sent via WhatsApp, they will generally be compressed automatically to reduce their capacity.

Unfortunately, this will also affect the quality of the photos sent. Sending files one by one may be somewhat complicated and often confusing.

In this case, you can put all files into 1 folder, then send them via WhatsApp. So, how do you send folders via WhatsApp on an Android phone?

You can see the complete information below!

How to Send Folders Via WhatsApp on Android

There are many easiest ways to be able to send files in one folder on WhatsApp on Android and iOS. These main methods are certainly very easy to apply, even for those of you who are still new to them.

Here you can choose for yourself which method is considered the easiest, namely using an application and without additional applications.

Unfortunately, the method for sending folders on WA without an application can only be applied to a number of cellphone brands and series.

The complete, easy, and practical way to send folders via WhatsApp Android is as follows:

1. Send Folders on WhatsApp Without the Application

The first way to send files in the form of folders on WhatsApp is by using the built-in feature on the cellphone.

The workings of threshing folders via WA is by compressing the folder so that the extension becomes a ZIP or RAR file.

Previously you need to move all the files into one folder, then convert it into an archive file, like ZIP, RAR, or something like that.

Several brands and types of cell phones are already equipped with features to compress and extract archive files like this, so there is no need for additional applications.

For the steps to send a folder via WhatsApp without the application, namely:

  1. The first step is to open the File Manager menu on an Android phone.
  2. Then find the files you want to send via WhatsApp and collect them into a new folder. For example, a new folder that is created is named “ SHIPPING ”.
  3. If so, now you press and hold on to the SHIPPING folder until several options appear there.
  4. Then select the Compress menu. Wait for the process to finish, then a new ZIP or RAR file will appear with the name TECHTANKER.Zip or TECHTANKER.Rar which is nothing but the compressed result of the folder earlier.
  5. Now is the time to send the compressed files from the folder via WhatsApp. The method is to press and hold on the KIRIMAN.Zip or KIRIMAN.Rar file for a few seconds, then select the Send or Share option. Continue by selecting send or share to WhatsApp.
  6. Find and select the friend’s contact you want to send the folder to, then tap the Send button.
  7. Finished.

Thus the folder has been successfully sent to a friend via WhatsApp, even if it is in the form of a ZIP or RAR file.

Note: the recipient of the folder in zip or rar format needs to extract the file in order to access it. To unzip or unrar, you can use the default hp features or additional applications available on the google play store.

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2. Send a Folder on WhatsApp with Additional Applications

#1. Send folders with the ZArchiver App

Send folders with the ZArchiver App

Meanwhile, for cell phones that have not been provided with a menu for compressing ZIP or RAR files, this second method can be used as an alternative.

Here you can take advantage of the archive file manager application available on the Google Play Store. One application that you can use is called ZArchiver which can be downloaded for free.

The way it works is the same as the first method above, that is, you need to first convert the folder into a ZIP or RAR file before sending it via WhatsApp.

Regarding the steps for sending folders via WhatsApp with the ZArchiver application, namely:

  1. The first step is to download and install the ZArchiver application on your Android phone.
  2. If so, now you open File Manager and move all the files you want to send via WA into one folder. Give the folder a name so it’s easier for you to find it.
  3. Now press and hold on to the created folder for a few seconds, then select the Compress to Zip option. If you want to make advanced settings, then you can select the Compress option and make the settings as you wish.
  4. The folder has been successfully converted into a ZIP file, then all that’s left is to send it via WhatsApp.
  5. Press and hold on to the folder that has become the ZIP file earlier, then select Send or Share. Then select WhatsApp and select the WA contact you want to send the folder to.
  6. Then click the Submit button.
  7. Finished.

The folder that is used as a ZIP can be done with advanced settings first. For example, by setting the ZIP file name, selecting the archive file format, selecting the compression level, protecting it with a password, and so on.

#2. Send Folder Via WA With RAR

Send Folder Via WA With RAR

RAR is an application that is able to compress several files into one so that they can be sent more practically. If the file manager application on your smartphone doesn’t have a compression feature, then you can use RAR as an alternative method.

How to send a folder via WhatsApp:

  1. Install the RAR application via the link above.
  2. If so, run the application.
  3. Then look for the folder you want to send via WA.
  4. Check the box in that folder.
  5. Then press the icon like the image above to compress.
  6. If the compression process is successful, a new ZIP file will appear.
  7. Now tick the ZIP file, then send it to the desired WA contact.
  8. Finished.

In this RAR application, you can compress folders that contain lots of files so that sending via WA is more practical. Apart from that, you can also provide password access if someone wants to open the RAR file.

#3. Sending Folders to WA With AZIP Master

Sending Folders to WA With AZIP Master

Just like the previous application, AZIP Master is also able to combine multiple files and even several folders into one. That way, you can send folders via WA more easily and simply.

Here’s how to send folders to WhatsApp contacts:

  1. Install the application via the link above.
  2. Run the application then select the Compress menu.
  3. Find the folder you want to send via WA.
  4. After that, tick the folder then press Compress.
  5. If so, send the ZIP file to the WhatsApp contact you want.
  6. Finished.

Apart from being able to send folders via WhatsApp, this application is also suitable as a file manager application because it provides a simple interface but has complete features.

Apart from the applications above, you can also choose to use other similar applications available on the Google Play Store. Several alternative application options for creating archive files, including:

  • RAR
  • AZIP Master
  • ALZip
  • ZIP, RAR archiver
  • Dll

How to Send Folders from Laptop to WhatsApp?

If you want to send file folders via WA on a laptop, then you can use WhatsApp Web or the WhatsApp application for PC.

Then make sure the folder you want to send has been compressed using the Winrar application or the like.

Then follow the guide below:

  1. Download and then install the Winrar application via the following link.
  2. If so, right-click the folder you want to send via WA.
  3. Then select the Add to Archive option, then click the OK button.
  4. This stage will archive all the files in the folder.
  5. Now, open WhatsApp Web on your laptop.
  6. Open a chat then click the paperclip icon.
  7. Select the Documents icon to send the folder or file.
  8. In the last step, select the folder that you changed to rar earlier.
  9. Finished.

The above guide applies to sending file folders via WA on a laptop using WhatsApp Web or the WhatsApp application for desktop.

FAQs on How to Send Folders via WhatsApp

Causes of Unopened Folders & How to Overcome Them

Sometimes files that have been sent via WA cannot be opened, because you have to download the RAR application first to open the folder. This app allows you to compress and format .rar.

So you need to know, you won’t be able to open the folder and all the files in it without having the RAR application on your cellphone.

The same goes for the recipient folder.

Causes of the Process of Sending Folders Via WA So Long

For this, there are actually many reasons. The first common reason could be that the internet connection that you are currently using is slow. For the fix, please first check the connection speed using Speedtest.

Please look at the results, if indeed the results show slowly, then that’s normal. All you need to do is just wait until the shipping process is complete.

If on the other hand, you see that your internet connection is relatively fast, it is better to just cancel sending the folder that is in progress, then try sending the file or folder again.

Causes of Folders Sent Via WhatsApp Cannot Be Sent

There were also problems when sending files, namely failing to send files via WhatsApp.

If this is the case, try to check the size of your folder after compressing it, is it more than 100MB?

If so, then it’s only natural that the folder you sent via WhatsApp can’t be sent.

Better try to read directly on the official site. Finally, Mimin read that the maximum file size that can be sent via WhatsApp is 100MB.

If so, the fix is, you can separate the files in the folder into two parts. You have to make sure, after sharing, no folders are larger than 100MB in size.

Now, after making sure that both are under 100MB in size, you can compress the two folders and then resend them. Should be!


It’s very easy, isn’t it the way to send folders via WhatsApp Android above? You can choose for yourself which method you want to use. What is certain is that both methods have proven to work and can send folders via WhatsApp.

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