How to Remove Trial Period From Software [Easy Ways]


How to remove the Trial Period from the Software is a very useful tip to make the software version of the trial full version software.

How to Remove Trial Period From Software [Easy Ways]

Most trial version software can only be used for one month or several days of probation which will eventually end after that.

But take it easy, you can stop the trial version of the software and use the full software version by stopping time and not counting the trial period which later the trial version software works like the full version software and does not end and stops working.

Please note that I recommend this method only for people who want to evaluate the software for more than 30 days and then buy the original software. This will help software developers stay up to date and respect the software maker.

Then just follow the steps below to stop the software trial period and help you to use the trial version software to be forever active:-

Software Reinstall

Full version software The easiest way to reset the trial version of the software is that you can delete it and install it again. This will reset the trial version.

However, most modern software uses sophisticated techniques and will not allow you to reset the trial version of the software even after reinstallation.

Reset Date and Time

Another solution is to play with the date and time system. you can adjust your system date and time with an earlier date after installing the software.

The software will continue to function because it uses the system date to see whether the 30 day trial period has ended or not.

Most modern software has protection against this method. If these two methods fail, you can see the next method.

Using the RunAsDate Software

RunAsDate is a portable software that is very similar to a Time Stopper. RunAsDate allows you to run the program on a specified date and time.

The advantage of RunAsDate is that it does not change the system date and time. This will only change the date and time into the desired application.

Using RunAsDate is quite easy. You need to browse the software path, determine the date and time and press the Run button to run the application on the specified date and time.

You can also create a Desktop shortcut. ( RunAsDate Software Download ) Use a third-party uninstaller

Usually, trial software will store their license information in a registry key or file on the hard drive.

Most third-party uninstaller tools will include a registry monitor and monitor file. They will save every action taken by the trial software installer.

You can delete trial software using a third-party uninstaller that will delete all registry entries and files created by the trial software.

Try some free applications like Revo Uninstaller, Glary Utilities, and GeekUninstaller.

You can also try better-paid apps like Total Uninstall and also Your Uninstaller. If the trial software uses the Internet to get licensing info, you can block Internet access for the program.

Using Time Stopper

Time Stopper Software is a software specifically designed to stop the trial period of a software or trial version that is licensed or must be purchased.

With this time stopper software, we can use software that is licensed continuously without having to buy a license or cannot be used anymore because the trial period is up.

Using a Time Stopper is quite easy. Just browse the trial software that can be run, select the date you want to stop the trial.

This date must be in the software trial period, otherwise, it will not work. Then you can open the software at the specified date and time.


Now that’s a review of how to remove the software trial period. Now you can use the trial version software without having to buy it or use a longer duration before actually buying it.

So enjoy the trial version of the software forever without expiration. If you have suggestions or problems just comment below.


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