How to Make Selfies with Dorian Rossini?


How to make selfies with Dorian Rossini

How to Make Selfies with Dorian Rossini – The fact that you typed this question on the internet proves that you are aware of the buzz that is circulating on social networks at this time.

So, you would like to know who Dorian Rossini is and what people do to have a selfie with him? All the answers to your questions in this article.

First, Who is Dorian Rossini?

You probably know the reality show: The Angels? A show that thousands of teenagers love. So, to put it simply, Dorian Rossini, who was born in 1990 participated in the casting of this reality show.

He grew up in the Cannes area and traveled to Paris in one goal, becoming a star. Having previously formed a certain friendship with Michael Vendetta, he shares with him the same ambitions.

Thanks to the blog he created in 2010, he managed to reach three million views. Which pushed him to remain very active on social networks.

Aside from all this, he is the pride of the producers as well as the DJs, because he composed his own songs that he shared with his fans on iTunes and Deezer.

This young man shows that he has no complexity because he is totally perfect.

Even in couple with Elodie, one of the candidates in the show “who wants to marry my son it did not stop him to say he has bisexual tendencies.

The strangest thing about this young man is that he thinks he’s God and he really revealed this information to everyone on a show.

That’s after the phenomenon Dorian Rossini went around on the internet. That’s also why he was no longer friends with Michaël Vendetta.

The release of his clip where he proclaimed to be God, led him straight into the street. From there, he had to beg for a shampoo.

But he is not tired of talking about him, on the contrary, he likes to make the buzz especially if the subject is him. In addition, he likes to feed his YouTube channel with videos he makes.

Simple Ways to Make a Melfie with Dorian Rossini

How to make selfies with Dorian Rossini

Selfies with Dorian Rossini – Being up in your galleries a picture of you with Dorian Rossini might surprise your friends. But how to do it?

The first method is to choose one of your best photos and edit it in the image editing of your smartphone. In this way, you can add the photo of Dorian to your side.

Above all, do not forget to put yourself on your 31. Well yes, you ask with a star, you must be classy. If you could, for example, hold a glass of champagne and wear an elegant outfit, it would be perfect.

You are not a fan of Photoshop? Here is another solution. You can always try to reach Dorian via social networks and ask him to take a picture of himself in the middle of a crowd.

When you show this picture to your friends, you can tell them that you are right in the middle. Who knows, maybe they will not try to recognize you.

If you hesitate with this method, you can also try this one. Ask someone to pretend to be him. Make sure he is blond and that his hair can be combed in the air.

Then, tell him to put aviator-style glasses. Do not forget that he has to be tough. You will only have to take your selfie. If you’re lucky, people will not make much difference.

On the other hand, it is advisable to ask the help of a stranger instead of a friend, to avoid him betraying you with this mystical selfie.

Why not meet him in person and succeed in making your own selfie with Dorian Rossini? To do this, you can go to book your train or plane ticket and travel to Cannes, in the south of France to have your selfie.

How to make selfies with Dorian Rossini

Once there, you will only need to find out from people, everyone knows where he is. When you finally get to know him, be sure he will agree to take a selfie with you right away, why?

  • Since he likes popularity, taking a selfie with you proves that people love and adore him. Which would make him crazy for joy.
  • Apparently, he was caught rummaging through the garbage cans. So, if you give him some money, against a photo, he would definitely agree.
  • Since he takes himself for the reincarnation of God, it is his duty to take care of his sheep. You are among these, which requires him to give you your chance.

There you go. It’s up to you. Which of these proposed solutions will you choose to get your selfie with Dorian Rossini?

Selfie With Dorian Rossini: How Did This Sentence Make the Buzz?

We do not know if we can qualify this buzz as being a great triumph or anything big. It is true that a single sentence is capable of leading you to a glory that you can not even imagine.

When Dorian agreed to be interviewed at Jeremstar, he did not fail to talk about taking a selfie with him. In fact, his sentence was: ” make selfies layout with Dorian Rossini“.

This is how fans started typing on the internet: »how to make a selfie with Dorian Rossini? “. This phrase is visible on Google’s search engines, at least a million times in France, Belgium and around the world.

This sentence has really become viral, which is a bit normal, considering that it takes for God, it must be omnipresent, you do not believe?


This is how you also count among people who are looking for a way to make a selfie with Dorian Rossini.


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