How are online random address generators helpful in hiding identity?


Random address generators are beneficial in many aspects, either it is related to gaming or business activities.

But first of all, we need to understand what random address generators are in actuality and how do they work?

How are online random address generators helpful in hiding identity

This guide will explain how it can be helpful so, have a look at these things.

What are random address generators?

It is pretty evident by the name, address generators are used to generate addresses, but how can they do it?

In actuality, random address generators contain a database containing millions of people’s data and are also termed fake address generators.

The data possessed by this database contains a user name, address, phone number, street number, city name, and country name.

random address generator can be found on the internet, and some of them are entirely free to use and readily available.

What are random address generators

How do they work?

The working of random address generator is straightforward, like they use the database to shuffle the entries and generate a new address.

How do they work

As we mentioned above, this tool contains a database of millions of people so, it can be elementary to generate a new and random address.

The newly generated address can be helpful in gaming activities, and it is somehow beneficial for pursuing business activities.

Why do we need to use the random address generator?

There are various reasons we need to use random address generators, and we can say that this tool is also used for many legal processes.

Some of the significant reasons are listed down:

  • Security of original details
  • Gaming websites registration
  • Affiliate services
  • Selling gaming accessories
  • Product reviews and surveys

But it is not limited to these few uses; we have seen many more benefits of this tool, but these are the basic and the most significant.

1. Security of original details

Internet is beneficial, but at the same time, we can say that it is full of scams, and you need to be safe by yourself.

Sometimes, we are going to use a website where we need to give some personal details, and the website might not be that authentic so, you’ll surely need to use fake address generators.

It is not illegal to hide your identity as long as you are not involved in fraudulent activities.

Some people are using these tools for fraudulent activities, and keep in mind that it is completely prohibited.

2. Gaming website’s registration

It is the most common and basic use of these random address generators because some gaming websites are accessible only in the US and UK.

And for playing these games, we need an exact address of the United States or United Kingdom, and address generators are beneficial in this context.

It is only valid unless you need just an address, and the website does not need to verify your details.

Most gaming websites are only concerned about the details and don’t need to verify the details.

3. Affiliate services

If you live in a country other than the US or UK, you need to make some effort for affiliate services because these services are not available all around the globe.

The primary example is that you cannot sell on Amazon while living in various countries, so you needed a fake address.

Many gamers turn their gaming skills into their profession, and they started selling gaming accessories on the internet, but they may limit just because of their residence.

But they find a solution to generate a random address of the United States and successfully sell things on the internet.

4. Selling gaming accessories

As we mentioned above, if you want to enjoy affiliate services, you need to find a suitable country.

Same as we need to generate a random address if we are going to sell gaming accessories directly on the internet without using any e-commerce site.

The reason for discussing gaming accessories is that we all know that the gaming industry is one of the biggest industries.

A decade ago, we were unaware of gaming and its accessories, and now, many people are earning through their gaming skills.

5. Product reviews or surveys

When it comes to the internet, we are not physically there to encourage the audience to buy our products so, and we need some authentic and good reviews.

But here, we also have a problem regarding reviews like reviews given by a resident of a United States are more valuable.

So, if you live in a third country, you will surely need to use these random address generators to generate a new and fake address, and then you can give reviews and pursue online surveys.

Is it legal to use a fake address?

If we talk casually about it, we can say that it is illegal to use fake addresses, and not only counterfeit addresses but also giving any fake information is illegal.

But we have some possibilities where we badly need to use these tools, such as logging in to a website or playing some games.

So, we have concluded that as long as you are not involved in fraudulent activities, you can use these tools like random address generators.

Bottom line

Using random address generators is very helpful, and they are readily available at your single click.

The good thing is, this tool is free of cost like you don’t even need to spend a single penny for using this tool.

We have discussed all the information and details regarding random or fake address generators, and we also explained when and why we need these types of tools


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