Glass Screen21 LK21 | The Latest Official Application for Android


LayarKaca21 or LK21 is one of the most popular movie download sites today.

How to Download Movies Using the Screen Screen Glass 21 or LK21

In addition to being a download site, finally also released the official Android application. This site presents a free movie download service!

Using this application, you can download a variety of new films on your cellphone.

The Description of Glass Screen 21or LK21

The Best Application Watch Movie Streaming and Cinema Trailer Cinema 21 Box Office. Use WiFi for better quality, and Enjoy your Favorite Cast to Device Feature, watch on your TV with Cast.


With films +10000 films – the largest of all LK21 film websites today. We are always proud of the website with the best, most qualified, most diverse films.

The hottest blockbusters like layarkaca21, Action,  LK21, Adventure, Cinema 21, Anime, Horror, Animation, Drama, Fantasy, Comedy, Mandarin, Science Fiction …  will give you moments of Very interesting entertainment.  

Watch the hottest movie on the market will be updated as soon as we are present and it is definitely the fastest website to have that movie.

Watching movies online and downloading movies very quickly with just 1 click will help you get movies to your computer in just a few minutes. Thank you for visiting our website.

Full-featured Software Screen Glass21 or LK21

1. Complete updated movie database.

Who would have thought even though they provided their services for free, the title of the film in LK21 is always updated quickly. Anyway, as soon as it is released, soon the movie you want to watch will be in this application.

2. Clear 1080p BluRay film quality.

Free movie service providers, generally do not pay attention to the quality of the film. Many of the images are broken, so it is not comfortable watching. But on LayarKaca21 (LK21), almost all the films have Bluray 1080p.

3. HD sound quality with 5.1 surrounds.

Not only is the picture quality good, but also the sound in LK21 has reached Surround 5.1. Makes you able to enjoy sounds like in a real movie theater. Especially if you use expensive speakers or headphones, it will feel even better.

4. The server download is always fast.

Downloading movies through LayarKaca21 (LK21), it definitely won’t take long. Even TechTanker only needs 10 minutes for one film. Why? Because the download and upload server is Full Speed, there is no reduction at all.

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5 Advantages of Downloading Movies Using Screen Applications21

lk21 apk

You might already know that LayarKaca21 (LK21) has two versions, the site version, and the application. However, it turns out it’s better to download from the application version, guys.

I wonder what is the reason?

1. Faster and Save Quota

Unlike the site version which makes you have to repeatedly download pages, this app version does not. As a result, you can watch movies online from LayarKaca21 or LK21 faster and save your quota.

2. Easier Process of Lacking Advertisements

Here it is one of the favorites. Unlike the site version which is full of advertisements and annoying, the LK21 application version is much less advertisement. Make you more comfortable when searching and downloading movies.

3. Can Watch Directly on Mobile

Before downloading the full-sized film, you can watch it first. You can watch movies online (streaming) to complete, or just watch briefly as a preview before downloading. This will not make you download the wrong movie.

4. There is a New Film Notification

Once there is a new movie, you will get a notification on your cellphone via the LK21 application. Makes you never miss new films. It’s easier than you have to find new movie information on the internet first.

5. Easily Share to Friends

Because this is on a smartphone if there is a new movie it is easier to share with friends. Just click “Share” , then you can share on Facebook or Whatsapp and other applications.

How to Download Movies Using the Screen Screen Glass 21 or LK21

As TechTanker mentioned before, downloading movies with the LayarKaca21 or LK21 application is so easy. Can be done with only three short steps. Now for those of you who are still confused about how to do it, TechTanker explains:

Step – 1

First, of course, you have to download and install the application “ScreenKaca21”, if not you can download via the link at the bottom.

Step – 2

Simply open the application, then find the movie you like with the “Search” feature. There is also a “Category” feature if you want recommendations.


Step – 3

After selecting the movie you want, the following three options will appear:

  • Trailer: To watch the trailer first.
  • Play: To stream the movie.
  • Download: To download on HP.

Download Screen Glass21 Official Software LK21

Glass Screen21 LK21 | The Latest Official Application for Android

Direct Download from Play Store

Download LayarKaca21 or LK21 APK

Conclusion of LK21:

So how do you like the LayarKaca21 or LK21 application? If you like it, you can directly download it via the button below.

Those are some download links that we can share if there is an error link, please contact admin on the contact us page. We also thank the visitors who want to visit and share the LK21 Latest Version.

Don’t forget to bookmark and always visit every day at TechTanker because you will find the latest Android games, Mod Apk, and apps that we will update every day.


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