How to Get Free Diamonds in Free Fire [Proven! 2023]

Get Free Diamonds in Free Fire – Are you one of the gamers who likes playing the Free Fire game? Free Fire is a Battle Royale genre game developed by Garena.

This game is also not devoid of fans, it is proven that this game is often chosen by the Google Play Store as the most popular game played on the Android platform. It’s not surprising because this game offers very exciting and challenging gameplay.

Compared to its competitor, namely the PUBG Mobile game, the FF game can be said to be lighter in capacity.

How to Get Free Diamonds in Free Fire

This is because the graphics quality is 8-bit, different from PUBG Mobile which has HD graphics. Apart from that, the Free Fire game is no less exciting than the PUBG game.

What’s more interesting is that the Free Fire game also runs quite smoothly even when played on a cellphone with standard specifications.

In the Free Fire game, you must be familiar with diamonds. Diamonds in the FF game are a currency that can be used to buy various items in it.

Did you know, there is an easy way to get FF diamonds for free? It’s not a trick, some of these methods will really give you Free Fire diamonds for free.

Come on, see the full review below!

The Easiest Way to Get Free Diamonds in Free Fire

The Easiest Way to Get Free Diamonds in Free Fire

Who doesn’t want to have lots of diamonds in their Free Fire account? You can be sure that all FF game players want it. But it is not easy to increase diamonds in the FF game.

One shortcut is to buy it with real money. However, this method is considered quite wasteful and is certainly not desired by most gamers. But don’t worry, there is a proven way to get free diamond-free fire.

The quick ways to get lots of diamonds in the Free Fire game include:

1. Using the Diamond Free Fire Generator

The first way to get free Free Fire diamonds is to use the Diamond Free Fire Generator. There are lots of Free Fire Diamond Generators that claim to be able to provide FF diamonds for free. One of them that is quite popular in use is the Free Fire Generator.

On this site, users can not only get free FF diamonds but also coins which are also free. The method is quite easy, just click the Diamond Generator button select the number of diamonds you want, and finally click GENERATE.

But keep in mind, that this method can be said to be illegal. The risk that can occur is that the account will be hacked or blocked.

2. Fill out the survey on Google Opinion Rewards

Different from the previous method, this method is very safe for you to do. Doing this method will not result in your Free Fire account being hacked or banned, because this is the official method.

The method is also very easy, just fill out the survey available on Google Opinion Rewards.

Google Opinion Rewards is an official application from Google that provides surveys once a week to its users.

If you take part in the survey, there will be rewards in the form of credits on the Google Play Store in varying amounts.

From the number of credits you get, you can later use it to top-up FF game diamonds.

3. Using the Whaff Rewards Application

Whaff Rewards is an application that can give its users a certain amount of dollars. The condition is that the user must carry out various tasks given in the application, such as installing the application, inviting friends to install the Whaff application via a referral link, and other tasks.

You can later exchange the dollars you have collected for Google Gift Cards, which can then be used to top up Free Fire Diamonds. To be able to exchange it for a Google Gift Card, the number of dollars you collect must meet the payout balance limit.

4. Using the AttaPoll Application

The next way to get lots of Free Fire diamonds for free is to do a survey in the AttPoll application. Almost similar to Google Opinion Rewards, in the AttPoll application you also have to take a short survey to get rewards.

Rewards that can be obtained at AttPoll are in the form of PayPal credit or BitCoin. The survey you have to answer on AttPoll is also not that difficult, just about digital products and consumer habits.

You can later exchange the credits that you have collected for Google Play Store Credit. You can use the credits on the Google Play Store to top up Diamonds for the Free Fire game.

5. Redeem Points on the Web Points Site

Collect lots of points on the Points Web site, and if you have collected a lot of points you can later exchange them for operator credit or Google Gift Cards. That way, you can top up Diamond Free Fire without having to spend a penny, aka it’s free.

However, to get points on the Points Web site you need to do various tasks provided there. For example, by filling out a short survey, downloading and installing certain applications, participating in games, inviting friends to join, and so on.

The method is not instant and the amount of points you can get varies. If you are lucky you can get a large number of points.

6. Using the AppStation Application

This method also allows you to get Free Fire diamonds (DM) for free, aka free and fast. Similar to the Whaff Reward application, in this application you are required to carry out the tasks that have been provided.

The difference is, in AppStation the tasks that must be done are playing games and also installing certain applications.

If you have carried out this task, later you will be given a certain amount of money and put it into PayPal Credit. If you have collected a lot of money, you can exchange it for Google Play Credit and later you can use it to buy Free Fire game diamonds.

This application itself was developed by the App Station Company and has been installed more than once on the Google Play Store.


Those are some of the easiest and most proven ways to get free Free Fire diamonds. Don’t forget to share the information above on your personal social media account, OK?

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