100+ Latest Free Ninja Heroes Accounts [2023]

Free Ninja Heroes accounts are currently the most sought-after information by gamers because this one game has been re-released with a fresher look and certainly provides quite exciting gameplay for us to try.

This game owned by a developer called Kageherostudio recently went viral and became sought after by gamers, especially since the appearance of this Ninja Heroes New Era mod app.

So of course this makes gamers feel curious about the appearance and gameplay offered by the game.

Free Ninja Heroes Accounts

For Naruto fans, of course, you are already familiar with this game because this NHNE game is one of the best Naruto games ever.

Having succeeded several years ago by having a lot of users, of course, the developer hopes that with the emergence of this new era version, it will repeat this success and be able to compete with the many Android games currently available.

There are many new features in this Naruto game, especially if you play the modified version. You can get various kinds of ninja and gatcha characters that are available every day.

There are also many other characters that can be obtained such as Boruto, Code, and others.

So, for those of you who are looking for information about the Free Ninja Heroes New Era Account, in this article, we will try to provide this review especially for you.

By having this account, of course, it will be much easier for you to overcome all existing obstacles, Just read the full review below.

Game Review Ninja Heroes New Era

Game Review Ninja Heroes New Era

Before you enter the Latest Free Ninja Heroes New Era 2022 account that we have prepared in this article, it would be a good idea to first know a brief review of the game. So that when you play it you understand and understand the gameplay of this game.

Ninja Heroes New Era is a game that is included in the Naruto game category, this game was very popular in the past and could even be called a legendary game.

Because this game was inspired by the cartoon film Naruto which is quite popular and has a large audience from all over the world, when this game appeared the fans immediately rushed to download this new game.

By using the RPG genre which is quite exciting, it makes players even more curious and doesn’t want to move when playing this game, especially with the many additional features that make the game even more exciting.

When playing this game, you will have an adventure to explore the world without limits, and you also have the task of being able to collect all the best ninjas out there. You are also required to be able to defeat all the enemies you encounter in order to complete this game.

Indeed, it is not easy because it requires a struggle, but with the emergence of Ninja Heroes New Era Mod Apk, we can do it all very quickly and easily.

The modified version itself is equipped with various superior features that are able to provide various items, characters, and a Free Ninja Heroes New Era Account.

In this way, you will have no difficulty in completing the game or defeating all the existing enemies.

Features of Ninja Heroes Free Accounts

Features of Ninja Heroes Free Accounts

Like what we have said above, this modified version of the game has indeed been made by the developer in such a sophisticated way.

And reportedly various excellent features have been laid out in the game, and for those who don’t know what features are in it? you see the explanation here.

Inject Gold and Silver

The first superior feature of the Ninja Heroes account game is injecting gold and silver, as we know, these two items are very important in the game.

By having these two items, you can do many things and of course, you can easily defeat the enemy, did you know that the free ninja heroes account can provide these items for free and the quantity is unlimited, aka unlimited?

Unlock All Characters

Free Ninja Heroes account is also equipped with a feature that can unlock all existing characters, so you can play various characters you like without having to top up or pay for them with items.

Therefore, it is not surprising that this game is quite popular and many people are hunting for it.

Fres View

The appearance of Ninja Heroes New Era is also much fresher than the old version, this cool appearance makes players even more enthusiastic about playing.

Block Ilan

Of course, the appearance of advertisements while playing this game is very annoying, especially when conditions are critical.

This is often experienced by players, but don’t worry, for this modified version of the game, you won’t be disturbed by the fish. Because it is equipped with a feature that can block advertisements or ads.

Cool Backsound

The background sound used in this Ninja Heroes game also uses Naruto sounds. This choice of sound makes fans of the Naruto film even more interested in trying to play this mod game.

Free Gatcha

For the superior feature, the last free game Ninja Heroes New Era has, namely free gatcha, so you will be more flexible in doing gatcha as many times as you like.

As we all know, actually to be able to do this Gatcha we have to top up, but in this mod version, you can do it for free or for free.

Characters in the Ninja Heroes New Era Game

As we mentioned above, this game comes with lots of characters in it that you can play for free. The characters are as follows:

  1. Otsutsuki Isshiki
  2. Otsutsuki Kaguya
  3. Byron Naruto
  4. Boruto Karma Mod
  5. Rinegan Sasuke
  6. Six Paths Madara
  7. Kawaki
  8. Mangekyo Sasuke
  9. Otsutsuki Momoshiki
  10. Kashin Koji
  11. Nine Tails Naruto
  12. Sage Mitsuki
  13. Six Paths Obito
  14. Madara
  15. Hashirama
  16. Tobiram
  17. Sarada
  18. Minato
  19. 3rd hokage

Latest Free New Era Ninja Heroes Accounts 2023

After you understand the gameplay of this game, we have also prepared a Free Ninja Heroes New Era Account. By using this account, it will make it easier for you to complete the game.

Because the account usually has a lot of items in it, here is a collection of accounts that you can try.

  • Username : renaldi2552
  • Password : myloveyou
  • Username : chainsawman1
  • Password : iamking524
  • Username : lovecoco4
  • Password : 4cocotime4
  • Username : uberman5
  • Password : 5459423845
  • Username : uberman5
  • Password : 5459423845
  • Username : danielset95
  • Password: lanadannes4
  • Username : bluelive84
  • Password: 123456789
  • Username : crownman1
  • Password: 1one1man
  • Username : johnnysins5
  • Password: 123456789
  • Username : chelebi31
  • Password: chelebi31
  • Username : bestpolar7
  • Password: imperfect123

How to Use Ninja Heroes Game Account?

If you have managed to get the login above, then all you have to do is just use the account.

In the following, we have prepared a way to log in and register for an account in the Ninja Heroes game.

  1. First of all, you can download the game first using the link we have provided or you can directly visit plastytore
  2. Next, you install the game
  3. Then log in or enter the game
  4. So after that, just use the account above, choose one of them
  5. Make sure that the username and password entered are correct
  6. After that, just click enter now or login
  7. Then you can immediately play the game at a high level
  8. Finished

The Final Word

This is the discussion that we can convey regarding the Free New Era Ninja Heroes Account, so all you have to do is try the accounts that we have shared above one by one.

Because someone has already used the takur, don’t be left behind, do it now. Thank you and good luck.

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