Free Download GTA SA Lite APK For Android [Mod+OBB]

GTA SA fans must have this one version. Because you will not be bothered to play it.

Just with a smartphone, you can play a game as exciting as playing it in front of a PC.

GTA SA Lite Review

GTA SA Lite Review

GTA SA or Grand Theft Auto San Andreas is an arcade genre game developed by Rockstar North.

The game, which was released since 2014, is one of the legendary games which is still very much in demand by game fans.

The background of this game tells of a man named Carl Johnson who wants to reveal the truth behind the story of his mother’s death.

To reveal the truth, CJ must pass through various obstacles that are blocking the City of Los Santos.

This city is a city known for its high crime rate.

The early appearance of this game always graced the PlayStation 2 menu list and became the choice of gamers at that time.

Until now, it has started to develop and can be played using a PC and even Android.

Because of the popularity of this game at that time, this game was able to win an award as the game with the highest user record on the PlayStation 2.

Who doesn’t know this game? Yes, at least you know the presence of this game even though you don’t play it. Hehe

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The Difference Between GTA SA Ori and GTA SA Lite

The Difference Between GTA SA Ori and GTA SA Lite

GTA SA doesn’t seem to want to be left behind with new games that are starting to circulate.

To maintain their existence in the gaming world, they released a Lite version which is more flexible and can be played on smartphones.

Maybe you are still confused about the difference between the lite version and the original game, so we summarize the differences in the table below.

GTA SA Original GTA SA Lite
The file that is owned has a large size, about 2 GB. Owned files have a smaller size, about 300 MB.
Graphics quality is still lacking in detail and still looks rough. The graphic quality is very clear with a good level of detail and looks very smooth.
The data used in the game is still in the form of .OBB which is known for its large size. The data used is in the form of a cache, which is lighter and suitable for smartphones.
In the original version very few have modified it and it is very rare to find the Mod version, because it is very difficult to modify. The lite version has many Mod versions available which will add to your excitement when playing this game. Like the availability of Drag bikes, better graphics until the appearance of new characters in the game.
Can be played with various GPU devices. Can only be played on certain GPUs that already support.
To get the original version of the game, you can get it on the Google Play Store. To get the lite version, you have to download it manually, because it is not available on the Google Play Store.

The Difference in Game Features

In addition to the general differences as described above, you will also find very striking differences in each feature of each version.

What are the differences?

Features GTA SA Original GTA SA Lite
Money Limited Unlimited
Health Limited Unlimited
Armor Limited Unlimited
Ammo Limited Unlimited
Maps Locked Unlocked
City Locked Unlocked
Building Locked Unlocked
Weapons There is no Free
Missions Not open yet Open

If a conclusion is drawn from the differences in the features in the table above, of course the lite version will be more exciting if played.

Yes, because you can enjoy all the features without any restrictions. Willing to stay up late for the sake of playing this one game, right?

The Advantages of GTA SA Lite

The lite version of GTA has more advantages than the original version of the game itself.

Therefore, it is not surprising that people prefer to play this game in the lite version.

And considerations are further clarified by the advantages of the lite version as below.

  • Supports the use of bluetooth for gamepads which will provide an experience and excitement to get a different playing experience.
  • It has a small data file size of around 300 MB, so it will be very friendly to use on a smartphone and will not cause your smartphone’s internal memory to drain.
  • It has the convenience of controlling the game, which will be very helpful when you are using a vehicle such as a motorbike or car in this game at high speed.
  • It has a cloud save feature that you can use to save games and you can use it to continue without having to start from scratch, even when changing devices, the previous game data you can continue and won’t be lost.
  • It has Indian language support which is very helpful for those of you who don’t really understand foreign languages.
  • Has a better graphic display than the original version, so it can provide comfort for anyone who plays it.

GTA SA Lite Features

GTA SA Lite Features

The lite version of this game also features very interesting features to further provide a new experience. Anything ?

  • Can be played on various versions of Android.
  • Provides the convenience of recovering game history or returning and repeating missions by simply downloading data from the game.
  • Have at least 11 cool character skins that can be used for free.
  • It has the addition of a new and unique supporting environment character, such as a meatball seller and a vegetable seller along with their carts.
  • There are character skins for up to 7 partitions with various locations.
  • Supported by 1 driftrack which will make the setting of this game more interesting and beautiful.
  • There is a means of transportation in the form of a flying skateboard and several other skateboards that are ready for use.
  • There is a hot air balloon along with 1 jetpack ready to take you to fly.
  • In each section has a different mission, which will give you more fun and experience playing this game.
  • The Lite version presents many unique vehicles such as sports cars, drag bikes that you can use at any time.
  • Has graphic settings that you can adjust to your liking.
  • High-resolution HD is available for smartphones with high specifications.

New Features of GTA SA Lite

The presence of the latest version of the GTA SA Lite update also brings new features in it that are ready for you to enjoy.

What are these features?

  • Can add game missions.
  • Supports Android versions such as Lollipop, Kitkat, and Marshmallow.
  • In this new feature, this game supports all types of GPUs, which would be better if previously only supported certain types of GPUs.
  • HD resolution has been applied to the remastered graphics.
  • An updated color palette, brightness controls, and game characters.
  • Has dual analog controls.
  • There is a menu of graphic settings options that you can adjust.
  • There are various types of languages.

GTA SA Lite Type

GTA SA Lite Type

The Lite version of GTA SA itself comes in various types, which you can download and try to play.

Types of GTA SA Lite include.

1. GTA SA Lite Apk India

This version is indeed made by modders who come from India, which is clear from the name.

Apart from that, the city background with the condition of India was also chosen as the main component of this version of GTA SA.

Just like there are mosques and churches on each map of this version of the game.

2. GTA SA Lite Apk v1.08 CLEO Mod

This version was developed and modified by Androgamer which gives an edge to the graphics.

Which is more optimal graphics and details that really spoil the eye.

In addition, the feature that you can use in this version is the presence of really cool vehicles that you can immediately use to help you complete missions.

In the version developed by Androgamer, it also provides files that are in accordance with the required GPU.

Like GTA SA Lite v1.08 for Adreno, and GTA SA Lite v1.08 for Mali.

3. GTA SA Lite Apk v2.00

Version V2.00 is the latest version that has adopted a cinematic shader system, which will make the gameplay look more real.

What’s interesting about this latest version is not only the quality of the graphics but also you can use other characters.

This latest version also provides a compatible file that supports each GPU which will make it easier for anyone who wants to play it.

Like GTA SA Lite v2.00 Apk for Adreno and GTA SA Lite for Mali.

GTA SA Lite Mod India Features

The features of GTA SA Lite Mod India will provide a different experience when you use it.

This is because you have a background and a variety of things that you often encounter in India.

Building Vehicle Character Skins
Supported with 3d maps display Vegetable cart Police and Policewoman Uniform Skins
Toll road exit and entry gates Indian Garuda aircraft The character of the famous comedian in India Tukul Arwana
National Monument or Monas Jakarta Rickshaw Wild motorbike racer
Clock Tower Bukittinggi West Sumatra Ambulance car sponsorship from Global Tv Upin and Ipin characters
Can do prayer activities in the congregation or alone Indian Police Helicopter Swagger Racing
Vehicle speedometer Taxi Blue Bird Mr. Haji’s character
There are billboards along the road, which is like a thick Indian nuance. Indian Police Motorcycles and Cars Fam Indian Junior High School uniform
Borobudur temple WC suction tank car
Reog Ponorogo Public transportation typical of India’s homeland
HP accessories counter Bajaj
Jokowi’s Timses Office
The type of money used in the game is in rupiah
Persija football team logo banner
Game menu with Indian
New weapons
Funny advertisements that you can find on buses and trucks

How to Download GTA SA Lite

So for those of you who can’t wait to play this very interesting game, you have to download it first.

Download it manually before playing it because it’s not available on the Google Play Store.

It’s easy, you just need to follow the steps below.

  • Open the browser on your smartphone then click the apk link on the download link below.
  • Wait for the download process to complete.
  • If everything has been downloaded, check the storage folder on the smartphone.

Download link

But remember that downloading and installing a mod apk will certainly bring negative impacts and dangers in the future.

How to Install GTA SA Lite

How to Install GTA SA Lite

There’s just one more process before you can play this game. Please install it first hehe

If you don’t know how, just follow the steps that you have provided below.

  • The first step is to extract the downloaded game cache.
  • Copy the folder to com.rockstargames.gtasa then paste it into the Android / Data 2 folder .
  • Open the file then install and wait a few moments until the installation process is complete.
  • Continue by entering the password: androgamer.
  • If a warning appears then you can enter the settings menu then select security and check the Unknown Source display .
  • The process is complete and the GTA game is ready to play.

Smartphone Specifications

Even though it already has a smaller file size and is very supportive to play on a smartphone, you also have to pay attention to the specifications of the device you are using.

This is to provide the most optimal support when playing this game.

RAM 2 GB minimum
GPU Adreno or Mali at a minimum
Internal Memory 16 GB minimum
Processor Snapdragon
Operating system Minimum Android 4.4

Tips for adept at playing GTA SA Lite

Tips for adept at playing GTA SA Lite

The ways to play that we have summarized below are intended to help you complete missions impressively.

How to? Come on, let’s see the summary below until it’s finished.

1. Maximizing character

To maximize the status of the character you use, you can start by cultivating your stamina.

You can visit the Gym and use all available tools to practice.

2. Strengthen other physical

Besides being able to increase your physical strength by training at the gym, you can also do breathing exercises by diving underwater.

You can do this in several places that have water with enough depth to practice breathing.

And don’t forget to choose healthy foods by paying attention to levels of fat, sugar and so on, because muscle strength is also very important for the character you use.

3. Mastering a variety of vehicles

To be able to master a vehicle it takes a long time, do the exercises continuously and evenly with other vehicles.

The skill of using transportation in this game is really needed.

Yes, because to finish Mass you have to move places quickly, not to mention if the police chase you have to be able to escape.

4. Master a variety of weapons

Besides having to be proficient in using transportation, another important thing is being proficient in using weapons.

The use of weapons is very important which will make your defense tool to complete the mission.

Can GTA SA Lite experience Force Close?

Even though the size is small and light there is still the possibility of sudden Fc. To prevent Fc, please set the lowest graphic resolution setting.

What is the size of GTA Sa Lite?

Approximately 300 Mb.

Grand Theft Auto San Andreas or GTA SA is a very legendary game. The presence of the Lite version of this game provides a different gaming sensation for fans.

Where they can get unlimited access to the use of features to complete the game. Coupled with the presence of GTA SA Lite Mod India, it is like a breath of fresh air for lovers of this game in India.

How could you not, the user can enjoy the game with an authentic Indian background. As a result, it can provide more inspiration in completing the mission.

Besides that, the players can also feel the real effect, such as playing the main character directly. Coupled with excellent graphic support and feast for the eyes.

Are you ready to download GTA SA Lite? Let’s go to war.

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