Best EZTV Proxy & Mirror Alternatives to Download Torrents Movies


Best EZTV Proxy & Mirror Alternatives to Download Torrents Movies

Best EZTV Proxy & Mirror Alternatives to Download Torrents Movies – There is no doubt that the world of free movie torrents lately is becoming a real challenge for fans of this home entertainment.

This makes it necessary to keep constantly updated, always checking the lists with the pages that are working, it is possible that a site that works well on a given day stops doing so the next day.

If you are one of those who have been enjoying movies and series for free for some time, you have surely noticed that some websites of this type that in the past were considered true giants of the sector are now totally missing from the torrent spectrum.

While others are constantly changing their domains to evade the actions of those responsible for the law, leaving the feeling that they are always on the run.

One of the last portals to suffer persecution has been the site popular series of television EZTV.

As we know, since years ago this website has been involved in certain controversies, but now it seems that the closure may be final.

In this article, we will present the best alternatives for you to continue enjoying your movies and series, through other pages that do work today.

What Happened to EZTV? Do Not Work or Have Closed?

What Happened to EZTV? Do Not Work or Have Closed?

After more than a decade functioning as the preferred portal for millions of users around the world to follow their favorite series, they have felt restless in the face of the apparent security and privacy failures when making use of the EZTV site.

Recall that during the transmission of an episode of a popular series, users were surprised by a warning message according to which EZTV / represented a security risk to all those who were connected to the “signal” at that time, given that the portal could be suffering from an address leak from its users.

List of the Best Proxy, Mirror Torrent (P2P) Websites Alternatives to EZTV

Undoubtedly, when you enjoy your favorite entertainment the least you want is to receive this type of “ messages ”, and that is why we have given ourselves the task of helping you find the best alternatives to continue enjoying your movies, series, and movies safely. Other types of entertainment.

In this list, you will find the safest portals around the world, some of which are true icons of the sector and which you have surely heard about, in addition to others that make their way into the broad spectrum of the universe.



By using this website founded in 2016, you can download formats with content from movies, TV series, music, games, applications, and software.

Although the page does not contain any file in itself, it is a metasearch engine that allows you the best experience, by indexing more than 60 torrent sites, saving you from having to go from site to site searching.

Here you can find more than 61 million verified files, something else important when we talk about security.

An interesting fact has to do with the fact that Torrentz2 is currently not prohibited in any country in the world. In addition, you can search using Mirrors or IP / URL alternatives such as, or



This torrent search engine allows direct download access to more than 4,000,000 files of movies, series, ebook, games, music, applications, documentaries and more. All this with a guarantee of verification that sets the standard in the universe.

If you live in countries like Australia, India or the United Kingdom, you cannot use Torlock as it is prohibited in these places.

Alternatively, you can try Torlock.unblocked .mx. Another of the great features that make this site one of the world’s favorite has to do with its impressive download speed.



If you are interested in trying the latest in the search engine service, it is not enough to take a walk through the page of Zooqle, which has been in service since 2013 and allows you to instantly download more than 3,000,000 million files in categories ranging from movies, even music and games, and some others, which have allowed the portal to make its way into the preferences of a growing number of users.

Zooqle is not banned anywhere in the world, and you can find it using Mirrors or alternative IP / URLs like, or As unattractive data, we can mention that today the download speed is somewhat slow.



While the 1337x torrent download portal allows you to download game and music files, it is the movies that are most in-demand among its users.

This is partly because the page does not care so much about maintaining a large number of titles, but rather that material that offers and guarantees the highest quality.

This is how this portal has managed to create a true community of users, who are always adding new and better content to share with each other.

The page is not authorized in Australia, Austria, Ireland or the United Kingdom. You can find it at addresses, the same as in



You may not have heard about SeedPeer before, but the site has been active for a decade. All those who have made use of their platform agree on their high-security standards.

When they look for the archives of movies, series, music, applications, eBook and much more, all perfectly ordered by age and category. Another important fact is that its user-friendly interface and a download speed among the fastest you can find.



If like millions of users around the world, you’re only interested in downloading movie torrents, then YTS is made for you.

This portal is reputed to be the largest movie page on the internet. All the available material is in files of great quality and small size.

The latter guarantees users a high download speed with minimal bandwidth consumption.

Until now, a page is only prohibited in Ireland; You can find it in the domain

Most experts agree that it is worth downloading movies from this portal, which in recent months has been repositioning itself in user preferences.



RARBG portal created in Bulgaria has been making its way in the preferences of users around the world, especially to search for music.

This is because the page offers constant updates of the most popular at all times. Of course, you can also download movies, TV series and applications.

Although it is a website that offers good download speed, it has the disadvantage of having been blocked in several countries, so the best way to connect is through VPN.

That has not been an impediment to offer excellent quality in downloaded files, as well as a high level of security.



If something distinguishes LimeTorrent, it is nothing more than the impressive amount of files available for download with more than acceptable speed.

There are about 10 million documents of different categories and a quality that can be verified by all those who have made use of the platform to download movies, music, anime, applications, games and almost anything else you might be interested in.

Equally remarkable, is that the portal is one of the safest with all its material constantly verified.

You can also find it in the domains, or It is prohibited in Australia, France, and the United Kingdom.



A portal that you can use from anywhere since it has not been banned in any country. If you still do not know it, it may be because it is completely in French and you need to know some of that language to navigate more comfortably.

Anyway, this can be your alternative if you have problems with the other torrent download pages.

Those who have already used the platform, give good references in terms of security when downloading content from movies, series, games and more. It is not other to make the attempt.



Of course, no list would be complete without the inclusion of Pirate Bay among its recommendations.

Although the platform has been block in different parts of the world, they always manage to offer access to your site to the millions of users who have made it their favorite over the years.

Since it offers the possibility to download hundreds of thousands of files in all categories with a speed that we could describe as amazing.

Among the Mirrors and addresses where you can find what is for many the best of the best download platforms, we can mention or

Is It Dangerous to Download Torrents Movies from These Portals?

Is It Dangerous to Download Torrents Movies from These Portals?

Before you start using any platform for downloading movies, series, games or documentaries and everything that has to do with the subject, you need to take proper precautions.

The dangers and inconveniences range from possible legal problems, depending on the country from where you take the action, to the damages that your navigation equipment could suffer.

Make sure you have a good VPN and an antivirus (both get them for free) for the proper protection of your computer.

If possible, a good command of the terminology used in this world is highly recommended, which will be of great help to understand the operation of the P2P system, at the same time it will help you learn everything that needs to perform the activity of the safe way.

We hope that you are happy with the above EZTV Proxy sites. If you have any questions, leave them in the comments, we will answer you as soon as possible, and it will surely be of great help to more members of the community. Thank you! 😉


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