Download Coocoo WhatsApp APK for Android [2023]

Download Coocoo WhatsApp APK – Almost all Android smartphone users in particular must have the WhatsApp application on it.

It’s not surprising, because the WhatsApp application is one of the most popular online chat applications currently. There are many users from all over the world, including in India.

This application is widely chosen because of its ease of sending and receiving messages, whether in the form of text, photos, videos, audio, or other types of files. Its use is very easy and practical, even novice users will have no difficulty using it.

Download Coocoo WhatsApp APK for Android

WhatsApp itself is equipped with various advanced features that make it even more interesting to use. WhatsApp allows you to make voice calls and video calls, as long as your cellphone is connected to the internet network.

It also has a status feature, where through this feature it is possible for users to share stories in the form of text, images, or videos. The status uploaded on WhatsApp is only temporary, that is, it will be deleted automatically if 24 hours have passed.

If you want to access more features on WhatsApp, then you can try using the WhatsApp MOD application. This is the official WhatsApp application which has been modified by other developers so that the features provided are more numerous and interesting.

There are many WhatsApp MOD applications spread on the internet, one of which is called Coocoo WhatsApp. For those of you who don’t know how to use it, here’s how to download Coocoo WhatsApp APK and install it, which you can listen to and apply.

About the Latest Coocoo WhatsApp Application

Coocoo WhatsApp also known as Coco WhatsApp is a modified WhatsApp application that is quite popular in use today.

Many people choose this application because it contains various cool features. What is certain is that there are many features in it that you will not find in the official WhatsApp application.

One of the most interesting features of Coocoo WhatsApp is the Themes feature. Through this feature, you can change the appearance of WhatsApp to suit your tastes.

Of course, you won’t be able to get this in the original WhatsApp application, where the theme is still green, which feels very eye-catching and boring.

The Coocoo WhatsApp application itself was developed by a developer with the same name, namely, Coocoo WhatsApp.

This application has a total capacity of 55MB, of course, it still works and runs smoothly on cell phones with standard specs.

To date, the Coocoo WhatsApp application has reached version 5.1.0 and will continue to be updated to make the application comfortable to use.

What is certain is that the Coocoo WhatsApp APK application is free to use, you can download it via the link provided below this article.

However, to install the application usually requires access permission and you need to allow it. The Coocoo WhatsApp application is not available on Google Playstore.

That’s why you can only download it via the internet or the link provided in this article.

How to Download Coocoo WhatsApp APK and Install it

How to Download Coocoo WhatsApp APK and Install it

Next, we will discuss how to download the Coocoo WhatsApp APK application and install it on an Android cellphone device.

As explained above, Coocoo WhatsApp APK is an unofficial application so you won’t find it on Google Playstore. You can download the solution via the link provided below.

  1. The first step you can take is to download the Coocoo WhatsApp APK file via THIS LINK.
  2. Make sure you know the storage location of the downloaded Coocoo WhatsApp APK file.
  3. First, you need to activate the install application feature from outside the Play Store. You do this by going to the Settings menu >> Biometrics and Security >> Install Unknown Applications >> Activate the feature by moving the slider button. For some types and brands of cell phones, the method for activating permission to install this application may be slightly different.
  4. After successfully activating it, you look for the Coocoo WhatsApp APK file that you downloaded earlier. Click on the file to start the setup or installation process.
  5. On the pop-up screen that appears, you confirm by clicking the Install button.
  6. Wait a few moments until the installation process is complete.
  7. If so, now you click the Coocoo WhatsApp icon on the menu screen. Then register for a WhatsApp account by entering your cellphone number and verifying the code. Next, just complete the WhatsApp account.
  8. Finished.


Features Provided in the Coocoo WhatsApp Application

As previously explained, the Coocoo WhatsApp APK application is equipped with complete features. In fact, there are many features in it that cannot be found in the official WhatsApp application. The complete cool features of Coocoo WhatsApp are as follows:

1. Fitur Color Phone

The first is the Color Phone feature, which allows users to change the color or image displayed when calling friends on WhatsApp. You can change the display color as you wish, or add cute pictures in the cellphone gallery.

Even through this feature, you can also differentiate the color or image for each WhatsApp contact.

2. Transparent WhatsApp feature

Still related to the appearance of WhatsApp, in Coocoo WhatsApp you can also apply the transparent WhatsApp feature in the application. The appearance looks more modern and is definitely interesting to try.

In this transparent WhatsApp theme, you can use a personal photo as a background to make it look more attractive. You certainly won’t find features like this on the official WhatsApp.

3. Privacy Features

For those of you who have privacy on WhatsApp and don’t want other people to know, you can use this feature.

You can adjust your privacy on WhatsApp as you wish, starting from removing the blue tick, removing online status and typing, hiding status update times, and so on.

4. Fitur Beauty Effect

Do you feel confident when you have to make video calls via WhatsApp? Now you won’t feel that way if you use Coocoo WhatsApp.

The reason is, in this application the Beauty Effect feature is embedded which can be used when making video calls.

Arrange and choose the facial effects according to your wishes, of course, this will make you more confident when you have to make a video call with your crush.

5. Other Coocoo WhatsApp Features

Apart from the features above, of course, there are many more interesting features from Coocoo WhatsApp that you can enjoy.

Some additional features include an anti-delete message feature, a file-sending feature of up to 100 photos or videos at once, sending files with a capacity of up to 100MB, and many others.


That’s the easy and practical way to download the Coocoo WhatsApp APK and install it on an Android cellphone. Don’t forget to share this information on your personal social media account.

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