How to Fix Cracking Sounds in Mobile Phone Speakers [2023]

Cracking Sounds in Mobile Phone Speakers – Android cellphones are made up of various hardware that have their respective functions.

For example, a screen component functions as an output component, namely to display images. Apart from that, there is also a battery that functions as the lifeblood of an Android cellphone, namely to distribute electrical power to other components.

Or also has a casing that functions as a stand and protects other components in the Android cellphone. All of these components have a very important role in each other.

How to Fix Cracking Sounds in Mobile Phone Speakers

Another important hardware component in an Android smartphone, namely the speakers. This is an output component on an Android smartphone that is useful for producing sound, both notification sounds, sounds when watching videos, sounds when playing music, or other activities that require sound.

If there is a problem with the speakers on your Android cellphone, this will definitely disrupt the user’s comfort in operating the Android cellphone.

As an electronic device, it is not impossible for the speaker component on this cellphone to experience errors or damage.

One of the error problems that often occurs with speakers on Android is that the sound is not clear, aka there is a crackling sound.

This crackling sound, like the sound of a TV being disturbed, will certainly disturb the user’s comfort, especially when playing videos or music.

The original sound of the video or season will be disturbed by the crackling sound, this will also make hearing painful. So, how do you deal with the crackling sound in your cellphone speaker? You can see the complete information below!

Causes of Cracking Sounds in Mobile Phone Speakers

A cellphone speaker that makes a crackling sound like this can be caused by several factors, either due to user action or damage to the Android system. Several factors can cause cell phone speakers to make a crackling sound, including:

  • The speaker holes are dirty and full of dust and dirt.
  • The cellphone’s heat temperature is too high, it even overheats.
  • The cellphone speaker has been hit or has water in it.
  • As a result of connecting the cellphone to an active speaker which has a fairly high voltage.
  • The components in the speaker are old and damaged.

How to Deal with Cracking Sounds in Cell Phone Speakers

How to Deal with Cracking Sounds in Cell Phone Speakers

Knowing some of the causes above will make it easier for us to carry out repairs on the cellphone with the speaker problem. There are several ways to deal with the crackling sound in your cellphone speaker, as follows:

1. Clean the cellphone speakers

The first way to deal with crackling speakers on your cellphone is to clean the speakers. This method is claimed to be very effective in overcoming this error problem. You can clean it yourself using a cotton bud or needle.

You clean the speaker hole on your cellphone so that no dust and dirt stick to it. If necessary, you can disassemble the cellphone casing and clean it down to the components on the cellphone speaker.

2. Dry the cell phone that has been exposed to water

It’s possible that your Android cellphone was hit or spilled with water so that it entered the speaker hole.

If this really happens, then you need to dry the water that has entered the cellphone, especially the speaker component. To dry it yourself, you can use rice, a hairdryer, a fan, or a mini vacuum cleaner.

Of the several media recommendations for drying a cellphone that has water in it, using rice media is the most recommended.

This method will help remove water that has entered the cell phone, making it return to normal. Just bury your cell phone in rice and leave it for around 2 to 3 days.

If so, you can turn on your cellphone and test the sound. Usually, the crackling sound on the speaker due to the water entering it will no longer be heard.

3. Check the speakers and repair them

Every Android cellphone is equipped with a special feature to check the condition of each installed hardware, including speakers.

You can check the speaker to see whether the damage occurred to the Android system or to the speaker hardware. To check it yourself, you can use a secret code. Don’t know how to test cellphone speakers?

Here are the steps:

  1. First, open the Call or Telephone menu on your Android cellphone.
  2. Then type the dialing code *#0*# or *#0#* and the Android cellphone testing page will be displayed.
  3. On that page, you select the Speaker or Sound menu.
  4. The cellphone will make a special sound, just try listening to it. If you can still hear the crackling sound, it means that the damage is to the speaker hardware components.
  5. Finished.

There is no other way to do damage to the speaker hardware except to replace it or repair it if it is still possible. You need to disassemble the cellphone to make it easier to repair and replace the speaker.

It’s easier to replace your cellphone speakers with new speakers. If you really can’t do it, then you can ask a Phone technician for help.

4. Using Third-Party Applications

This fourth alternative may not improve the crackling sound that is heard on the cellphone speakers, but only minimizes the crackling sound so that it cannot be heard.

One application that you can use is called MX Player which was developed by MX Media (Formerly J2 Interactive). For how to use it yourself, namely:

  1. First, you download and install the MX Player application from Google Playstore. Facebook Exits Alone on Cellphone
  2. Then run the application.
  3. In the application display, you click the menu in the top right corner. Then click on the Settings menu.
  4. Go to Audio Options, then check the Audio Player option.
  5. Return to the main application page, now you play the music on your cellphone.
  6. Now click on the Audio icon, then check the Use SW Audio Decoder option.
  7. Next, you can adjust the volume, either increasing or decreasing it until the crackling sound is no longer heard.
  8. Finished.


5. Perform a factory reset on your Android cellphone

The final way to overcome the crackling sound on the Android cellphone speaker is to do a factory reset.

Doing this method will delete all data stored in the cellphone’s internal memory, starting from media files, applications, and cache, to the settings applied therein.

So, you should back up your data first if there is important data that you don’t want to delete.

For the steps to do a factory reset on the Android cellphone, namely:

  1. First, turn off your Android cellphone. Make sure the battery has at least 50% or higher remaining.
  2. Turn on the cellphone by pressing and holding the Power + Volume Up button for a few seconds until the cellphone screen turns on.
  3. Later you will be taken to the Recovery Mode page.
  4. Next, select the Wipe Data / Factory Reset option.
  5. Confirm by selecting Yes and wipe Data All.
  6. If so, select Reboot System Now.
  7. Finished.


That’s an easy way to deal with the crackling sound in your cellphone speaker, you can try it yourself. Don’t forget to share this information on your personal social media account.

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