10 Easy Ways to Check Original or Fake iPhone [2023]

Since its inception, the iPhone has become a high-end smartphone, the latest version of which is always eagerly awaited by many people.

Until now, the iPhone is still considered a sophisticated ‘luxury’ mobile phone. In fact, most Apple product fans are willing to queue or pre-order to get the latest iPhone series.

Don’t be surprised when one unit of the latest iPhone can be priced at tens of millions. Since its inception, the iPhone has always been sold at high prices. This makes the iPhone have a trademark as an expensive cellphone that can increase prestige.

Best Easy Ways to Check Original or Fake iPhone

So, because of this, the iPhone is always in demand by many people. In fact, because of the large market demand, fake iPhones are now also circulating. Counterfeit iPhones are supercopy or reconditioned handsets made not by Apple’s official stores.

Supercopy is a copy that is very similar to the original. Meanwhile, a refurbishment is a refurbished or production-failed iPhone that has been re-polished to make it look like new.

At first glance, the appearance of the KW iPhone looks exactly like the original. However, there is always a way to check a genuine iPhone to distinguish it from a fake one.

In general, fake iPhones are sold at a lower price than the original. For example, the iPhone 6s, which was just launched some time ago, sells for Rs. 30,000 – Rs. 500,000 at Apple Authorized Resellers.

However, several KW smartphone-selling sites offer the iPhone 6s at a price of only 3-5 million.

So, don’t be tempted by the low prices offered here, because generally, these are fake or unofficial refurbished iPhones.

Apart from not having a guarantee, this smartphone will also be fast in just a few months.

How to Check Original or Fake iPhone?

So, if you intend to buy an iPhone in the near future, make sure you choose an original iPhone. There are several ways to distinguish a real iPhone from a fake. The following ways can help you to recognize the original iPhone:

1. iPhone Material is Different from Others

iPhone Material is Different from Others

Because the iPhone is marketed for the upper middle class, it is certain that this smartphone from Apple uses premium materials that are not the same as other smartphones. Apart from the iPhone 5c, almost all iPhone devices carry high-quality metal and glass materials.

This type of material will feel very strong and sturdy in the grip of your hand. Well, fake iPhones may use more fragile materials. If you look closely, you can easily see the striking difference between the original and fake iPhone.

2. Only Original iPhones Use Retina Display

Only Original iPhones Use Retina Display

Retina displays are part of Apple products. Of course, other vendors cannot use this technology. Retina display is the technology on the iPhone display screen. This technology was introduced on the iPhone 4. Since then, all iPhone series have used this retina screen.

The display from this retina display is very clear and smooth. The small matrix on the screen will only be visible at close range or with the help of a magnifying glass.

In other words, the retina display makes the iPhone screen have a high resolution. Meanwhile, supercopy or KW iPhones generally have low-resolution screens. So, the pixel matrices will be seen more clearly.

3. iTunes Can Only Detect Original iPhones

iTunes Can Only Detect Original iPhones

One way to check whether an iPhone is real or fake is to connect the cellphone to a computer that has iTunes installed. As we know, iTunes is a mandatory application for adding songs, videos, and other files to the iPhone.

If iTunes can detect the phone you connected, it can be confirmed that it is a real iPhone. On the other hand, if iTunes can’t read the iPhone that you connected to the computer, then you need to suspect that it’s a fake iPhone.

4. Original iPhones Have an App Store

Original iPhones Have an App Store

To test the authenticity of an iPhone, you must open the App Store on the iPhone. If you can find and open the App Store, then you can be sure that the iPhone is genuine. However, if you can’t access it on your iPhone, then you have to be suspicious of its authenticity.

Even worse, if you find the Google Play Store or Windows Phone Store inside, we guarantee that the iPhone is fake. App Store is a trademark of Apple. Of course, the App Store is only available on the original iPhone, iPod or iPad.

5. Screenshot via certain buttons on iPhone

Screenshot via certain buttons on iPhone

On a real iPhone to take a screenshot you just need to press the ‘Home’ and ‘Lock’ buttons simultaneously. Of course, fake iPhones can’t take screenshots in the same way. In this way, you can identify a real or fake iPhone very quickly.

6. The price of a fake iPhone is much cheaper than the original

The price of a fake iPhone is much cheaper than the original

Speaking of prices, who isn’t tempted by the iPhone 6s, which is offered at only 3 million? In fact, many people are willing to buy this latest smartphone from Apple at a price of 7 million.

However, here you should be suspicious if you find a seller offering an iPhone at a very slanted price. Because it could be a KW iPhone, supercopy, or refurbishment.

Today, there are still rogue traders who sell fake iPhones at a price equal to the original iPhone. Well, for this one thing, you need to be careful and alert. Because you need to do the original or fake iPhone check method above.

7. Check your iPhone warranty

Check your iPhone warranty

If you buy an iPhone at Apple’s official store or Apple’s official distributor, then you can be sure that your iPhone warranty is genuine.

You can check the authenticity of the iPhone warranty through Apple’s official website or from the warranty information printed on your cell phone.

However, if you buy an iPhone in a place that is not officially guaranteed, you should ask the seller about the guarantee because apart from the official guarantee, there are also iPhones that are sold with distributor guarantees and shop guarantees.

If the seller still insists that the warranty is genuine, you should check the warranty directly through the cellphone you are going to buy.

8. Check the IMEI similarity on the iPhone system, physical, and box

Check the IMEI similarity on the iPhone system, physical, and box

When you just buy an iPhone, don’t forget to check the similarity of the IMEI found on the system, physical, and box of the iPhone. The characteristics of an original iPhone are of course that all the IMEIs on the system, physical, and box are the same.

How to check whether an iPhone is real or fake via the IMEI number is actually the easiest way. Cancel the purchase if there is a different IMEI number in the 3 parts. Apart from that, you can also check the IMEI via iTunes.

9. No external memory slot

No external memory slot

Have you ever wondered why iPhones always offer such a large internal memory? In fact, recently the iPhone also released a 256GB internal memory variant.

This is a very large storage capacity for a smartphone. Apple deliberately provides a large internal memory capacity because the iPhone is not equipped with an external memory slot.

This is very different from today’s Android smartphones which definitely provide an external memory slot of up to 64GB.

Apple feels that the internal memory provided is sufficient to store various user data. So, if you find an iPhone that has an external memory slot, that means you should be aware that the iPhone is fake.

10. Check the features of the iPhone you want to buy

Check the features of the iPhone you want to buy

All iPhone 5s series and above can be sure that they are equipped with fingerprints. If you buy an iPhone 7 but don’t have a fingerprint feature, it could be that the iPhone you bought is fake. On the other hand, the iPhone is a single SIM cellphone, aka a cellphone that can only use one SIM card.

If you find an iPhone with a dual SIM feature, we can confirm that the iPhone is fake. Especially if the iPhone has strange features that the iPhone doesn’t have, such as Analog TV, etc., then you should not buy the iPhone because the original iPhone may not be accompanied by features like that.

How to check whether an iPhone is real or fake using this method must be done when you are directly holding the iPhone to be checked.

Because there are many fake iPhones on the market, you should be extra careful when you want to buy an iPhone online. The reason is, that when you buy online, you cannot physically check the iPhone.

To be safer, it is highly recommended that you buy an iPhone from an Apple Authorized Reseller in India. Even if you buy at an official Apple store, still check to distinguish between genuine and fake iPhones.

In order not to be easily fooled, you can also see a list of fake iPhone brands currently circulating in this article. Please read the article so you know the brand, characteristics, and various characteristics of the replica iPhone.


There are many ways to check if the iPhone is original or not. You can also distinguish a real or fake iPhone by the iPhone IMEI. Therefore, we strongly recommend that you buy an iPhone offline if you want to check the physical, specifications and materials directly.

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