Best iOS Emulator for Windows PC and MAC (Run iOS Apps)

Best iOS Emulator For Windows PC and MAC in 2020 – There aren’t many iOS emulators available like for Android.

In this article, I will discuss some of these emulators for iOS and see what they bring. But before that, we must understand the meaning of the Emulator world.

Best iOS Emulator for Windows PC and MAC (Run iOS Apps) 2020

What is Emulator?

The emulator is software or software that can be used to copy hardware (hardware) other. This is generally a hardware simulator in software.

The emergence of the emulator can be credited to technology geeks who want to save some old technology.

For example, you can play Nintendo game consoles on your computer. This can be played because of an emulator.

How Does the Emulator Work?

The emulator basically has an application software component and the software runs several separate image files or Apk files.

For example, an android emulator can play “Apk” files. Likewise, the PS2 emulator can play “iso” files. The file system supported by the emulator, therefore, varies according to the system.

What is iOS Emulator?

IOS Emulator is software that allows you to take functionality from iOS software. Windows-based PCs can run iOS software.

There are three types of emulators: iOS emulator for Android which is not possible but for Mac and Windows it is now possible.

This is useful for application developers and people who want to test the Apple App Store or other applications exclusively for iOS.

Besides the iPhone, the iOS emulator can also emulate the iPad and iPod. There is no monopoly in this market because there are many iOS emulators available.

Why Use iOS Emulator?

There are many things you can do with this iOS emulator. For example, not every iPhone application developer has an iOS device, so the iOS emulator can be used by them to test applications for iOS.

Also, the benefit of other uses of such emulators is to play iOS games and applications on your Windows PC.

Pros and Cons of Using an iOS Emulator on a PC or Desktop

Obviously, there are some advantages and disadvantages in the iOS emulator which is suitable for windows pc. So, let’s point out the pros and cons of the iOS emulator.

Benefits of using the iOS emulator on PC

  • Run any application for free
  • Available emulator software can also be accessed for other OSes: macOS, Linux, iOS, Windows.
  • Used for developers and testers for test applications.

Weaknesses behind the iPhone emulator used on PCs

  • Larger apps and games may not support Windows emulators because they require more memory.
  • Windows systems hang or lag behind other software or applications

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List of the Best iOS Emulators

Run your iOS application on PC using software that is compatible with Windows or Mac. Also, test iOS applications in a browser without software installation in one click.

Sl NoiOS EmulatorThe PlatformPrice
1AppetiteBrowser - Windows, Mac, UbuntuFree and Pro
2Electric Mobile StudioWindowsFree and Paid
4Mobione StudiosWindows Based ToolsFree
5SmartfaceOnlineFree and Paid
6iPhone SimulatorWindowsFree
7Xamarin TestflightWindowsFree
8WaveBrowser - Windows or MacFree
9Remove iOS SimulatorWindowsFree
10Nintendo 3D EmulatorNintendoFree
11iPadian iOS EmulatorWindowsFree and Paid
12Air iPhone EmulatorWindowsPremium
14Adobe AIRWindowsFree and Premium

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Best iOS Emulators for Windows PC and MAC

So, without further ado, let’s get into the list of the best iOS Emulators for Windows and Mac, where all the emulators in this list can be downloaded and used freely.


Run native applications in your browser without installing third-party software (what RAM your PC, OS and Installed version are) on your Windows PC running Windows 10 or earlier.

Open a browser, upload your application to your account and set it up quickly on the server-side and test your application remotely.

Live stream, get free customer support and training, a complete hosting solution for New Bee.

Visit Appetize

2. Electric Mobile Studio

Electric Mobile Studio

Find the Best iOS emulator that is compatible with Windows for PC or laptop. Responsive emulator for iPhone, iPad with a small investment ($ 39.99).

After a seven day free trial, you can add costs for your purchase and use. Amazing control, a virtual iOS device opens on your Windows system.

Reliable and easy iPhone / iPad / iPod touch emulator compatible with Windows 10, Windows 8/7.

Download electric cellular studio

3. Mobione Studios

Mobione Studios

Mobione Studio is a tool used to create applications for cross-platform cellular OS (iOS and Android). Let’s install free software on a Windows PC or laptop.

Create and create native applications in HTML 5 including libraries using open source services such as PhoneGap / Cordova and other related frameworks.

Deploy applications directly to mobile applications. Another option is to create mobile applications and websites.

Download Mobione Studio

4. Smartface


Smartface is not another very important tool for testing iOS and cross-platform mobile applications on a Windows PC.

Get amazing tools and infrastructure on your PC or Mac. Manage all your activities from creating, testing, publishing on one platform on the web

Premium packages start at $ 90 and are also available for free.

Download smart face

5. iPhone Simulator

iPhone Simulator

iPhone Simulator is a Windows software platform that runs your iPhone applications like your physical iPhone.

But this orange iPhone emulator is impressive, not iOS users who plan to buy a new iPhone.

First of all, drive and test pre-installed applications such as calculators, clock applications, notepad, and other iOS system preferences.

Great graphics and test applications, unfortunately, you cannot access the App Store application on this iPhone emulator for PC.

Download an iPhone simulator

6. Xamarin Testflight

Xamarin Testflight

iPhone Air is another emulator that helps developers. This PC emulator for iOS requires some technical knowledge.

Use the Microsoft environment to spread your test; TestFlight is owned by Apple and begins beta testing of your application using the TestFlight steps.

Download Xamarin TestFlight

7. Ripple

Ripple ios emulator for pc

Ripple is a lightweight browser extension that allows the HTML5 application to be tested directly on a virtual iOS emulator on a Windows PC. Millions of developers are associated with this testing tool.

Great reviews and a reliable platform for quick review and testing of your application on any desktop OS (Windows, Mac, Ubuntu)

Install the Google Chrome web browser, open this link and install it in your Chrome browser (+ Add to Chrome).

Get Ripple and test your iOS application

8. The Remoted

The Remoted is another iOS simulator that is synchronized to Windows from Visual Studio 2017 or newer.

Test your iOS application with this emulator and debug. More in Settings You can activate Touch ID and more.

Use this guide and launch the iOS emulator on Windows.

Download The Remoted

9. Nintendo 3D Emulator

Nintendo 3D Emulator ios emulator for pc

Install the Nintendo 3D emulator on iOS for your Windows PC. Nintendo 3Ds emulator allows every Nintendo game to be installed on a virtual emulator.

We don’t need Nintendo Switch; This is the best emulator for all 3D games on the iPhone emulator for PC. Play any game without obstacles.

Download Nintendo 3D

10. iPadian iOS Emulator for Windows 10

iPadian iOS Emulator for Windows 10 ios emulator for pc

iPadian is an iOS emulator that emulates the iPad operating system. It runs on Windows XP and above versions of Windows.

There is a launcher display that is similar to iPad and to be honest, this is not an emulator, iPadian is actually an iOS simulator.

It is based on the Adobe Air platform and comes with a default application store that includes applications that can run on Windows.

Therefore, the experience you get is the iOS application. One weakness of this emulator is that it cannot emulate the entire iPad like the Touch Function.

You won’t be able to get the same touch experience as Windows and the iPad’s actual swipe isn’t smooth.

The problem with iPadian is that it is not able to emulate the entire iPad like the Touch function.

You will not experience the same touch interactions when you work with tools in Windows. The swipe function associated with the iPad will not function properly.

Another great thing about this emulator is that you can download the free version. It also provides an App Store and other features.

But there are many applications that are locked and the one that locks is the application itself.

Download iPadian

11. Air iPhone Emulator

Air iPhone Emulator - ios emulator for pc

Air iPhone Emulator is generally used to make a solid iOS emulator. This is a premium program that makes good use of Adobe Air Framework.

This helps to create a GUI from the selected iOS application on your PC. This application is intended for developers.

As a developer, you can easily upload newly developed applications to this software.

You can also easily test functions before uploading. There are a number of features but quite a few things are missing.

That includes applications such as the Safari Browser. The installation process is quite easy, and this is similar to the iPadian emulator.

Download Air iPhone Emulator

12. Adobe AIR

Adobe AIR ios emulator for pc

Best iOS Makeshift Emulator: Adobe AIR for Windows 10

Using the Adobe AIR runtime framework, you can create new instances of the iOS GUI directly on your Windows PC.

Although it is not technically an emulator in the true meaning of this term, this tool allows developers and testers to experience what an application will look and behave like on iOS without actually running it on the operating system.

The hardware replication limit means that you don’t get an apple to apple comparison in terms of the behavior of your application, and what you see on the iPhone AIR may not be exactly like what was rendered or happened on an actual iOS device.

Even so, if you just want to know what something is like on the iPhone, Adobe AIR is a suitable option.

Download Adobe Air


iOS is a very expensive software to use iOS properly, you have to buy one of Apple’s products at a high price, i.e. iPhone or iPad.

Now, not every developer has that kind of money, especially in countries like India.

Therefore, the emulator is a pretty good investment for developers. Even if you are not a developer and only a technician who wants to explore the entire iPhone market, you can do that easily with an emulator.

In addition, various strange games and applications can also try the native iOS application and see the difference with Android.

The iOS emulator is a really cool way to make sure people who don’t have Apple products can also know about their software experience.

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