How to Easily Solve Android Phone Mic Not Working Issue [2023]

Android Phone Mic Not Working – Android phones are composed of several components, both hardware and software components.

Especially for hardware components, each has its own important role so that the Phone can function as it should. The LCD screen, for example, this one component functions to display images so that users can operate the cellphone comfortably.

In addition, there is also a battery whose job is to store power and distribute it to other components that are needed in the cellphone, so that the cellphone can be used comfortably.

How to Easily Solve Android Phone Mic Not Working Issue

The battery itself is like the soul of a cellphone, in which the cellphone cannot be turned on without power distribution from the battery.

Each of these Android Phone hardware components has its own function, if one of the components is damaged it is possible that the Phone’s performance will not be stable.

Even if severe damage is experienced to the main components of the Phone, it is possible that the Phone cannot be used anymore or cannot be turned on.

For example, the battery, as explained earlier, the cellphone cannot be turned on without these components. Damage is indeed often experienced on Android cellphones and this can happen to any brand and type of Android cellphone.

Damage to the Phone components themselves can occur due to many factors, starting from the age factor, user errors in operating the Phone, the Phone being dropped or exposed to water, and many others.

The hardware component on Android cell phones that is quite often damaged is the microphone. This mic or microphone functions as a tool to capture sound from outside.

Mics are usually used when we are on the phone, recording audio, or recording video. Many users equate the function of a microphone with a speaker, even though the two are different components.

The microphone is the input component, while the speaker is the output component. Signs that the microphone has a problem or is damaged are that the voice cannot be heard by the telephone receiver or that no sound can be heard from the voice recording.

So, how do you solve the Android cellphone mic not working? You can see the complete information below!

Causes of Android Phone Microphone Not Working

Before proceeding to how to deal with a Phone microphone error or not working, you should first know what are the factors that cause it.

This step is needed to make it easier for us to fix this problem. There are several reasons why the Android cellphone mic cannot function normally, as follows:

  1. Exposed to Water. It’s possible that your Android cellphone was exposed to water, either by falling into the water or just being splashed with water. The water enters the inside of the cellphone, more precisely the microphone component, causing errors.
  2. Dust or Dirt. Apart from water, other objects such as dust and dirt can cover the microphone hole on an Android cellphone. This is what causes the mic to not be able to capture sound when making a call or record sound, making it appear as if the component is not functioning.
  3. Access Permission on Unactivated Microphone. When running certain applications, suddenly the Phone microphone doesn’t work. Meanwhile, when running other applications, the microphone can actually function. It is possible that this is caused by the microphone access permission in certain applications that you have not activated, so the microphone will not work.
  4. Bugs on Android System. Bugs or errors can indeed occur on the Android system. Because of this, vendors often provide the latest Android OS updates on their cell phones. This bug in the Android system can affect Phone functions, including the microphone function.
  5. Running Applications. There are times when certain applications on Android phones run in the background and disable the function of the microphone. This could happen because each function of the application is different.
  6. Broken Microphone. Not just the microphone, but all hardware components on the cellphone can be damaged, making it unable to function perfectly. This damage could be due to age, dropping the cell phone, short circuits, and so on.

It is important to know some of the causes above so that it is easier for you to make repairs. In addition, this method can also be used as a step to prevent the same problem from happening again in the future.

How to Overcome Android Phone Mic Not Working

How to Overcome Android Phone Mic Not Working

Now move on to the easiest and most effective way to fix an Android cellphone mic that isn’t working. This method is of course very easy to apply, even for those of you who are still beginners. The complete steps to overcome a cell phone microphone not working are as follows:

1. Restart your Android cellphone

The first way to fix mic problems on an Android cellphone that has an error is to restart it. This method will restart the cellphone and solve various minor error problems that occur on it, including the microphone not being able to capture and record sound.

Apart from that, restarting your Android cellphone will also delete all junk files stored in RAM. This will have an impact on cellphone performance, which will be faster and more responsive.

2. Clean the microphone hole

The microphone on a cell phone is usually located at the top of the screen, there are small holes for protection. The cover holes are often covered with dirt or dust. This of course will interfere with the function of the microphone so that it cannot capture sound properly.

For this, you need to clean the dust or dirt covering the small holes in the cellphone microphone. Use a mushroom or similar pointed object to remove dust and dirt. Or, more practically, use a mini vacuum cleaner which is usually used to clean laptop keyboards.

3. Dry the cellphone

If the cellphone mic cannot record sound because it has fallen into water or been splashed with water, the right solution to overcome this is to dry it.

Not by drying it or using a hairdryer, but by burying the cell phone in the rice. Make sure you have turned off the cell phone and opened the battery so that it is more optimal.

Apart from rice, another solution for removing water from your cell phone is using silica gel. Put the Phone and silica gel in a closed container and leave for 1 to 2 days.

4. Activate Microphone Access Permission

This fourth method can be applied if the non-functioning microphone occurs when you run certain applications. For example, you are using WhatsApp and right now you want to send a voice message or make a call.

You should first check whether microphone access permission has been granted to the WhatsApp application or not. To check it, you can follow the steps below:

  1. Press and hold on to the app icon (for example the WhatsApp app).
  2. Then select the Application Info option.
  3. Then go to the Permissions option.
  4. In the Microphone or Microphone access permission section, make sure you activate it by sliding the slider button to the right.
  5. Finished.

5. Uninstall Specific Apps

As explained above, one of the causes of the Android Phone mic not working is that it is blocked by certain applications running in the background. You should look for the application that is blocking it, then uninstall or uninstall it.

6. Perform a factory reset on your Android cellphone

Android cellphone microphones that experience errors can also be caused by bugs in the Android system. To overcome this problem, you can do a factory reset or reset to factory data.

The risk is that all data stored in the Phone’s internal memory will be permanently deleted. For this reason, if there is important data in it, you should back up the data first.

For the steps to do a factory reset of the Android cellphone, you can go to the Settings menu >> Additional Settings >> Backup and Reset >> Reset to Factory Settings >> Reset All Data.

7. Replace the cellphone microphone

The last way that can be done if the Phone microphone still doesn’t work is to replace the mic component. It’s possible that the mic component is damaged and needs to be replaced with a new one.

If you don’t understand how to replace a new microphone on an Android cellphone, then you can leave it to a Phone service expert.


Those are some ways to deal with an Android cellphone mic not working and the causes that you must know. Don’t forget to share this information on your personal social media account.

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