What is the Advantages and Disadvantages of Using Internet?


10 Benefits and 10 Losses of the Internet

Almost all of us every day are connected with the name of the internet. The internet is all networks that are connected using the global standard system of Transmission Control Protocol / Internet Protocol Suite (TCP / IP) as a packet exchange protocol for all users. It’s complicated, right? In essence, the Internet is a connecting device between networks. This internet technology can make it easier for people to do their jobs to be more efficient. But, the internet has a bad impact, guys … Want to know more? here are the following 5 advantages and 5 internet disadvantages:

10 Internet Advantages:

  1. Fast Communication

What is the Advantages and Disadvantages of Using Internet?

            What is mean by fast communication is that we can communicate as needed with other people even though the distance is far away. Now there are many who support to communicate via the internet such as messenger, video call, voice call and many more. With this, we feel close to people who are far away and make global friendships where we can explore other cultures easily

  1. Entertainment

            The internet can fill our free time. The entertainment facilities in question are for example Online Games and also a collection of humor that is on YouTube or other web sites.

  1. Information Source

What is the Advantages and Disadvantages of Using Internet?What is the Advantages and Disadvantages of Using Internet?

            Information provided by the internet can be easily accessed anywhere and anytime. For example, we are looking for a task we are just looking for in “Mbah gugel” (said J person ), just type the keyword and continue copying, so … Information provided varies such as buying and selling goods, finance, new ideas that are more trends and there are still many others.

  1. Online services

            The internet can also be used for online transactions. We can all book movie and hotel tickets, transfer money, pay bills, tax even online cash games can be done only in a fast time via the internet.


            E-commerce is used as a bid for maneuvering or commercial business that involves transferring the entire world via the internet. This allows the sale and purchase of goods and also auction items online very easily.

6.More Hitz

            With the Internet, we can become increasingly popular guys. By means of easily sharing comments and likes …

  1. GPS

What is the Advantages and Disadvantages of Using Internet?

            We can easily explore the existing area so that the goals we achieve are more easily achieved without being confused anymore.

  1. Quick Count

            In the general election, we must be impatient where the candidates will be elected right? … with internet facilities, we can predict which candidate will win through online input quickly guys.

  1. Send internet mail (e-mail)

What is the Advantages and Disadvantages of Using Internet?

             With e-mail facilities, we can send messages to various places wherever we are wherever the destination is. The e-mail facility can also allow us to log in to the desired content.

  1. Download & Upload

             With the internet, the works we create (existing content) can be upload to the existing web or we can upload content from the web, guys …

 The positive thing is that now it’s a negative check …

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10 Internet Disadvantages:

  1. Information theft

            The internet used in transactions and social networks or other needs is at high risk of theft of personal info such as names, addresses, credit card numbers, and others. We recommend that we be careful with this guys, don’t forget to remember the password every time we make a transaction and make sure the transaction link is reliable and protect the accounts with the best protection (Password, Security access) so you don’t miss it.

  1. Virus

            Virus attacks certainly make us nervous … Be careful about links that are less convincing because maybe a virus program can infect the device that we have. Internet-connected computers are very vulnerable to viruses. You better guys, install an adequate antivirus to avoid unwanted viruses.


What is the Advantages and Disadvantages of Using Internet?

            This is the hardest problem on the internet. The internet provides millions of pornographic images and videos with unlimited access with a vast network. In fact, not infrequently suddenly appear inappropriate ads suddenly appear without us clicking on the link. This damages the mentality of people who access it, especially teenagers, making personalities and traits of individuals worse. Strengthen your faith guys …

  1. Culture is not good

            New styles/trends always appear in every era and are increasingly popular with the internet. But a negative trend also enters and breaks down the cultural values of the State of Indonesia.   We recommend that trends that enter our country be treated so as not to fall into negative things.

  1. Asocial attitudes arise

            As previously discussed, we feel like we are close to people who are far away from the internet, but with the internet, we also keep the close ones away. As a result, we become apathetic towards the environment because it is too cool to surf the internet. Then you should use the internet just enough.

  1. The occurrence of disputes between social media

             This problem usually starts when someone comments on a post negatively and then respond to each other. This dress is inevitable even often it ends in the law. Not only the cloud but among celebrities often fight on social media. Be wise to take decisions okay …

  1. Wasting time

What is the Advantages and Disadvantages of Using Internet?

            With the internet being accessible at any time, we tend to use most of our activities just to tamper with the internet. As a result, the time we can do more important work is wasted only on the internet. The key to this problem is actually just don’t forget the time.

  1. Online gambling (Net Gaming)

            Gambling via the internet can now be done easily because it is consider faster.   This makes the players try anything to be able to gamble until they are often entangled in debt problems, Concerning …

  1. Abduction

            Not a few victims who were trapped in fraud cases especially with the mode of wanting to get acquainted directly after being acquainted with social media. We recommend that you put yourself in the media social well to avoid this case…

  1. Dark market online

            Online black markets are usually visited by many users to get free content both free of charge even though illegal content is good software, rare items,   music, movies, and others. Not infrequently there are viruses that are implanted in content on black markets and are essential items that change hands irresponsibly are widespread on the black market. Be careful about choosing content, guys …

Well, I already understand the positive and negative internet, guys … Just be smart, we process the Internet properly for needs as needed. Up here, first, post this time. Sorry if there is a typo and something that is not right, advice and input is accepted anyway.

Good Luck – Be Wise


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