How to Fix Windows 10 Start Menu Cannot Be Clicked


How to Fix Windows 10 Star Menu Cannot Be Clicked –  This is because there is an automatic update that is rolled out by Microsoft not properly installed on our computer or a problematic update that causes the Start Menu in Windows 10 to not open when clicked.

Not only does it not respond to what we click on the start menu, the taskbar and notifications also don’t respond when clicked. This incident not only happened to my laptop but it has become a global problem, indeed not all computers.

To overcome this problem, there are many ways to fix it because the error rate of each computer is different.

Here are some ways that might be appropriate to overcome the problem of starting the Windows 10 menu cannot be clicked.

Windows 10 Start Menu Cannot Be Clicked

Here Are Some Ways to Overcome the Windows 10 Start Menu Cannot Be Clicked

Please try some of the solutions below that match the problems on your computer, because each computer is not the same problem.

1. Check and Repair Corrupt Windows Files

Before going further on how to fix the problem in Windows 10, it is better to first check if there are files in Windows 10 that are damaged, if there are, this method will automatically repair the damaged files. Here’s how:
# Open the Task Manager
To open the task manager there are 2 ways, namely:
  • Press on the keyboard CTRL + ALT + DEL or,
  • Right-click on the taskbar then select Task Manager
# Run Run New Task
To run the run new task, please look at the file menu then select Run new task
# PowerShell Type
Fill in the blank box by typing PowerShell and don’t forget to check to Create this task with administrative privileges then press OK
# Run the System File Checker
Type sfc / scan now on the PowerShell wall and press ENTER, to run the command file system checker takes a few moments to complete. If there is a corrupt file and the system checker fixes it immediately, there will be no file error on the PowerShell wall.
Run the System File Checker
If there is a corrupt file, but the file system checker cannot fix it, then you can be sure your computer is having a problem.
Calm down, if there really is a corrupt file and cannot be repaired automatically by the file checker system then you can just type this command on the PowerShell wall:
Note:- DISM / Online / Cleanup-Image / RestoreHealth
The above command of course also requires a considerable amount of time (just be patient, wait until it’s finished) this command will certainly download from the windows update file to replace corrupt files automatically.

2. Reinstall Windows App

It may be that the applications that are already on Windows 10 are not installed properly, causing an error on the Windows 10 start menu, this is related to the transition of the start menu in Windows 8, which is the ” Metro ” style and now changes to ” Modern ” on Windows 10.
Of course, executing the reinstall windows app command will not remove the document files that you store on your computer and even applications other than the default Windows will not be deleted. This command only installs the default Windows application.
To run the reinstall windows app command, please follow the method below:
# Open Task Manager then run a new task
Type PowerShell and check to Create this task with administrative privileges, Press OK
# Copy the code below and paste it into the PowerShell wall
Note:- Get-AppXPackage -AllUsers | Foreach {Add-AppxPackage -DisableDevelopmentMode -Register “$ ($ _. InstallLocation) \ AppXManifest.xml”}

Wait until the reinstall process is complete, if it’s finished, immediately restart the computer and try clicking the start menu. Usually, at this stage, the problem can be resolved, can’t click on the start menu on Windows 10.

But if you can’t already follow the next method below:

3. Run Windows 10 Update Assistant

To run Windows 10 update assistant, try to be sure that Windows 10 has been updated or the last update. If you have, download Windows 10 assistant updates directly from Microsoft’s official website.

Open the file that was downloaded and then runs it. Wait until the download and installation process is complete, it usually takes a long time.

Windows 10 assistant update

So that the download and installation process is completed quickly there are several things that must be prepared, namely:

  • Set up empty space on your c drive at least 8 GB
  • Make sure your internet connection is not slow to finish quickly.


Usually, after doing the windows update to the latest version, the start menu problem cannot be clicked already resolved properly.

If the above method still does not solve the start menu problem it cannot be clicked, follow the method below:

4. Using Help Software

This method is the last way if the methods 1 to 3 above have not yet solved the start menu problem cannot be clicked. I myself, when I encountered this problem, I only used method number 3, which was returned to the original start menu.

But if method 1 – 3 above has not solved your problem, I will give 2 more solutions using help software, namely:

    • Use the Start Menu Troubleshooter

Use the software that Microsoft has provided for free to repair the start menu that doesn’t work. To get this software, please click Microsoft to download the software. Run the start menu application that was downloaded and just follows what is on the screen.Start Menu Troubleshooter

    • Using Tweaking Windows Repair

How to use windows repair tweaking software is not too difficult, we just click “start repair” and let the process run and usually, the start menu problem cannot be clicked will immediately return to normal. to get this software please click the windows repair tweaking link. Just do the install and next-next until finished, then click “start repair”.

windows repair tweaking

5. Reinstall Windows 10

This method is the most dead end, which when it’s really difficult to overcome it. Reinstalling is indeed the most effective way and does not take up a lot of your time.
That’s how to fix the Windows 10 start menu cannot be clicked, hopefully, the above solutions can solve your problem.

Maybe useful.


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