How to Deal with Wi-Fi Not Turning on Android Phone [2023]

Wi-Fi Not Turning on Android – The need for the internet is increasing in today’s digital era. The internet has emerged to facilitate various daily activities of users, whether in terms of work, searching for information, teaching and learning activities, or just for entertainment.

The internet itself can be accessed easily via various types of devices, one of which is an Android smartphone. This device really needs an internet connection, because almost all activities on it definitely use that internet connection.

When it comes to accessing the internet on an Android smartphone, one thing you can do is connect it to a WiFi network.

How to Deal with Wi-Fi Not Turning on Android Phone

All types and types of smartphones must be equipped with this Wi-Fi feature, whether they are new or old smartphones.

Different from using cellular data, users need to connect their cellphones to a WiFi network by entering the SSID and password.

However, there are several types of WiFi networks that are free to access even without entering a password.

Talking about WiFi networks for Android smartphones, sometimes cell phones experience error problems when connecting.

One problem that users often experience is that the Wi-Fi feature on their cell phones cannot be turned on. I have pressed the Wi-Fi button via the status bar, but the Wi-Fi network on the cellphone is still OFF or dead.

So, how do you solve the problem of WiFi not being ON on the Android cellphone? You can see the complete information below!

Reasons Why Wi-Fi Can’t Be Turned ON on an Android

Reasons Why Wi-Fi Can't Be Turned ON on an Android

Before moving on to how to solve the problem of WiFi not turning on, you should first know what is causing it.

There are several factors that prevent the WiFi network on an Android cellphone from being turned on. Knowing some of the causes will certainly make it easier for you to overcome them.

There are several reasons why WiFi won’t turn on on an Android cellphone in full, as follows:

  • The Android system has a bug or error so it cannot carry out its network functions.
  • The cellphone is overheating or the temperature is too high.
  • The effects of certain applications.
  • Android cellphone rooting activity.
  • Viruses or malware that attack the Android system.
  • Damage to cellphone components related to the network.
  • Problematic wifi router.

How to Fix Wi-Fi Not Turning on Android Phone

After knowing some of the causes above, now move on to how to deal with an Android cellphone that can’t connect to WiFi.

As for how to overcome WiFi not being ON on the Android smartphone, including:

1. Activate Airplane Mode on your Android cellphone

The first way to overcome WiFi not being able to be turned on on an Android cellphone is to activate Airplane Mode.

You can swipe the screen from top to bottom to bring up the status bar. Then click on the Airplane Mode icon to activate it.

If it is active, now you deactivate or turn off Airplane Mode again in the same way, namely by pressing the icon via the status bar.

This method will restart the network on the Android cellphone. After successfully turning it off, now try turning on the WiFi network again.

Usually, the wifi on the cellphone will return to normal and can be turned on as usual.

2. Restart the Android cellphone

Apart from the method above, another alternative to overcome the problem of WiFi not turning on on Android, namely by restarting or restarting the cellphone.

This method is also claimed to be effective for solving problems with the WiFi network on the cellphone. After the cell phone turns back on, you can turn on the WiFi network.

This method can not only solve error problems on the WiFi network on your cellphone but also various other types of minor errors.

Apart from that, restarting your cellphone will also speed up its performance so that it is more responsive when given commands.

3. Turn off the cell phone and remove the external components

If the method above is still not effective in dealing with WiFi that can’t be turned on, then you can try applying this method.

You need to turn off your Android cellphone and leave it for a while until the temperature returns to stable and normal.

Not only turning off the cellphone, you also need to remove several external components such as the SIM card, SD card, and also the battery (especially for cellphones with removable batteries).

Rest your cell phone for a while, around 30 minutes to 1 hour. If so, you can reinstall some of the external components that were removed earlier. Then turn on the WiFi network again, usually it will return to normal as before.

4. Try turning on WiFi via settings

The Wi-Fi network not being ON occurs when the user turns it on via the status bar. As an alternative, you can try turning on the WiFi network via the Settings menu.

Usually, this method is effective enough to overcome WiFi that cannot be turned on, where the status remains OFF.

For the steps to turn on WiFi on your cellphone via the Settings menu, namely:

  1. First, you open the Settings menu on your Android cellphone.
  2. Then go to Connection options.
  3. Next, select the Wifi option.
  4. Now you turn on the WiFi network on your cellphone by moving the slider button until it becomes ON or Active.
  5. Finished.

5. Unroot your Android cellphone

Does the WiFi not turn on after rooting the Android cellphone? If true, this could be an effect of this activity.

Rooting an Android cellphone will make the security system vulnerable to viruses, malware, and hackers. It is possible that viruses and malware have entered the system and caused the WiFi not to be ON problem.

The solution, you unroot your Android cellphone so that it returns to normal. To unroot an Android cellphone, you can use the rooting application that was previously used.

Usually, there is also a feature to unroot the cellphone. If not, you can use an Android cellphone unroot application called SuperSu.

6. Delete Suspected Apps

Have you ever installed an application from outside the Google Play store on Android? It could be that this application is the cause of the WiFi network error on your cellphone.

Especially if the application installed is a modified application or a MOD application. What’s more, this application requires root access, which requires you to root your Android cellphone.

If this is true, you have to delete or uninstall this kind of application. The method is to simply press and hold the icon of the application you want to delete, then select Uninstall or Uninstall.

You can also uninstall the application via the Settings >> Applications menu >> click on the application you want to delete >> Uninstall.

7. Reset your Android cellphone

The final method that you can use to solve the problem of the WiFi network on your cellphone not being able to turn on is resetting it. It is possible that the WiFi cannot be turned on due to an error in the Android system.

Performing a reset will return the cellphone to its original factory settings, so all error problems will be resolved.

One way to reset your Android cellphone is via the Settings menu. Here are the steps, namely:

  1. Open the Settings menu on your cellphone.
  2. Go to the General Management option.
  3. Then click on the Reset option.
  4. And finally, click Factory Data Reset.
  5. Finished.

Apart from the methods above, it is also possible that WiFi cannot be turned on on your cellphone because you are using a custom ROM.

For this problem, you need to flash your Android cellphone to normalize it. It could also be due to damage to the network components on the cellphone, so it needs to be disassembled and replaced.


Those are some easy and effective ways to overcome WiFi not turning on on an Android cellphone. Don’t forget to share this information on your personal social media account.

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