Why Vingo App for iOS Better than Ever


Indoor exercises have gotten so much better with the virtual reality app called Vingo. The app is being used by millions of iPhone users worldwide and it is transforming the way they work-out every day. For those of you who are new to this app, here are some features about it that will make you want it right now.

Why Vingo App for iOS Better than Ever

Virtual Reality At its Best

The app uses virtual reality combined with a great user interface to give you an immersive outdoor experience while you exercise. You can connect the app with your treadmill or exercise bike and place the screen before you while you start running/cycling. You will notice the sceneries in the app flow by as you work-out on your equipment. This mental stimulation will give you an outdoor sensation, thereby taking out boredom from the routine.

Uses High-Tech Sensors to Monitor Your Movements

The Vingo app is enabled with ANT+ sensors, the latest in connectivity tech. These sensors will monitor the speed on your equipment and transmit them to the screen. It will also monitor your pace, resistance settings, inclination settings, etc., and use them to give you a realistic outdoor feeling.

Also, using these sensors, you can connect multiple devices with your iPhone/iPad while you exercise. That is, you can connect your Airpods with your iPhone and listen to great music while you run on your treadmill.

Readily Available in App Store

The app is always available in Apple’s App Store. Earlier, the app was available only for Windows users. But due to growing demands from Apple users around the world, the developers have created an Apple specific version of the app that is compatible with all iPhone versions, iPads and even MacBooks. This means you can install the app on any of your apple devices and use it across all of them at the same time. The advantage of using the app on an Apple device is that the devices provide a strong base for the app to perform well. The processors used by the Apple products will match with the app’s performance and give you a seamless experience while you are using it.

The App Comes with an Updated UI

The app underwent serious upgrades in the past few months. And just like your iPhone, these updates are focussed towards improving the performance of the app. The latest version of the app has several intuitive features included in it. They are all programmed to give you a high-quality time while you are inside the app.

A Truly Multifunctional App For Exercise

Like we said before, you can use it as an app for running routes with your treadmill, or you can use it as a virtual cycling app with your training bike. it is all up to you. Either way, you are going to get fit in the easiest way possible. So, if you are an iOS fan, install the app on your Apple device and get started. Your fun filled fitness journey awaits you.


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