Why Front-End Development Is So Important for Business Success


Businesses are ready to invest in developing their online platforms and receive a working service that will attract users. How do front-enders correlate with the requirement? Is it so important today for a company to hire these specialists?

The “front end” refers to all the elements visible and accessible directly on a website. Of course, web applications or mobile web applications also count. Besides, the opposite by definition is the “back-end.” It means all the invisible parts of the design of a website, such as databases. However, to carry out a web project, the concepts of front-end and back-end will be perfectly complementary. Thus, businesses planning to build the virtual platform interface should hire a front-end developer and a front-ender or a full-stacker (all-in-one professional).

Why Front-End Development Is So Important for Business Success

Front-Enders: Their Missions

In developing a digital product, there is always a part visible to the user and another they do not see (server, database). The front-ender intervenes on the visible part — user interface, which is the aesthetic tip of the iceberg. So what are the tasks lying in front of such a professional?

  • Establish the specifications of the visible elements. The first step for the front-ender is to establish specifications for all visual aspects of the web interface. They can range from the header to the action button, including animations and the menu. It is detailed work that requires rigor and is an essential part of the small business web design services
  • Design and develop these elements. Once these specialists have validated the list of all the visible  interface features, front-enders are responsible for bringing them “to life.” Even during the design stage, developers keep in mind the user’s navigation. What will users will see, and which elements will serve as their guides? Therefore, the entire interface should be logical, fluid, and accessible. 
  • Integrate the models. After developing the previous design, you have to integrate these mock-ups to create the site visitors’ interface. This task is the central role of the front-ender. Performing it requires using the appropriate development languages ​​like JavaScript, CSS, or HTML. This step, therefore, gives life to the models. 
  • Maintain and develop the interface. The front-ender is not only responsible for thinking and integrating visible elements. As in any virtual environment, some technical difficulties can arise.  The business team should quickly resolve them. In addition, they should eliminate bugs. Thinking about the changes required to fine-tune the interface and maintain a fluid, accessible and functional interface is also vital.

Why Front-End Development Is So Important for Business Success

Front End: Specifications to Master for the Web Project Manager

Creating models and then web programming to implement them into a site related to the client’s needs is vital. Startups should know that the position of a web developer can be practiced as a freelance or within an agency. You shouldn’t be scared to hire young specialists. Acquiring skills can also happen through advanced training as a web programmer. However, many professionals started from self-teaching.

The developer’s role is vital in project management because they concretize all the solutions to meet the users’ needs. Their work perfectly correlates with that of back-enders. Working as an integrated team is essential for a complete, relevant, and functional project realization.


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