How to Fix Whatsapp Cannot Share Location Error [2023]

Hello friends, Whatsapp is an application that is very popular among the public. Even at this time, almost all people use WhatsApp as their main means of communication.

This is because the features possessed by WhatsApp are very complete and make it easy for users to communicate remotely quickly and inexpensively.

Apart from being used to send text messages, it turns out that you can also send voice messages, pictures, and even videos, create a status, make voice/video calls, join a group, and send the current location or share location.

How to Fix Whatsapp Cannot Share Location Error

With the share loc feature, users can share their current location with other users.

Causes of the WhatsApp Share Location Error

The WhatsApp Share Location feature with an error can occur due to a location access permission problem on your cellphone.

Or maybe you don’t provide several permission options on the WhatsApp application so some functions become unusable.

Usually, access permission requests appear the first time you use the WhatsApp feature. For example, when using Share Location, WhatsApp will display a notification

“Are you going to give location permission for WhatsApp” If you refuse it, naturally the feature won’t work?

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How to Fix Whatsapp Cannot Share Location Error

The share loc feature owned by WhatsApp is arguably a very useful feature for its users. With share loc, WhatsApp users can accurately tell their position to other users and you can also find out someone’s position if they share their share loc with you.

Share loc on Whatsapp is usually used when waiting for someone somewhere or on a trip. When you are waiting for people, other people will easily find your position by seeing your location on share loc. When on a trip, others can tell you have arrived a long time ago.

From the explanation above, it can be concluded that sharing location is a very important feature for WhatsApp users, but when using it, sometimes there are problems where you cannot share loc on WhatsApp.

Are you currently on WhatsApp, you can’t share your location. If yes then you don’t need to worry. Because on this occasion I will provide a tutorial on how to deal with not being able to share loc on WhatsApp. Please follow my tutorial below:

1. Make Sure Your Cellphone has a GPS Feature

In order to be used, the share loc feature on WhatsApp requires an active GPS to know your current position. Without GPS, the share location feature cannot be used. Therefore, the first step you have to take is to make sure that your cellphone has a GPS feature.

2. Make Sure Your GPS is Activated

If your cellphone already has GPS, but your WhatsApp still can’t share location, then the next step you have to take is to make sure that the GPS on your cellphone is activated.

This must be done because in order to share loc WhatsApp will retrieve data from your GPS to find out your position accurately.

3. Give WhatsApp Permission to Access the Location

In order to be used, the share location feature on WhatsApp requires permission from your cellphone system. This permission is permission to access your cellphone location according to what is provided by the network.

When permission is not granted, WhatsApp cannot find out your location so the share loc feature cannot be used.

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4. Update the WhatsApp Application

Share loc is one of the features in WhatsApp, in order to use the share loc feature, you have to use the WhatsApp version which already has the share loc feature in it. If your WhatsApp application currently doesn’t have the Share Loc feature, then you must first update it through the Playstore or Appstore.

5. Clear WhatsApp Application Data and Cache

An application installed on a cellphone must have data and cache files stored in your cellphone’s storage memory. The more often an application is used, the larger the data and cache size of the application.

If the file size is too large, the application will be heavy and will not run optimally. So, please clear the WhatsApp application data and cache regularly.

Clear WhatsApp Application Data and Cache

6. Force Stop WhatsApp Application

Errors that occur in the WhatsApp application, such as not being able to share loc, can be caused by an application that doesn’t open properly.

To overcome this, you must close the WhatsApp application from your cellphone system. The trick, please enter the WhatsApp application settings then click force stop.

7. Reinstall the WhatsApp Application

If after doing the above WhatsApp method you still can’t do Share Loc, it could be that the cause of the problem is a bug or error in the WhatsApp application installed on your cellphone.

It could be that the WhatsApp application that you have is corrupt. Therefore, please try to reinstall the WhatsApp application on your cellphone.

8. Make Sure the Internet Connection is Fast and Stable

In order for the share loc WhatsApp feature to run smoothly, you have to make sure that the internet connection you are using is fast and stable.

Because share loc requires the network to be able to know your position accurately. The faster the internet connection you use, the higher the share loc accuracy.

9. Make Sure Your Cellphone has Google Maps Installed

Another way that you can use to overcome not being able to share location on WhatsApp is to install the Google Maps application on your cellphone.

Even though Google Maps and Whatsapp are two different applications. However, these two applications are mutually sustainable. So please install the latest version of the Google Maps application on your cellphone.

10. Restart Your Cellphone First

The last way you can do to solve the problem of WhatsApp not being able to share loc is by restarting your cellphone first. It could be that the problem is due to an error in your phone system.

Dealing with errors on your HP system is very easy. You only need to temporarily turn off the HP or restart the HP.


Yes, that’s more or less the way to deal with not being able to share loc on WhatsApp. Can’t share loc on WhatsApp is a very annoying thing. Especially if you really need this feature, such as when you are on a long trip or waiting for someone somewhere.

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