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With the rampant use of social media for virtually everything these days, it is not surprising that video content is vital to flourishing as a business. The content marketing world has levelled the playing field for businesses of all types and sizes, which was not the case back in the day of traditional marketing.

If you are a brand and want to make waves in the digital world, you need to apply the concept of video selling.

Why do you need a video content marketing strategy to grow as a business?

Having a video marketing strategy for your business is crucial for the following reasons:

  • Videos are easy to consume and retain
  • Videos help you build trust and a relationship with the viewer
  • Videos work well for Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Videos are perfect for mobile users
  • Videos allow you to increase your social shares
  • Videos make it easy to convey your message

Ideas for video content that you can start with

At this point, you know the value of good video content. But, you are struggling to start from scratch. If you are lost and want to get going, here are a few ideas you can start with:

  • Product review videos
  • Product unboxing videos
  • Interview videos
  • Entertainment videos
  • Product demonstration videos
  • Tutorial videos
  • Live streams
  • Online gaming videos
  • Movie review videos
  • ‘How To…’ Videos

Ideas for video content that you can start with

Tips and tricks you can use to optimize your video marketing strategy

You need to create excellent videos and market them correctly to get the mileage you want. If you want to boost your brand awareness, generate leads, and increase your conversion rates, it will not hurt to keep the following things in mind:

  • Start with narrowing down on a niche before you do anything else. Until you pick a niche, you will not be able to identify your target audience and will end up creating content that does not benefit anybody. Select your niche, identify your audience, and consistently create content for your audience.
  • Once you are clear with your niche and audience, you need to dedicate adequate time and effort to research. Researching your content before putting it together and posting it is vitally important. The more research you do, the more likely you boost your credibility. Use as many references as you can while drafting your content.
  • Once you start getting results, analyze them and pay close attention to the videos that get the most engagement and find out what your audience connects with the most. After you find out what works best, use that formula for your other videos. Be sure to use tools like YouTube analytics and of course, your audience’s feedback to improve your content.
  • Additionally, you want to constantly reinvent your content to fill in the ‘content gaps,’ in the business. These gaps refer to elements that you do not find in videos or brands on the market, that you can contribute. To be effective, you need to be on the lookout for what people want and strive to deliver the most effective solutions. Doing so can help grow your audience exponentially in due time.

What should you keep in mind for video creation?

Mentioned above are some of the most effective tips for video marketing that can incorporate into your video marketing strategy immediately. However, if you haven’t started making videos yet, keep the following tips in mind:

  • Do not skimp out on equipment. While you do not need the best equipment to shoot high-quality videos, you do have to get yourself an excellent camera or a smartphone that has one. Also, remember to capture your videos in landscape mode and not portrait, and avoid using digital zoom unless necessary. Instead, you will want to position yourself closer to the subject to take the shot.
  • You also want to make sure you do not have shaky footage. Buying a gimbal will help you steady your smartphone or camera, making it easy for you to shoot excellent footage with minimal shakiness. If you want to build your brand through video content, make sure you purchase a gimbal and a tripod.
  • When you start shooting, take lighting into account. Ideally, you should use only natural light for all your filming. However, that may not always be possible. If you are shooting outside, try to film at the right time of the day to get as much natural light as possible. However, if you have an indoor shoot planned, you may need to use a lighting kit. If you have the budget, buy one or create one yourself.
  • Using excellent audio equipment is another vital part of professional video creation. High-quality audio is just as important as high-quality video. You could use your smartphone to record the audio as you shoot. However, you are much better off with an external mic to capture the best audio possible. Make sure you conduct a mic test before you record.
  • Finally, you need to get yourself a video editor that you can use. You can edit and make an excellent video with a relatively easy-to-use video editor like Filmora. However, consider going for something like Adobe Premiere Pro if you want a more powerful editor. Before you edit, trim the extra footage and name each track. Keep the best takes on your timeline and work on those. Avoid using too many effects. Instead, pick two or three that work for the video in question and stick to those.


There you have it – easy tips that newbie video creators can follow to create fantastic video content. Follow these tips to create and market your videos, and you should see your traffic go up sooner or later.


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