Best uTorrent Alternatives Sites for Download Torrent


The Most Popular and Best Free uTorrent Alternatives Sites Available in the Internet

For those of you who are often in cyberspace and are twisting with download activities, you must have known or even used torrent files.

Some people prefer to download files whether it’s ISO, software or anything using a torrent rather than the original source because it is faster and more effective.

Sometimes the server from the original source file is slow so the download speed cannot be maximized. Whereas if using a torrent, the more seeder the download speed can be maximum.

uTorrent Alternatives Sites for Download Torrent

To download a torrent, you need a torrent client like uTorrent, BitTorrent, or so on. For uTorrent you might be familiar, many people already know this software.

Unfortunately, this one torrent client software is no longer like it used to be.

Now uTorrent has been purchased by BitTorrent Inc., has lots of junkware and advertisements to their advantage.

If you are not careful when installing it, you will get a lot of junkware that makes your computer slow.

Best uTorrent Alternatives for Download Torrent [2021]

Here is TechTanker, share the 5 best applications for downloading uTorrent alternatives torrent.

1. Vuze


One torrent client software that has been around for a long time with uTorrent, the previous Vuze has a beautiful GUI.

Like other torrent client software, Vuze supports all types of torrent and has several additional features.

In addition, he also features categories such as news, music, video, tv shows, movies, and sports.

It even has a game category that you can download and there is also a search feature for torrent searches.

Searching for torrents using Vuze is much easier than others because this application has its own default browser for finding torrents based on Bing or metasearch from torrent sites.

Metasearch is a distinct advantage of this application, although it is slow when used.

It is only part of the free features of Vaze, other features such as playback for video and music, iTunes converter, DVD burner, and so on will definitely make you interested.

One thing you need to know, Vuze has three versions of the torrent client software. The leap which only has features for downloading a torrent, playback, and no ads, Vaze which has a full-featured torrent accompanied by remote control, burning and having ads and finally Vaze + a paid application with features similar to Vaze but has an antivirus.

Just like most applications, you have to be careful when installing Vaze, because there must be junkware, choose a custom installation during the installation process.

Visit Vuze

2. Tixati


If you don’t need a lot of features and just download torrents, maybe you can try using the Tixati torrent client software.

Most importantly, Tixiati does not have spyware, adware, and anything that benefits the creator.

Dedicate themselves to users who want to enjoy torrent client software without any benefits. It is suitable for those of you who are often stunted by advertisements in uTorrent.

Tixiati is available for Windows and Linux. It has a simple and easy-to-use display and uses an algorithm that can speed up torrent downloads.

Supports magnetic links, DHT and PEX. Easy installation, you don’t need to install java or .NET. There is also a bandwidth regulator so that your internet speed can be shared equally for other things.

Visit Tixati

3. Deluge

Deluge utorrent

Deluge is an open-source torrent client software, cross-platform for Windows, Linux, and Mac OS X.

Its function is also a basic function of torrent client software, supports BitTorrent encryption, DHT, peer exchange, magnetic URLs, UPnP, RSS, bandwidth scheduling, per-torrent speed limits, and much more.

The interface is very similar to uTorrent, for those of you who are familiar with uTorrent it will be very easy to use this software.

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Besides having a standard feature for using torrent downloads, it also has integrated search and remote management. Even though it has remote capabilities, it requires a little special expertise with the command line.

4. Transmission-Qt Win

Transmission-Qt Win

For Mac OS X and Linux users surely know the popular torrent client software called Transmission-Qt.

This application is installed by default on Ubuntu, Fedora, and other Linux distributions. Unfortunately, Transmission does not support Windows.

But there is an unofficial project for the Windows version of Transmission-Qt called Transmission-Qt Win with various tweaks, additions, and other modifications to work on Windows. The transmission uses the libTransmission base.

Just like Deluge, Transmission can run daemons on other systems. You can use Transmission from the desktop to set up Transmission daemons running on other computers. In short, Transmission also has a remote feature.

The transmission has a different appearance than the two tools above, it has a more simple and easy to use the display for users.

Visit Transmission-Qt Win

5. qBittorrent


Just like Deluge, qBittorrent is also an open-source torrent client software that uses the libTorrent base.

The purpose of this project is qBittorrent supports the free alternative software uTorrent. This is because uTorrent has lots of advertisements installed in it and many users complain about it.

Because it is based on libTorrent, all the features you already know are similar to Deluge. The interface is designed similar to uTorrent and is available for Windows, Linux, Mac OS X, and FreeBSD.

Visit qBittorrent

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Actually, there is many more torrent client software for Windows that are free of advertisements.

But some of the torrent clients above won’t make you install junkware like other torrent client software. That’s because they are open source.

In addition, the older version of uTorrent, 2.0.4and 2.2.1, is still feasible for you to use because it does not contain junkware and excessive advertising.

If you have torrent client software that is more powerful than the software above, you can mention it in the comments column below.


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