Best Ways to Use VPN on Android, iPhone & PC l 2019

Need to access a blocked site or can’t open it from India? Come see how to use VPN on Android, iPhone, and PC.
If you are looking for a website that’s talk about the Internet and security then you can visit the internetetsecurite.

Do you need to access sites that are blocked by the government?

easy way to Use VPN on Android, iPhone,PC

Or, do you want to casually open deep web? Or want to secure your international transactions?

For the things above, VPN is usually a solution. But, the VPN function is not as narrow as just opening negative content that has only positive internet, you know.

One very useful VPN function is to open the Reddit forum to watch Netflix, for those of you who use internet providers that block both sites.

Well, this time TechMint wants to share tips on how to use VPN on various gadgets.

What is a VPN?

VPN (Virtual Private Network) is a network that connects various networks on the internet, which are safe and anonymous. Through VPN, the identity of your traffic will be protected so that it is safer and can even go through blocking.

If you want to find out the full functionality and discussion about VPN, you can read the article What is a VPN and what use TechTanker has made.

How to Use a VPN on All Devices

Interested in using VPN but don’t know how to use it?

Calm down, below, TechMint has prepared a complete guide on how to use VPN on all devices, both on Android, iPhone, or on a laptop or PC.

How to use VPN on Android without root

For this tutorial, TechMint will show you how to use a VPN on Xiaomi phones. But of course, you can do the same steps on any Android phone!

Following are the steps to using a Private Android VPN:

First step: Download and install VPN

First, of course, you have to have a VPN first on your Android device. TechMint uses Private VPN in this article.

Download private VPN

If you don’t match VPN Private, TechMint has a list of other VPN applications. You can check in the article on the Best VPN Application

Second step: Open and connect VPN

vpn private

  • When you open a VPN application, you will be asked to choose the country you want to connect to.

  • After you have chosen which country you will make the destination, click Connect.


vpn private Download

You are already connected to a VPN on your Android! Now you are free to browse without limits and access any site you want!

How to use VPN on iPhone

Well, this time TechMint will show you how to use the VPN master on the iPhone! Listen, guys!

First step: Download and install VPN

vpn in iphone

  • Download and install any VPN application that you like on your iPhone.

  • Well, if on an iPhone you usually need Touch ID access to connect to a VPN. Please click Allow then enter your Touch ID.

Second step: Open and connect VPN

vpn in iphone install

  • Wait a minute, VPN Master will automatically search for the country connection where you will be connected.


vpn in iphone install finished

  • If you are already connected to a VPN, in the notification bar to the left of your iPhone, the VPN logo will appear.

  • See, TechMint is connected to Netflix. Even though TechMint uses an internet provider that blocks Netflix, here.

How to use VPN on PC / Laptop

For how to connect a VPN on a laptop, TechMint uses the Bear VPN Tunnel.

First step: Download and install VPN

tunnel bear

Download Tunnel Bear

Well, there are actually many VPN options for PC / Laptop. TechMint uses VPN Tunnel Bear in this article.

If you want to download, you can click here

Second step: Open and connect VPN

tunnel bear install

  • Please activate VPN Tunnel Bear by clicking on the logo at the top left of the application.

  • Automatically Tunnel Bear VPN will connect you to internet networks in other countries.


tunnel bear finished

  • See, TechMint can be connected to the Reddit site! Even though in Indonesia this site is blocked!

Extra Tips: How to Use a VPN Without Applications (Mobile & PC)

Did you know that we can actually use VPN without an application at all?

Curious? Here are tips on how to use VPN without software or applications at all.

Using the Opera Browser

You can use the Opera browser to use VPN. Got it already, Opera browser?

Here’s how to use a VPN with the Opera browser:

opera vpn

  • First, open your Opera browser, then enter the Settings menu by selecting the Opera logo in the top left corner of your browser.

  • Second, Select the Advanced menu

  • Scroll down to find the VPN menu and activate that mode.

  • If you have activated VPN mode in your Opera browser, on the left side of the URL will appear the VPN logo as shown below:

    opera vpn install

Using VPN Book

VPN Book is a way to use a VPN on a mobile phone, without the need to download and install any VPN application.

Following are the steps:

opera vpn install setup

  • Open the VPN Book site in your browser.

  • scroll down to the bottom until you find the PPTP tab

  • Copy one of the VPN servers that you want to use.

  • Don’t forget, remember the Username and Password on the site.

Next, enter the copied VPN server, username, and password from the VPN Book site.

opera vpn install finished

  • Enter the Settings menu then select More

  • Select the VPN menu and add the VPN server that you copied from the VPN Book site.

  • Give a name to this new VPN (free, up to you), fill in the server address column with the server address that you copied earlier, and enter the Username and Password that was on the VPN Book site.

Done! These two methods are 100% guaranteed to make you able to use VPN without an application at all!

For sure your data is secure and your privacy is secure online that’s why you can use the internetprivatsphare.

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The final word

That was a tip from TechMint how to use VPN on Android, iPhone, and PC.

TechTanker only recommends that you use a VPN for needs and positive needs only!

Please share and comment on this article to continue to get information, tips & tricks and news about technology from TechTanker.


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