The Advantages of Android 7 Nougat You Need to Know 2021


The Advantages of Android 7 Nougat You Need to Know, Here are 8 of the most interesting features that you can get from the latest version

Android 7.0 Nougat Preview Developer has been released for developers, hopefully, we can immediately enjoy this OS. Nougat will be launched with new improvements from the entire existing Android ecosystem.

It seems that the update given by Google this time is indeed quite sweet according to its name Nougat.

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1. Better interface and notification display

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The most obvious improvement for Android Nougat is its UI tweak. This section can be seen more clearly in the notification menu.

You can now control instantly when you slide down from the top of the screen, so you will be able to activate Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, faster than before.

The notification itself now has more efficient space, occupies a wider screen and smaller fonts.

They can also be stacked according to the application, so that the entire notification menu is not fully filled, for example, a separate WhatsApp message.

This can then be expanded and accessed from the notification menu. Yes, Google has allowed quick replies to third-party application developers.

2. Quick Switch and Multi Window

The Android system is very good at handling multitasking applications but has now been developed for the better.

The Quick Switch will allow you to immediately switch to the last application you used by pressing the Recent button twice.

There is also a Delete All button in the latest menu. Previously it was not on Marshmallow android in addition, Google brings the Android Nougat multi-window feature through the latest menu.

Just press the Recent button from within the application and you will be able to choose the second application to open to the side in a split-screen display.

On large sailing devices like tablets, this feature will be very useful. You will be able to surf the web while sending messages with messenger for example.

It will even be possible to drag items between two open applications. Nice!

3. Images in Pictures (Picture in Picture)

This one is aimed more at Android TV users from cellphones or tablets, but Android Nougat supports the ability to watch videos in a pinned window at the corner of the screen, while other activities run in the background.

If you’ve seen this feature on the YouTube mobile app, you will understand how it works. Now it will be available to all third-party application makers.

4. Supports Vulkan API

Android Nougat will adopt Vulkan API support, which will initially improve the quality of games, VR, and other intensive graphics applications far away on smartphonesVulkan is designed as a substitute for OpenGL, and staying up late can make the development of cross-platform games much easier and slimmer.

The final results will increase speed, save electricity, and improve the quality of graphics in games on Android smartphones and tablets.

5. Daydream VR

Android Nougat will be the OS where Google will fully release its VR plans. You might think the Cardboard era will end? certainly not.This is Daydream. Google’s new VR platform.

A standard set of VR controllers and hardware in collaboration with the Android Nougat-based UI, which aims to apply VR content much more easily and smoothly.

Very low 20ms latency will make the smartphone VR experience faster and more responsive than we’ve ever seen before.

The compatibility will be limited to new smartphone brands, so your current phone may not be able to run Daydream, but Google’s new 2016 Nexus phones can support this feature.

Google strictly controls hardware to support this feature. Starting from 2017, Google hopes that the most recent flagship phones can support Daydream.

6. Allo and Duo

Apart from all the tweaks and improvements for Android Nougat, two of the most recent improvements are the additional Allo and Duo standalone applications.

Allo is Google’s new messaging application that combines powerful search, machine learning, and the latest security technology.

With this, you will be able to search the web and make bookings from the conversation. Allo can also suggest replies to messages, based on what he understands from the words and images that have been sent to you.

For those who want more anonymity, there will be a mode called “Chat Incognito”, which activates end-to-end encryption for your messages, and you can also set messages to end after a certain time, such as the Snapchat style.

Meanwhile, Duo is Google’s new video calling application, which promises to make video calls as easy as possible. Think of it as Google FaceTime.

You will be able to do things like getting a preview of the caller before you lift (a feature called Knock Knock), while the call will be optimized for use on limited bandwidth connections.

7. Strict specifications

Android Nougat isn’t just about smart new features. Google has also tightened the core components of the operating system, to the point where system requirements have really dropped.

Android Nougat must be able to run faster on older devices more optimally than the previous version.

In addition, Google has made the Doze feature and was introduced along with the launch of Android Marshmallow.

Doze knows when your cellphone is not being actively used and places it in energy-saving mode. This results in a dramatic increase in battery life when smartphones are less busy.

On Android Nougat, Doze now works every time the screen turns off, not when it is prolonged inactive.

Application makers will also be able to reduce the amount of background power they consume on Android Nougat. The application will install 75 percent faster, and take 50 percent less space.

In the end, Android Nougat is believed to have a system that is not as heavy as the previous versions.

8. Better updates

During this time Android applications are constantly updating in the background. This can be quite disruptive to your activities if you are in the middle of a state of renewal.

On Android Nougat, Google introduces Seamless updates. This will allow two system activities to be run simultaneously, basically allowing you to update the application in the background while you use it.



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