SkyTorrents Alternatives l Unblocked SkyTorrents Mirrors And Proxies


SkyTorrents Alternatives l Unblocked SkyTorrents Mirrors And Proxies

SkyTorrents – Those who like to watch free movies and series know very well that the best way to do this is through torrents downloads on P2P websites.

In this way, any user can access the content of their choice at any time, but there are so many torrent sites currently that it is difficult to review in all.

That is why many people have a favorite and there is the place they go to when they want to watch a program. Among the most visited worldwide, websites such as The Pirate Bay, Kickass Torrent or KAT, RARBG, Limetorrents, and 1337X standout.

Most of these are portals of more than 10 years in the network, however, they are constantly changing the domain for closures that force them to perform the authorities as it happened with Sky Torrents, another very popular and efficient portal for this service.

While you know the information to know if it was closed definitively or if it will reappear with a new domain, you cannot stop watching your favorite movies or series.

In this tutorial, we will show you a complete list of the best torrents websites that can be an alternative to the closing of the famous SkyTorrents.

In any case, this count contains only secure and functioning sites, so it is convenient to save them all and have access to the portals when you need them.

What Happened to SkyTorrents? Have They Closed or Does Not Work?

SkyTorrents, despite not being such an old project, was born and established as one of the best because they focused on really is a simple and efficient site for the search for torrents.

Leaving aside cookies, advertisements, and scripts annoying that similar websites use against you when you access their pages.

Unfortunately, in mid-2018 his name was announced on a wide list of portals closed by the Civil Guard and the FBI.

Since then they have been creating new portals with another domain extension, but the attacks are so constant that these new websites do not last long online.

List of The Best Torrent (P2P) Websites Alternatives to SkyTorrents

In SkyTorrents it was possible to find secure and verified files to download immediately, which saved a lot of time and I assure you the reception you had among the users, to the point that many made donations as long as they stayed on the network.

Because they were having problems because by not using advertising or any kind of programs on users’ computers, they could not pay the cost of the servers.

They closed for a while and with the donations, they were back, but in the end, they closed definitively leaving the desolate people without an efficient website.

Fortunately, there are other portals that perfectly fulfill the mission of offering downloadable content via P2Pand we will mention what they are next.

1. is a skytorrents alternatives

A platform that focuses primarily on anime. It specializes in a type of programs, unlike other sites. The anime comes from the word animation in Japan, basically, it identifies all types of Japanese animation including comics, comics or manga.

In Nyaa the creators have put the task of joining a lot of content of this type so that those who want it can easily see it.

The web design is quite simple when you enter you can see the top or you can use the search bar for greater accuracy and ease when searching for what you want to see.

The only detail that they have not yet managed to solve is that the files have a Japanese name, to use it and understand you must use the Google translator.

 2. is a skytorrents alternatives is a metasearch engine, which is possible to use to search torrent content from various websites without having to access them directly and thus save time and work.

One thing to keep in mind is that it does not analyze the files, it only offers them from all over the Internet, so when you have the results you should review the comments of other users and access only those that are recommended and look safe.

The interface is intuitive when you enter you can see the control panel that is very complete and the home page, you just have to write in the bar the name of what you want to see and the search engine will do its job.


Zooqle is a skytorrents alternatives

Zooqle is not well known, but users who have used it appreciate its functionality and appearance. The web stores millions of files in its database contains legitimate torrents and is easy to find what you want, just enter and review the popular and most downloaded files or go to the bar and search directly for the movie you want to watch.

In it, you will have access to a large database full of all kinds of multimedia content and software that you could normally only have access paying for.

The good news is that since it is a new brand, it has not yet been discovered by the authorities and is not prosecuted, so it is possible that it lasts for a long time without interruption.

 4. ( is a skytorrents alternatives

Popcorn Time is constantly searching all over the web for the best torrents on the most important sites, in order to offer them directly and make it easier for users.

Popcorn stands out because unlike the competition, it has no restrictions and you can watch any movie or TV series as many times as you want, as long as you have a stable internet connection.

In addition, its catalog is impressive, they include series of premieres of all kinds, the programs that you do not get free in other places here will be in the best HD quality with subtitles, without waiting time or download, you can enjoy instant playback of movies and series.



An ideal alternative that closely resembles SkyTorrents is Torlock, this portal guarantees that the links are secure because each of the torrents that is upload is review and kept in good condition.

That is why the database is not very wide, but if we compare it in quality it far exceeds other websites.

“UPDATED ✅ Is this Metasearch Web and download series and movies Torrent has been banned? ⭐ ENTER HERE ⭐ And discover other alternative pages that are still running online … For now”

With Torlock you will be sure that after minutes or hours of waiting for the file to download it will not be malicious software or a program that does not work.

Those in charge of administering the platform offer content that they review in detail, verifying any problems related to the download, installation, and operation to be sure that you will not run any risk when using their service.



Monova attracts more than 6 million users, which speaks very well of its efficiency. This platform has a wide diversity and quantity of quality content ranging from videos, series, movies, software, ebooks and much more.

What you want to look for will probably be found in Monova, although you will have to support the advertising that you cannot block with any app.

The interface is simple, it does not have striking elements such as some platforms of this type, but rather opts for something minimalist.

Upon entering you will see the most popular torrents in a list to download or you can click the magnifying glass in the top bar to search by name.



Another quite popular metasearch engine is Toorgle, which is based on Google. Analyze and search more than 450 sites automatically, so surely whatever you are looking for you will find it very easily.

When opening, you can type the name of the file and search for the results with information on the content, although you will have to read the comments to make sure they are not fake pages or viruses that put your computer at risk.

The interface, of course, is very similar to Google and there is not much to explain because of the intuitive and easy to understand.


One of the sites characterized by its quality database in which there are videos, programs, series, music, adult content, books and all kinds of interesting content.

Aesthetically the design is quite simple , when entering we see your logo, at the top a menu and in the middle the bar to enter the name of what we want to look for or a little below the icons of the categories to search for Apps, tv, games, music, books, anime, adult content or others.


Rutracker is a website with many years available to users, last 2015 faced threats and blockades from different countries because it included in its database more than 20 thousand albums of free original songs, which caused several companies to lose money and sales.

The site was moved from domain and today you can enjoy all the previous content and the latest updates.

The interface is easy to use; It has static advertising on several sites, but if you look at the main page you will see the most popular content or you can filter by several categories until you find what you are looking for.


As we are looking for SkyTorrents alternatives, we try to offer you more than just all meta-search engines just like him.

That is why we recommend Torrentz/, a very popular portal that began as a clone of Todotorrent after its closure, and yet its efficiency has allowed it to be among the best sites to allocate our downloads.

The operation within the simple and minimalistic interface allows you to click on ‘Search’ after typing the name of the content you want, you can find a detailed list with URLs to download between more than 30 million files that are currently working with Daily increase the figure.

 What Risks Exist When Downloading Torrents?

 What Risks Exist When Downloading Torrents

While all the portals that we recommend are safe, it should be clarified that downloading P2P content is quite risky.

Every time you start downloading a file using this method, you expose your computer and your person to many dangers that can make you have a very bad time.

To begin, there is the fact that you can download a file contaminated with a virus that adversely affects the operation of your computer.

In addition to this, someone can take advantage of the connection established during the download to steal important information from your computer.


That is why you should always take your precautions and make a download from a computer with antivirus, as well as make sure you do not download content from unsafe portals, of which there is a lot out there.

If you have any questions regarding Skytorrents, leave them in the comments, we will answer you as soon as possible, and it will surely be of great help to more members of the community. Thank you! 😉


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