35+ Best Similar Sites Like 123Movies That Works Fine [2023]

123Movies offers you a large collection of free movies. You can watch free movies and series for free in countless different languages.

The user interface is sorted enough, you can search with the name of the country, the particular genre or the name of the language.

If you looking for any other Free movie sites then you can follow the Top 10 Best Movie4k Alternatives.

Best Alternatives Sites Like 123Movies

Its massive collection contains just about every newer and older film, episode, and television series that the user finds hard to find elsewhere.

The attributes are pretty best sites like 123Movies is the free streaming site. Whatever the day, no matter when you can hit your favorite genre, its vast collection will not leave you bored. You will find quite interesting content every time you drive.

We have always wondered to check the Best Content content like 123Movies to the content we looked at earlier, so the website also allows you to view similar content.

Each of its contents belongs to a particular genre. The user can go through a particular niche and find the content of interest.

No matter what niche you are looking for, it has a good amount of content to serve. Be it food, travel, or action actions, just hit 123movies4u.me.

What is 123Movies?

123Movies is actually a website where you can watch all the movies you want online for free. With this website, you can watch movies from the previous ones, until the last movies we have now.

And because of that, it has been classified as an illegal but popular website by the Motion Pictures Association of America or MPAA.

With the 123Movies website, you can search for all the videos you want to watch online and for free.

This includes movies that you can find on other legitimate movie streaming websites such as Netflix, Amazon, Hulu, and more.

Is 123Movies Legal?

By saying a lot of the obvious, 123Movies is not a legal website. In fact, the MPAA or the Motion Picture Association of America said that such websites are considered notorious websites due to pirated copies of movies provided.

And with that, they have listed the 123Movies is the most popular illegal website worldwide.

It has been recorded that 123Movies has more than 98 million users each month, which is very high that has been designated as an illegal website. The MPAA has also said that the 123Movies was developed in Vietnam.

Disclaimer: We never support downloading any movies from illegal sites, the article is for information purpose only.

How does it Work?

What 123Movies do is that they actually incorporate those popular movies across the web, which will give them the ability to host any content from those legal streaming websites such as Netflix, Amazon Prime, and more.

And since the 123Movies is known for having a large area of ​​movies that is free, it doesn’t need to host any of its content.

Is it Safe to Use 123Movies?

Technically speaking, it is not! Why? This is because, since 123Movies is known to be an illegal and pirated website, you may get some unusual malware or even viruses.

There is a possibility that you may accidentally click on a specific link while using this website, which may cause malware to enter your PC. You can also take it to some websites that are not protected.

Another thing is that 123Movies can damage your mobile device or your computer. There is a possibility that you may experience that your device is running slow or even overheating when you use the 123Movies website.

The reason for this is that this website is using more GPUs to be able to stream and get the videos you want to watch. And worst of all, the processor of your computer or mobile device may get damaged after a long time of using 123 movies.

And finally, once again, the 123Movies is an illegal website, you may have problems legally because your server really scored your visits to 123Movies.

Is 123Movies Safe for Your Computer?

Today, there is a possibility that you have heard of the 123 movies. And with that, you can start thinking, “ Is 123Movies safe to use ?”.

That’s why we have information about this website here that you should know. After reading the text, you can find out if 123Movies is safe for your computer or not.

The Best Legal Alternatives for 123Movies [2023]

As we all know, The 123Movies is an illegal website that actually allows you to watch millions of movies online.

But as this is known to be illegal, why not resort to a more legal way to watch movies online? And with that, here are some of the best legal alternatives you can use to watch free movies.

1. PopCornFlix


The PopCornFlix is ​​one of the best alternatives for 123Movies as a free online movie website that can provide you with the right content.

This website offers a great selection of movies that you can watch and also some TV shows of different genres such as drama, comedy, suspense, action and much more.

The PopCornFlix website will not require you to register, which means you can watch movies as soon as you arrive on the website.

This can be a great feature of this website because, for some, they will attract you with some free banners, but they will finally ask you to pay.

2. Sony Crunch

Sony Crunch

The Sony Crackle is another website that allows you to watch movies and TV shows online. However, this website requires registration for you to set up your account before you can watch movies.

But don’t worry, because once you’re registered, watching movies and TV shows will be easy later.

Sony Crackle also comes with an application that you can download on your Android device and iOS device.

This way, it will be easier for you to access the website and watch movies and TV shows. Apart from that, it even comes with an application that you can download for your PS4.

The only thing about Sony Crackle is that it is actually geographically restricted, which means you need to use a VPN so you can access it.

3. Ice Movie Information

Ice Movie Information is a alternative of 123movies

IcefilmsInfor.net is a website that can be an alternative to 123Movies. The difference between this site with respect to those other websites is that it already had a category in which the best IMDB movies are listed.

This means that it will be easier for you to find the most popular movies today. You can also have movies sorted by year. This is useful if you are the type of person who loves watching classic movies.

4. Vumoo

Vumoo is a alternative of 123movies

The Vumoo.tv is a website that offers similar features to those other websites. The categories for movies and TV shows are separated, which makes it easy to find the video you want to watch.

5. Yesmovies

Yesmovies is a alternative of 123movies

Once you go to the YesMovies.to the main interface, you can see a search bar by default. This means that you can easily search for the movie or TV show you want to watch on your computer.

This website also includes a list of the best IMDB movies and you can also jump to a different country category so you can easily search for movies.

Although there is a section for members on this website, it is not really necessary to register, so you can choose to register or not according to what you want.

6. Watch For Free

Watch For Free is a alternative of 123movies

1watchfree.me is a website that you can also use as an alternative to 123Movies. This website is updated regularly with the latest movies and TV shows.

You can also watch the best 100 movies, the latest movies, and also a genre section where you can choose the movies you want.

7. GoMovies


The GoMovies.la comes with an appearance similar to the 123Movies Website. However, the difference is that GoMovies.la is up to date with the new movies and is really alive. These websites also give you the advantage of watching HD movies with your computer.

With the GoMovies.la website, categories such as the Most Viewed, Most Favorite, Top IMDB and Top Rated movies are also made. In addition, movies are sorted by genre, which makes it easier to choose the movies you want to watch.

8. Nitro


Niter.me is a website that includes more than 7000 movies and TV shows it has. And this website also includes movies that you can definitely watch in HD. In addition, you can access this website from any device you have, such as your Windows computer, Mac, Android device or iOS device.

9. HDO


Once you have activated HDO.to in your browser, you can watch many movies and TV shows that you can definitely watch on your computer as The 123Movies website. It comes with a nice interface where all the movies have featured on the main interface.

With this website, you can search for movies by categories such as the most viewed today, the most favorite, the most prominent and the most valued.

You can also use the Gender and Country category to choose the videos you want to watch. And also, there is a section called TV Section where you can watch the best TV shows you are looking for.

10. ZMovies


Zmovies.cc offers its users a wide range of films that are classified according to their genre. In addition, this website is updated regularly so that your visitor has the opportunity to see the latest movies there are today.

However, the movies on this website only date back to 2012. But despite that, it still comes with a wide range of amazing movies that you can watch. And finally, this website will not require you to register before using it.


There are more legal alternatives that you can use apart from using the 123Movies website.

You might also consider trying them to have some problems with your computer or mobile device for the longest time you are using the 123Movies website. In addition, we always go with the legal ones to avoid getting into trouble.

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