How to Solve SIM Card No Service on Android Phone [2023]

SIM Card No Service on Android – Both on old and new Android cellphones, a SIM card is an important component that must be present.

The SIM card from this provider is useful as a means of communicating with other cellphone users. SIM cards usually have an identity number in the form of a set of numbers with 10 to 12 digits, but generally consist of 12 digits.

Using the cellphone number from the SIM card used, we can make telephone calls, send messages or chat, and even make video calls.

How to Solve SIM Card No Service on Android Phone

Cellphone numbers are also often used as additional security for devices, for example, to receive an OTP code as verification when accessing a Google account on an Android cellphone.

We know that an Android cellphone will not function optimally if it is not connected to an internet network. And one of the ways to get an internet connection is to use the data quota that is loaded into the provider card / SIM card.

We can buy this data quota easily using various methods, starting from buying it at credit counters and data packages, through official provider applications, through third-party platforms, and so on.

This data quota or internet quota usually has a limited capacity, and if the quota runs out, we need to top it up so we can still access the internet. Apart from that, another alternative to connect to the internet is to connect your cellphone to a WiFi network.

Talking about the SIM card installed in an Android cellphone, there are times when the card has problems when used. One of them is that a notification appears that no service has been detected.

This indicates that the SIM card installed on the cellphone cannot function properly. This kind of condition can be caused by many factors.

However, whatever the cause of the problem with the SIM card on the cellphone, the most important thing here is how to solve it. Regarding how to fix a SIM card with no service on an Android cellphone, you can see more details below.

Causes of SIM Card No Service on Android Phones

Causes of SIM Card No Service on Android Phones

Before proceeding to how to deal with the SIM card on a cellphone without service, you should first know what are the factors that cause it.

Knowing this will make it easier for us to make repairs, and can also be used as a way to prevent the same problem from happening again.

There are several reasons for no service on the SIM card on an Android cellphone in full, as follows:

  1. SIM Card Damaged. Especially on the brass part of the SIM card which is peeled off, scratched, or in other damaged conditions so that it cannot be read by cellphones.
  2. Error Setting Up Network on HP. Maybe the user has made network settings on the cellphone so that the SIM card cannot be used or the service does not appear.
  3. Problem Provider Central Server. This relates to the signal emitted by the network provider, which HP cannot detect, so it says no service or no network. Good because the server is under repair, the operator’s signal coverage is weak, and so on.
  4. Bugs on Android System. Bugs or errors often occur in the Android operating system, including the impact on the network.
  5. The SIM card port on the cellphone has a problem. The SIM card, no service on the cellphone can also be due to a problem with the SIM card slot so it cannot read the inserted SIM card.
  6. Incorrect APN Settings. Resetting the APN aims to speed up the signal on the cellphone. However, sometimes this can actually make the network connection on your cellphone problematic, or even unable to connect at all.
  7. IMEI Blocked. Currently, there is widespread blocking of IMEI HP that has not been registered with KOMINFO. This blocking makes it impossible for the cellphone to install any SIM card.

Of the several causes above, we can take steps to make it easier to fix the problem of no service on the HP. At the same time, we can provide prevention so that the same problem does not happen again.

How to Solve SIM Card No Service on Android Phone

There are several easy ways to solve network problems on HP without service. What is certain is that these methods are very easy to apply even for those of you who are still laymen. As for how to overcome the SIM card, there is no service on an Android cellphone in full, as follows:

1. Restart your Android cellphone

The first way you can bring up the operator network on an Android cellphone is to restart or restart. This method will update the network on the cellphone and re-detect it.

Usually, after restarting, various minor error problems on the cellphone will be resolved immediately. In addition, its performance is also faster and more responsive.

2. Use Airplane Mode

Apart from restarting, we can also take advantage of the AirPlane Mode feature to restart the network on the cellphone. Simply swipe down from the top of the screen to open the Quick Panel, then click on the Airplane Mode icon to activate it.

Wait a few moments, then turn off the Airplane Mode again. HP will perform another search on the operator’s network according to the SIM card used. Usually, the operator’s card problem has no service, but now it’s been resolved.

3. Clean the SIM Card

Maybe it’s because there is dirt stuck to the copper or brass of the SIM card, making it unreadable by HP. For that, remove the SIM card from the port, then clean it using a pencil eraser.

If so, then you put the SIM card back into the SIM card port on the cellphone. Usually, the SIM card will be immediately detected and the no-service problem will be resolved.

4. Re-Search Network Manually

No service or no network on the cellphone could be due to weak operator signal coverage. To overcome this problem, one way is to manually research the operator’s network on the Android cellphone. For the steps to do it yourself, namely:

  1. Open the Settings menu on your Android cellphone.
  2. Then go to the SIM Card & Mobile Data option.
  3. Next, select SIM1 or SIM2 for which you want to manually search for the network.
  4. Then select the Operator option.
  5. Turn off the automatic network search by sliding the slider button next to the Auto Select option.
  6. Then do a search manually. If you have found the network operator, select and use it.
  7. Finished.

5. Restore APN Settings to Default

APN can be likened to a bridge so that HP can connect to the operator’s network. If the APN settings are wrong, of course, the cellphone will not be able to connect and the network on it is not detected, aka there is no service.

To solve this problem, we need to restore the APN settings on the cellphone to default.

To reset the APN to default on the Android cellphone, follow these steps:

  1. Open the Settings menu on your Android cellphone.
  2. Then go to the SIM Card & Cellular Data option.
  3. Then select SIM1 or SIM2 whose APN settings you want to change.
  4. Then select the option Access Point Name or Access Point Name.
  5. Then add a new APN with the default APN settings according to the operator card you are using, and save it.
  6. Finished.

6. Check the SIM Card Port on the cellphone

The SIM card has no service on an Android cellphone, maybe it’s also because the SIM card port on the cellphone is problematic or damaged. To check, you can try installing a normal SIM card and use it on another cellphone.

If it turns out that the SIM card cannot be detected, most likely this is because the SIM card port on the cellphone is damaged.

7. Register the cellphone IMEI

IMEI is not registered, it could be because your Android cellphone is a BM cellphone or it is illegal. In this condition, the IMEI will be blocked so it cannot use the SIM card in it. To connect to the internet network, you can only use a Wi-Fi network.

To overcome this problem, you can register your HP IMEI so you can access cellular data. On the internet there are many HP IMEI registration service providers, you can look for them.


Those were some of the ways to fix the SIM card, there is no service on the most effective Android cellphone. Don’t forget to share this information on your personal social media account.

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