Scribd Downloader: Download Files Without Login (2023)

Scribd Downloader: Scribd is one of the most visited sites for downloading various files. How do I download files on Scribd that are easy and free of cost?

Yes, it’s very easy, free of cost, and very similar to the course hero downloader for downloading any Scribd files or documents.

Scribd Downloader: Download Files Without Login

Some teachers or students must already know what Scribd is, right?

Scribd is a website that can be used to download various document files. The question is, how do I download files on Scribd that are easy and don’t cost money?

Even though Scribd users have reached 80 million, not all users understand how to download files on Scribd.

Usually, they will stop at the log-in stage because after that there is a fee to be paid. In fact, we can still download various files on Scribd without having to pay for it in the following ways.

How to Download Scribd for Free (2023)

In this article, we will provide several ways such as bartering documents to legally download documents from Scribd and you can also download using the online Scribd Downloader.

How to Download Legally Scribd Documents

Slightly different from the four methods above, this method does not require a third party. You can download it directly via the Scribd website directly.

how to do? To be able to download files directly from Scribd like it or not you really have to log in first.

Does that mean there will be fees, then?

No, because Scribd actually provides a trial period of 30 days. You can take advantage of this trial period to download as many files as possible for free.

How to download Scribd files without uploading is quite easy, you only need to follow the steps below.

  1. Look for the file you want to download first
  2. Press the Download button located above the browser on the left and you will be prompted to log in
  3. Log in automatically using your Gmail or Facebook account. You can also log in by using another email apart from Gmail
  4. On the membership offer that is given, select Trial for 30 days

You can also download files on Scribd for free by uploading a file first. This is intended as an attempt to exchange files.

The uploaded file should be in the form of a scientific document, but if you don’t have it, you can upload a sample letter or paper.

How to Download Files on Scribd Without Log In?

Apart from the first method that we have done above, there is one more way that is also very easy and fast to download documents or books from Scribd.

However, we do not recommend this method for you to do it commercially.

Do it at your own risk! The following is how to download Scribd for free with the help of online tools, namely Scribd downloader:

The method that you will use below is using third-party help in the form of an online site. Here’s how.

1. Using (Scribd Downloader)


This site is equipped with a download server that is fast and of course virus-free. Its use is easy, as explained in the steps below:

  1. Open a browser or Chrome, then go to the Scribd site
  2. Find and select the file you want to download
  3. Copy the URL address from the file
  4. Open the site
  5. Paste the URL address that you previously copied into the Document URL column
  6. Click on the box that says “By using this tool, …”
  7. Click the blue button that says Generate Download Link
  8. Check the Captcha dialog box that appears
  9. Start downloading the file by pressing Download PDF and wait for the pdf size description to appear

2. How to Download Files with ScrDownloader

The Next Way To Download Files On Scribd Without Paying Is By Using The ScrDownloader.Com Site.

This Method Can Be Done Via A Cellphone Or Computer Device, Which Is One Of The Advantages Of Downloading Documents Through ScrDownloader.

Here Are The Steps To Download Files From Scribd With The ScrDownloader.Com Site.

  1. Open The Scribd Website And Copy The Document Link That You Want To Download In The Column Section Of The Browser Site.
  2. Go To The Scrdownloader.Com Site To Get The File Download Link. On That Page, There Are Fields That Must Be Filled In With The Scribd Document Link That You Want To Download. The Link That Has Been Copied Earlier Can Be Pasted In That Column.
  3. The Next Step Is To Click The Red Button That Says “Get Link” To Continue To The Download Page.
  4. Before Heading To The Download Page, You Must First Pass Captcha Verification By Checking The Box “I’m Not A Robot”. If Successfully Verified, Click The Blue Button That Says “Check You Download PDF” At The Bottom Of The Verification Column.
  5. Wait A Few Moments Until The Button Turns Red And Says “Download PDF” Along With The Number Of Pages For The Document. If It Has Changed, Click The Button And Wait For The Download To Succeed.

3. Using


Apart from using the site, an easy way to download files on the next Scribd is through

This site can be used not only to download files on Scribd but also on other sites. For example, ISSUU, Academia, and Slideshare.

The steps for downloading files on Scribd via this site are as follows:

  1. Go to the Scribd site on your browser or Chrome
  2. Find and select the file you want to download
  3. Copy the URL address from the file
  4. Open the site and make sure you are on the Scribd Downloader option
  5. In the box provided, paste the link that you copied earlier
  6. Click the Get link and hit the Download button
  7. In the Captcha dialog box that appears, click Check
  8. Then download the PDF and wait for the file to be processed successfully
  9. Click on the Download PDF button which is equipped with the size of the file you want to download

4. Using Auto Generate Link

Auto Generate Link

You can also download files on Scribd through other Scribd Auto Generate Link sites. Just search on Google with these keywords or please click here.

These sites generate sites that can be used to download files from various sources. Not only from Scribd, but this site can also download files from Youtube, ZippyShare, SoundCloud, and many more.

For how to download documents online at Scribd via this site, follow the steps below.

  1. Enter a browser and visit the Scribd page
  2. Find and select the file you want to download
  3. Copy the File URL address
  4. Open the Scribd autogenerated link site
  5. In the column provided, paste the link that you previously copied
  6. Click Generate and wait for the process to finish
  7. Click download

5. Using


The Last Way To Download Files From Scribd For Free Is By Using ScribdDownloader. The Steps For Downloading Document Files From Scribd Are Not That Different From Other Downloader Sites.

The Following Are Some Steps In Downloading The Scribd File Without Paying Using

  1. The First Step Is To Open The Scribd Website And Find The File You Want To Download. After Finding It, Copy / Copy The File Link At The Top Of The Browser In The Site Column.
  2. Go To The Scribddownloader.Org Site To Get The Download Link For The Scribd Document File You Want To Download.
  3. If It Is Already Open, Paste / Paste The Scribd Document File Link In The URL Column That Has Been Provided. Then Click The Blue “Download” Button At The Bottom Of The URL Column.

6. Using Scribd


After all, you said before using Scribd you have to log in and subscribe first. There is an easy way without you having to pay, namely the file exchange system.

You are required to upload a document that is a substitute for the document you want to download. So it’s kind of like bartering.

  1. Go to Scribd then find a document by entering a keyword.
  2. After the desired document has been found, you can click the Upload or Upload button.
  3. Then you will be directed to log in to Facebook.
  4. However, you can skip it if you don’t want to log into Facebook with the Skip button.
  5. Then continue by uploading documents from your device in pdf, doc, or ppt format.
  6. Then enter a title and include a description of the document you uploaded earlier.
  7. To start downloading, click download.

7. Via Greasemonkey


In the following tutorial to download Scribd without login, you must use a special browser, Mozilla Firefox. Better to use a PC or laptop because the Greasemonkey extension will be installed.

  1. Open the Mozilla Firefox browser then download Greasemonkey first.
  2. Then download the user script and wait for the installation process.
  3. Then find the document you want to download from Scribd and click the Download button.
  4. Click download to start the download process.


Hopefully, you can understand how to download files on Scribd, don’t forget to leave in the comments column whether this discussion was successful or not after trying it.

If there is something that is not understood in this article on Teknoinside, you can ask via comments, Thank you for stopping by at Teknoinside, friend.

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