How To Play Pokemon Go India On A PC (2021)

How to Play Pokemon Go India on PC Without an Emulator

Pokemon has become a trending topic for now. Many people have been able to play it and make the developer. It was very surprising.

To play the Pokemon Go India game requires a  smartphone, whether it’s Android or iOS, which has been equipped with a GPS feature. But financial factors and others make people who have a smartphone below the standard cannot play it. There are new options for those of you who have a good laptop but the smartphone is not GPS support.

So don’t despair first, because this time  TechMint will share how to play Pokemon Go on a laptop or home PC that you often use.

if anyone asks, why is it complicated, of course, if you use a PC when we have to hunt Pokemon everywhere? Well, it’s cool to use a PC. You don’t have to leave the house to find the Pokemon, so what you need here is an Android emulator called Nox App Player.

Screenshot of Playing Pokemon Go India on PC


Download Emulator Android – Nox App Player To Play Pokemon Go India on Windows

Previously, make sure you have downloaded the emulator which could  TechMint mention above.

Well for those of you who do not have an emulator, you can directly download or download the link provided and there is already one package with Pokemon Go Bundle, how to download it is easy, just click on the download button below.

Just click the download link above, hosted directly by the official site. This application is used to run Android emulators that have been added to the Pokemon Go game.


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How to Play Pokemon Go India on PC

Make sure you have downloaded the emulator that we will use on the laptop when playing Pokemon Go via the link above.

Now if it has been downloaded, now run the file that was downloaded. Install as usual, wait until the installation process is complete.

Now if you are ready to follow the steps below.

    Run the Nox App Player emulator that has been installed, now if you have entered the  Nox home screen, then click the settings button in the upper right corner.


    click the Advanced tab, then you can match the NoxApp Application Settings as shown below (Save Images to Enlarge)

nox player emulator

    Now click  Save Changes, then restart the Nox. Now if you have returned to the home screen, click the Virtual Location button on the menu on the right.

nox player emulator

    Here you have to choose a location anywhere, try to choose a location in big cities, because there are many Pokétops, hehe: D and don’t forget to click OK  after selecting the location. Now go back to  Nox,  then click Settings in the lower right corner.


  • Scroll down or drag down the mouse, Click location – Mode – Change to High accuracy
  • Then click the back  button  to go to the  home screen, then run the Pokemon Go game
  • Now fill in the date of birth You and log in using the account Google You
  • Now you can move the player using the “WASD” button or with “Virtual Location”

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That’s how to play Pokemon Go India on a Laptop or PC which is very easy to implement actually.

So for those of you who are tired of playing on a  smartphone,  it’s not wrong to try playing Pokemon Go on this PC.

Don’t forget your response about Pokemon Go on this PC via the comments column below.

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