10 Best Free Offline PDF to Word Converter Applications [2023]

Sometimes, some people need to edit files saved in PDF format in the Word application.

So the first step that must be taken is to use the convert PDF to Word application. The goal is to change the PDF format to Word so that it can be edited freely.

When choosing an application to convert files, usually the first thing you will pay attention to is the features in the application.

Best Free Offline PDF to Word Converter Applications

People will tend to choose a converter application that has the most complete features so they can convert PDF files to various other formats.

Free Offline PDF to Word Converter Application with Various Features

The PDF file itself is a Portable Document Format file whose contents can be in the form of images and text. In addition, there are also PDF files that can be filled with links, videos, and so on.

To convert files in PDF format into Word documents, there are many applications that can be used, for example:

1. Adobe Acrobat Standard DC

Adobe Acrobat Standard DC

It is a software developed by Adobe Systems. This software can be used free of charge and can be used to print, view, and affix signatures to PDF files.

By using the Adobe Acrobat Standard DC application, users can also convert images and documents into PDF files. In fact, the Adobe Acrobat Standard DC application is also capable of converting PDF files into other document formats so they can be edited.

This PDF converter application can be used on computers only and is still not available for mobile devices. Cool features in Adobe Acrobat Standard DC include:


It’s easier to create and add digital signatures by using the Adobe Acrobat Standard DC application. The application will also save the signature so that it can be used again without having to create a new digital signature.


Another feature is to send for comments and send for review. Its function is to send a PDF file to another person so that the person can provide a review or feedback on the PDF file.

Edit documents

To edit a document, there is no need to convert it to a Photoshop or Word file. Actually, Adobe Acrobat Standard DC allows users to edit applications much more easily without any additional applications.

2. WPS Converter

WPS Converter

WPS Office is an office application from Kingsoft which is currently always equated with Microsoft Office.

This excellent application from Kingsoft can also be used to convert PDFs. As the name implies, the function of this application is to convert PDF files easily.

This computer application can be installed and run on Mac, Linux, and Windows devices. WPS Converter provides a much faster conversion process. In addition, the application is also able to maintain the quality of the converted files.

For example, this application will retain the layout, images, and font formatting contained in the PDF file. WPS also provides various advantages, such as:

Light application

The small application size makes the WPS Converter easier to use for users with PC or laptop specifications that are not too high. In addition, the small size of the application also leaves a lot of storage on the device.

Simple display

A very simple application display allows users to enjoy the various features in it very easily. Even new users can try this PDF to Word converting application without experiencing any difficulties.

Minimal RAM usage

Due to the minimal use of RAM, the WPS application can be used very smoothly without causing any interruptions. Lagging will not occur and interfere with user comfort when converting files using the WPS application.

3. NitroOffice PDF Suite

Microsoft loyal users can use a free PDF converter application. This application is called Nitro Office PDF Suite and can be found in the Microsoft Store. Nitro Office PDF Suite can be used to modify PDF files with complete features.

It includes tools for reading and editing PDF files. Apart from that, there are also tools to convert PDF files, create PDF files, split one PDF file into several files, merge PDF files, and put a signature on PDF files.

Like the two previous PDF file conversion applications, this one also has various advantages that make it even more attractive.

Cross-platform application

This means that the Nitro Office PDF Suite application can be accessed from various devices. So, users can access it not only through a computer device but also by using a mobile device.

Completely free

Just like other software released by Microsoft, for example, Microsoft Office, Nitro Office PDF Suite is also available for free. Computer device users who need a complete tool to access PDF files for free can use Nitro Office PDF Suite.

Convert to various formats

This PDF-to-Word converter application can convert PDF files to other formats, such as TIFF, GIF, PNG, and JPEG. Even though it’s free, there are actually several features that require payment so that the application can be fully used.

4. UniPDF

Then there is a PDF converter application that is very easy to understand and use, namely the UniPDF application.

This converter application provides instructions that are not complicated at all and can be understood very easily, even by new users.

UniPDF also provides support for many formats in converting PDF files. For example, users can convert PDF files to TGA, PCX, BMP, JPG, and PNG formats. Once converted, the results are also very good and quality.

Output results such as layout and fonts will be exactly the same as the PDF file before conversion. This application that can be used offline comes with various advantages, for example:

Conversions vary

UniPDF allows its users to convert PDF files to various formats, for example, Doc or Word format, text, images, and even HTML. But the free version can only be used to convert 3 PDF files every day.

Safe to use

The UniPDF application is 100% Clean certified, which means it does not contain any form of malware.

This product has been thoroughly tested with completely clean results. For those who are looking for an application that is safe to use, UniPDF is the answer.

For various versions of Windows

UniPDF is a special application for PCs that can be installed and run on devices with Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 10, and 11 operating systems.

5. Nuance Power PDF Standard

The Nuance Power PDF Standard application is designed to view and edit PDF files. The icon has a purple dominant color and two opposite arrows. This fifth PDF to Word converter application can be used very easily even though its features are very complete.

Many users compare Nuance Power PDF Standard with Adobe Reader DC. For some business people, Nuance Power PDF Standard is a fairly complex application with the main feature being a PDF file conversion tool. But that’s not all the advantages.

Higher conversion accuracy

The results of converting PDF files to Word will be more accurate thanks to the Nuance Power PDF Standard application. The layout of the PDF file and Word file will be exactly the same. This means that users do not need to edit or correct formatting or inappropriate words.

DocuSign® feature

The superior features of the Nuance Power PDF Standard application allow users to digitally add signatures to PDF files and send files conveniently and quickly.

Open multiple documents at once

The Nuance Power PDF Standard application provides a tabs feature so that users can open several PDF files at once in just one window. Opening many windows will take up more RAM, which can interfere with device performance.

6. Wide Angle PDF Converter

For those who want to have a quality PDF converter application, an Angle PDF Converter can be an option. The appearance offered by this application is very good. The application itself is also very easy to operate.

In it, Wide Angle PDF Converter also has various features that are important for use in editing PDF documents. Apart from converting from PDF to Word, Wide Angle PDF Converter can also convert PDF to TXT, SVG, XPS, and EPUB formats.

File conversion is not the only capability of this PDF-to-Word converting application. Some of the other capabilities include:

Merge and split files

Wide Angle PDF Converter can combine several PDF documents into one document. Or it can also be used to separate one PDF file into several PDF files. Everything can be done without any hassle at all.

Secure PDF files

This Wide Angle PDF Converter application can also be used to protect PDF files in order to prevent unauthorized persons from accessing these documents. Adding a watermark can also be done very easily.

Safe to use

All conversions will be done offline on the device used. There is no process of uploading anything to online services so documents that are sensitive in nature can remain safe and protected. This security cannot be promised by online applications.

7. Wondershare PDFelement

Indeed, Wondershare is better known for its video editing applications. However, Wondershare also offers a PDF converter application that can be installed on Mac and Windows devices, and can also be installed on iOS and Android devices.

The current appearance of the website makes this application very attractive to young people. With a minimalist appearance, users can also understand all of its features much more easily. There are many things that this Wondershare PDFelement application can do.

Read and edit PDFs

Its most important feature is to open PDF files and allow users to edit the file. For example, users can bookmark PDF files, create PDF files with Wondershare PDFelement, and lock PDF files to keep them safe.

Changing the PDF file format

This PDF to Word converting an application from Wondershare can convert the PDF format into other formats, such as Excel, Word, PowerPoint, RTF, HTML, epub, plain text, images, and so on. There is a Convert tab that can be directly used to convert PDF files.

Merge PDF files

There may be users who need to merge two or more PDF files into one. The Wondershare PDFelement application can be used to perform this task very easily. The name of the feature that can be used is Combine PDF.

8. Foxit PhantomPDF

The standard version of Foxit PhantomPDF is another option that you can try. This application is perfect for editing and converting PDF files very easily. In addition to the standard version, there is also a more exclusive business version available.

The standard version is perfect for use by groups and individuals in editing, organizing, and converting PDF files.

The business version is more suitable for large-scale companies. The features in the business version are much more complete than the standard version.

But both versions have a lot of advantages. For example, users will find the following advantages:

Cool look

Foxit PhantomPDF has an interface very much like Adobe Acrobat. The menu structure, icons, and toolbar are very similar. What makes it different is the simplicity of Foxit PhantomPDF and its much lighter size.

Various basic functions can be accessed

The basic function in question is the function of adding comments and notes to PDF files, moving text, encrypting documents, and attaching multimedia files.

Create professional documents

With Foxit PhantomPDF, users can create professional documents by inserting page numbers, footers, headers, and watermarks in PDF files. Everything can be done with very easy steps.

9. Investintech Free Online Converter

For those who need an easy and simple conversion tool, consider using Investintech. This PDF file conversion tool can be used without any hassle online. But to use it, users must log in using email first.

After logging in to their respective accounts, users can drag the files to be converted to this online PDF to the Word-converter application. Next, just click the button to convert the file to PDF. Apart from converting to Word, it can also be used to:

Convert PDF to Excel

Users can convert tabular data in PDF files into data in Microsoft Excel. The conversion process will be done online.

Create PDF files

Another function of this application is to create PDF files online. The way it works is similar to the Google Docs application for laptops, except that the resulting file will be a PDF file.

Convert PDF to PowerPoint

Even users can extract pages from PDF files to PowerPoint accurately. Converting PDF files to PowerPoint presentations is fast and free.

10. Soda PDF

Soda PDF provides two ways to convert as well as edit PDF files. The first is to use the online version of the application and the second is to use the offline application. The offline version can be downloaded and used very easily.

This multifunctional application has lots of features that can be used in editing and converting PDF files. Some examples include:

Convert PDF to another format.

With Soda PDF, converting PDF files into images in various formats can be done quickly. Apart from converting it to an image format, users can also convert PDF files to TIFF and HTML.

Edit PDF documents

Various tools in this PDF conversion application can be used to add watermarks, provide page numbers, and fill out forms in PDF format.

Convert documents to PDF

Apart from converting PDF to other formats, users can also convert files in other formats (such as TXT, HTML, GIF, DOCX, and TIFF) to PDF.


Of the many applications that convert PDF to Word, there are 10 whose features are most liked by computer device users. Everything can be used for free. Some can be accessed online while others must be downloaded first.

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