OGWhatsApp Apk Download Latest Version 7.20, No Ban!


OGWhatsApp Apk Download Latest Version 7.20, No Ban!

What are the advantages of the OGWhatsApp application? How to download and how to use it on Android? See the following explanation.

** Are you bored with the look and features of WhatsApp so? Looking for a WhatsApp Mod that isn’t blocked?

Chat activities using WhatsApp are already naturally used by many people, from all walks of life. Not only is the interface simple, but its function is suitable for everyone.

Unfortunately, the features owned by WhatsApp are very limited. Different stories if you use a WA modification application like OGWhatsApp.

This application provides more features than the official version. Come on, download OGWhatsApp and get a variety of features like the following!

Download The Latest OGWhatsApp Version 2019

OGWhatsApp or OGWA is a modified form of the WhatsApp application that has a number of additional features. This application was developed by Official Plus which previously made GBWhatsApp and WhatsApp Plus.

This modification is made so that users can have a more flexible interaction compared to the official WhatsApp chat application.

Even though OGWA is a modified application, you can use all the features owned by WA also in this application.

Unlike other modification applications that are often banned or blocked by WhatsApp, OGWA is claimed to be safer for you to use.

TechTanker only provides applications and ways to download. All risks of using the WA application modification are borne by each person

You can download the latest OGWhatsApp for free below.

The application provided by TechMint has a .apk format, so you have to install it manually via the file manager. Here’s how to complete it:

Step 1 – Click the OGWhatsApp APK file downloaded from TechTanker

  • Open through the file manager on your cellphone, usually in the Download folder.
OGWhatsApp APK file downloaded from TechTanker

Step 2 – Click Install

  • Wait a moment while the application is attached to your cellphone. If you are using an older version of OGWhatsApp, make sure you delete it first.
Click Install

Step 3 – Open OGWhatsApp and log in to the account

  • You can use an account that is used daily or register a new number. The method is the same as logging in or registering in official WA.

Attractive Features of OGWhatsApp

OGWhatsApp has complete features and is arranged relatively neater compared to other WA modification applications. When you open it for the first time, there is no difference with official WA.

However, different stories when you set various features such as themes and writing fonts through the OG Settings menu. Here are some interesting features of OGWhatsApp that you can find:

1. Hiding Online Status

First is to hide the online status so that your friends can’t see if you are opening WA or not. Unlike the official WA features, you can still see the status of last seen friends.

This feature is suitable for you who don’t want others to know about your activities in WA. You can also more freely avoid or ignore chat.

To activate this feature, you can follow these steps:

Step 1 – Click settings, then select Privacy

  • OGWhatsApp settings are in the form of a triple point in the upper right corner of the screen.
Hiding Online Status on OGWhatsApp

Step 2 – Select Hide Online Status

Hiding Online Status on OGWhatsApp

2. Hiding Blue Check

Next is to remove the blue checkbox for private and group chats. So when you read a friend’s chat, a blue check won’t appear.

This feature is very suitable if combined with the online status hiding feature. You can more freely see chat without getting caught.

To activate this feature, enter Privacy as above. Then, click the Blue Ticks.

Hiding Blue Check on OGWhatsApp

3. Hiding View Status

Well, if the features above are not enough. You can also hide the status view that should appear in your friend’s WA. So it’s not just talking in the chat, but also stalking the status, gang.

To turn on this feature, you just click Hide View Status in the Privacy menu.

Hiding View Status on OGWhatsApp

4. Downloading Status

Do you have an interesting status?

Download the status using OGWA for free. The method is also quite easy, you don’t have to download any additional applications. The status that can be downloaded can be photos or videos.

After you download it, the file will be saved in the HP gallery. The way to download WA status on OGWhatsApp is as follows:

Step 1 – Click the Status column then select friend status

Downloading Status in OGWhatsApp

Step 2 – Click settings and then select download

  • Status settings in the form of three points in the upper right corner of the screen.
Downloading Status in OGWhatsApp

5. Send Large Files

Next is sending large files beyond those authorized by official WhatsApp, such as images and videos without any reduction in image quality.

Whereas other large files that you can send are still limited to 100MB. However, you can send files to more than 50 contacts at a time. Nice!

6. DND Mode

One of the unique features, when you download OGWhatsApp, is the DND Mode which will make messages cannot be sent and received while this mode is activated.

This feature is useful if you don’t want to be disturbed by other people while busy working. How to activate it is quite easy, you just follow these steps:

Step 1 – Click DND Mode

  • DND Mode has a shape similar to the WiFi symbol.
DND Mode on OGWhatsApp

Step 2 – Click Ok

DND Mode on OGWhatsApp

7. Replacing the WhatsApp Theme

If you are bored with the standard appearance of WhatsApp, you can change the theme to be more interesting. OGWhatsApp has a number of interesting themes that are provided free of charge.

You only need to download the desired theme in the OGWhatsApp application, then install it. To access the theme, you can follow these steps:

Step 1 – Click settings and select OG Settings

  • Three-point settings in the upper right corner of the screen.
Replacing the WhatsApp Theme

Step 2 – Select Themes

Replacing the WhatsApp Theme

Step 3 – Click Apply on the theme you want

  • You can see the preview before choosing which theme you want. Then click Ok when given the command to restart the application.
Replacing the WhatsApp Theme

8. Lock OGWhatsApp

If you have many friends or brothers who are ignorant, then you can use the WA app’s locking feature. This feature will give you a key in the form of a numeric code.

By activating this feature, the application will be locked only when you open the application. You can’t lock each chat.

The way to activate this feature is quite easy, you can follow these steps:

Step 1 – Open the settings and select OG Settings

Lock OGWhatsApp

Steps 2 – Select Lock, then click Enable Passcode

Lock OGWhatsApp

Step 3 – Enter the number code twice

Lock OGWhatsApp

9. Schedule a Message

The next feature is suitable for those of you who have a business through WA, which is scheduled to send messages within the specified time. This feature can be applied to groups or individuals.

To set it up is quite easy, you just follow the steps below to schedule a message:

Step 1 – Click settings, then select Message Scheduler

Schedule a Message

Step 2 – Select the contact you want to send

  • Click the added symbol in the lower right corner, then select the contact.
Schedule a Message

Step 3 – Set the schedule for the message, then click Schedule

Schedule a Message

10. Change Fonts

Finally, replace the writing font with a more unique character. You can choose a variety of funny fonts so that the appearance of OGWA is not boring.

Here’s how to set it up:

Step 1 – Click settings, then select OG Settings

Change Fonts

Steps 2 – Select Fonts

Change Fonts

Step 3 – Specify the desired font by clicking Load Font

Change Fonts

The Final word

That’s how to download OGWhatsApp and the interesting features it has, directly download the application and try it now, gang.

Write your opinion in the comments column, yes. See you in the next article!

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