Netflix Proxy Error: How to Fix It With a VPN [2019]


Wow, something went wrong

Transmission error

It seems that you are using a locker or proxy. Disable any of these services and try again

Isn’t it the most feared? error are you doing?

You wanted to enjoy Netflix. He installed a free proxy and, in fact, was able to open the US Netflix website. UU. Successfully. However, as soon as you clicked on any program to watch, your screen turned black and showed the previous message, as in the image below:

Netflix Proxy Error: How to Fix It With a VPN

Anyway, it is not the case only of Netflix of EE. UU. If you try to access Netflix from a country other than yours, you will get the same Netflix Proxy Error message (

How does Netflix know that I am using a proxy?

It is all due to the copyright or license issues of the Netflix service that are reserved for the country in which it operates.

Also, as long as there is a proxy or a VPN service provider and a license policy specific to the Netflix region, you will continue to see the exasperating error.

What causes Netflix proxy error to stop your streaming experience?


Netflix proxy error occurs mainly due to two reasons. Read below to understand why these two problems arise, leading to a Netflix proxy error.

IPs in the blacklist

Most VPNs offer shared IPs to their users. Shared IPs are a set of IPs that a VPN randomly assigns to its users. Using shared IPs to access services such as Netflix can cause the IP address provided by the VPN to be blacklisted, preventing you from accessing your favorite content.

Shared IPs are extremely easy to detect and block for Netflix. A shared IP address that you may be currently using could also be used by other users around the world at the same time. When multiple requests for content from the same IP address are sent to Netflix, the streaming giant classifies these requests through VPN servers and blocks them immediately.

DNS filtering

DNS or domain name server is the directory that associates IP addresses with domain names. When you start Netflix, your device sends a DNS request to the DNS server. Sometimes, Netflix can identify if the DNS server is associated with your ISP or with your VPN. Netflix immediately blocks the DNS servers associated with VPN providers.

This problem occurs mainly when you try to access Netflix through VPN on your smartphone or tablet. On a PC, your native browser’s DNS settings will work fine, but on a smart device like iOS or Android, Netflix servers will override your VPN’s DNS settings and cause an error.

Most good VPN providers route DNS traffic along with everything else through their servers, but Netflix applications for iOS and Android compound the problem by overriding this DNS configuration. However, the version of the website that you access in a web browser does not do this, so unlocking Netflix in a browser is usually easier than in mobile applications.

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Why is a VPN better to avoid Netflix proxy error (

Suppose you are on vacation in the United Kingdom and want to access Netflix from the USA. UU. Unfortunately, when you try to access Netflix, the British version of the service will open and show UK content instead of the US. UU. There is not much visual difference to know instantly if you are accessing the US library. UU. Or to the United Kingdom. However, the titles he loved to see in the US. UU. They will no longer be available.

If you try to search your TV show on Google, you will find it instantly. But when you click on the search result that is supposed to take you to the Netflix Library and allow you to access your favorite TV show, you will receive a proxy error.

Here comes into play a virtual private network (VPN), which allows users to avoid Netflix Proxy Error and enjoy their favorite TV shows no matter what country they are in.

How to fix Netflix proxy error with VPN?

There are many services that do not offer uninterrupted and uninterrupted access to Netflix, but PureVPN does. It is one of the best VPN that works with Netflix. It has more than 2,000 servers in more than 140 countries, all without delay and easy to connect. To get around Netflix Proxy Error, these are the following methods you can choose:

Step by step guide for Chrome or Firefox browser

  1. Subscribe to PureVPN and download the extension/plug-in

Subscribe to PureVPN and download the extension/plug-in

There are not many services that offer uninterrupted and uninterrupted access to Netflix. But PureVPN does. However, you must first subscribe to the service by visiting their website. Choose the offer that best meets your needs.

We recommend you choose the 2plan of the year so that you do not have to subscribe again for at least another two years and thus enjoy Netflix for an extended period.

After obtaining your PureVPN credentials, go to the PureVPN extension page where you can download the add-in or extension for your preferred browser: Firefox or Chrome.

  1. Verify your real IP

Verify your real IP

Before connecting PureVPN, first, verify your real IP and its location. Visit the website: to verify your IP.

Since you are not using a VPN, your browser will show your real IP and location.

  1. Connect PureVPN

Connect PureVPN

Open the device where you want to stream your favorite shows on Netflix.

Start the application.

Now, click on the Popular Websites tab and you will get a list of streaming services that you can connect to PureVPN. Currently, PureVPN offers instant access to a list of non-Netflix streaming portals.

Click on the Netflix server from the USA. UU.

  1. Verify your IP again

Verify your IP again

To make sure the VPN is working, you can visit the website: again to verify your IP.

You should now be able to see that your IP has changed to a different one, as well as your location.

  1. Visit Netflix and enjoy

Visit Netflix and enjoy

Now, visit the Netflix website.

You will see that you access the website without any obstacles.

Now click on the program you want to watch and enjoy a smooth transmission without worrying about any Netflix Proxy Error.

Step by step guide for Android and iOS

  1. Enroll in PureVPN Privileged Account
  2. Download and Install the respective application on your Android or iOS
  3. Start the PureVPN application and select Transmission mode
  4. Now tap Channels and then tap Netflix EE. UU.
  5. Once connected, start the Netflix US application and enjoy your smartphones or tablets

Step by step guide for Windows & Mac

  1. Get a premium PureVPN account
  2. Download and Install the application
  3. Open the PureVPN client on your system and select Current
  4. Click Channels and then select Netflix EE. UU.
  5. Enjoy unlimited streaming of Netflix in your desired browser

Configuration guide for other devices through the router

You can also access Netflix on other devices using PureVPN through a DD-WRT-compatible router. The following is the list of devices on which you can access Netflix with PureVPN:

  • Game station
  • Firestick
  • Smart TV
  • Kodi
  • Roku
  • Xbox
  • Windows Phone
  • Router
  • Chromecast

You can get more information about the configuration guides by visiting the following link: https: //

Here is a quick video tutorial on How to watch Netflix from the USA. UU. with PureVPN from anywhere in the world.

How does Netflix detect that I am using VPN?

You get the Netflix Proxy Error because Netflix has an intelligent detection system that not all VPNs can evade. As mentioned earlier, some VPNs can take you to the Netflix website of the country you want. But it can’t help you stream the content.

Netflix has long been against the use of VPN or proxy servers. And, it is not simply because he holds a grudge against the services themselves. In contrast, Netflix has some strict obligations that require the service to display licensed content only to agreed countries.

In fact, Netflix has mentioned in its Terms of Services that users can only access the content of the country where the user has created the account. In addition, the service has all the rights to, use technologies to verify your geographic location.

How does Netflix detect a proxy or a VPN?

You get Netflix Proxy Error because the streaming service follows advanced proxy detection practices. By verifying user authentication and thoroughly analyzing content delivery, you can detect a proxy or a VPN.

As a result, when you use a VPN that is not compatible with Netflix, you get the Netflix Proxy Error.

However, you don’t have to worry about Netflix Proxy Error when using PureVPN.

Netflix’s current and future competition

Netflix is ​​really popular, but its transmission hegemony may soon end due to fierce competition.

Netflix already has some great competitors like Hulu and Amazon that have a good level of followers around the world. Just as Netflix has its exclusive programs that are gaining popularity worldwide, such as Stranger Things, Amazon, and Hulu they also have their exclusive shows that are not far behind in lines like Transparent and The Handmaids Tale, respectively.

Here are the current and future threats to the Netflix domain

3HBO now
4CBS All Access
5DirecTV now
6YouTube television
7Sling tv
8PlayStation Vue
9Disney (next)

But Hulu and Amazon are not the only names Netflix has to worry about in the coming months or years. There is also the grandfather of entertainment that enters the world of online streaming, the Walt Disney Company.

With shows and highlights such as Marvel, Star Wars, Pixar and Disney live, Walt Disney Company can soon get ahead of the competition.

Say goodbye to that annoying Netflix Proxy Error forever, and enjoy Netflix on your PC, laptop, SmartTV, Amazon Fire Stick or any other device with PureVPN.

Do you want to try Netflix with PureVPN?

If you are not so sure that PureVPN can allow you to access Netflix US, you can always try the service before committing to the long term, such as getting a 3-year plan or a 5-year plan. For such a case, you can subscribe to PureVPN and get a two month period.

The one-month plan has the same features and offers the same amazing functionality that you can use to access Netflix US from anywhere in the world. With PureVPN, it is very easy to avoid Netflix proxy errors and access whatever you want immediately.

If you don’t like it, there is a money-back guarantee for you. But you probably fall in love with the service.


Transmission without a VPN is a risky business. Doing so exposes you to a dozen different vulnerabilities that can invade your privacy. These include hacks, ransomware, cyber attacks, cyber bullying and, worse, blackmail and extortion.

The internet is not safe. Our job is to surf the Internet only after taking precautions. The best precaution you can take is to install PureVPN and connect to it every time you connect. This way, you will remain completely anonymous online, and no one will be able to track you or your activities.

As a general rule, always use PureVPN when connecting.


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