TOP 10 Most Devious Cheaters in the Casino


Since the appearance of the casino, naturally, there have appeared those who want to get a big jackpot, not relying only on luck. However, it is not so easy to pull off a scam and empty the casino. But there are swindlers who were able to become famous thanks to their cunning.

Crown Casino Scam in 2013

The biggest scam to win $32 million was the Crown Casino scam in 2013. The scammers managed to pull off the identical actions of the heroes of the movie “Ocean’s Eleven“. They acted in concert, together with a security expert who hacked into the casino’s security system and analyzed data from surveillance cameras, and then passed the information on to his accomplices. Players then made only winning bets. An internal investigation by the casino security service helped bring the attackers to clean water. It was carried out after a suspicious series of winnings by one of the players, who was also earning by playing in a 1 euro minimum deposit casino.

Crown Casino Scam in 2013

A trickster named Phuong Quoc Chuong

No less famous was the swindler Phuong Quoc Chuong with his plan, thought out to the smallest detail. The development of the scam scenario took more than one year, and the plan itself included the recruitment of several people. Phuong rode around the largest casinos, offering dealers to earn money for helping to implement the script. In total, he was able to recruit 30 people. The task of the dealer was to create the illusion of shuffling a deck of cards. At the same time, one of the players transmitted information about the cards to the second through a hidden microphone. To communicate, the attackers used cigarettes, since smoking did not arouse any suspicion. At the end of the briefing, the accomplice folded his fingers in a given way. But in the end, the scammers were still caught.

“Invisible” marks

Also the most famous trick was the use of an infrared spot by a group of scammers. However, this method could not be done if the group did not include the croupier and the casino administrator. The cards were marked with infrared ink, which could not be seen without special lenses, and the markings on the cards could be read at a distance of up to 4 meters. In general, a group of swindlers managed to crank out this method of playing for more than 2 years, during all this time they did not arouse the slightest suspicion.

Giardin Tim’s Deception

At the end of 2014, another cunning scam became known, which was called Giardin Tim’s nuclear chips. Giardian himself was the deputy head of the U.S. HRC and was repeatedly caught in fraud. So, in an Iowa casino, he tried to use stickers to change the denomination of chips from 1 to 500 dollars. He was caught in hot pursuit and at first claimed to have bought the chips from a stranger in the closet. But after some time, he changed his testimony to the fact that the chips were found by accident. The investigation conducted a study of the inside of the stickers, the results of which revealed the complete correspondence of Tim’s genetic code. As a result of the investigation, it was found that the rear admiral spent an average of about fifteen hours a week gambling.

Deception to Taft Keith

A few years before Bill Gates and Steve Jobs released the personal computer, Taft Keith, a Baptist churchgoer, managed to build a computer that helped win points. In 1972, no one could even think of the existence of such devices, and there were no rules against their use. While playing at the table, Keith used his toes to enter card information into the device’s memory. After analyzing the data, the computer gave out information about the remaining cards through flashing lights in the frame of the glasses. It took a long time, and many people took advantage of this technology before it was revealed.

Fraud by Richard Markus

The swindler Richard Marcus became famous for the old proven trick. Playing in a Las Vegas casino, he pretended to be drunk. Sitting down at the table, he crookedly placed a stack of two chips so that it was impossible to distinguish the denomination at the bottom. Naturally, the unsuspecting croupier, seeing the top chip with a face value of $ 5, did not assume the huge value of the bottom one.

And when Richard lost, he simply raked the chips back, which is a gross violation of the rules of the casino. However, who wants to sort things out with a client who is drunk as an insole because of these pennies. When Richard won, he immediately began to rejoice loudly, attracting attention to himself, and the croupier remained in complete bewilderment when he saw the face value of the bottom chip. And no one would have suspected a scam in this trick if Marcus had not started writing his detailed memoirs.

Hacker scam

With the development of technology, the methods of conducting scams in the casino have also evolved. And no less famous was the hacker attack of the slot machine by Denis Nikrash. The whole difficulty lay in the fact that the slot machines did not have an Internet connection, and this is usually a critical indicator for a hacker. This figure did not stop Denis. First, he got his own slot machine for training. Then he improved the internal modules of the processors, which gave him the opportunity to constantly win, but only within the framework of his device.

Therefore, in order to install modified processors in casino slot machines, Denis purchased a special key on the black market. After that, he found a small team of accomplices, whose only task was to cover the swindler from CCTV cameras. The whole operation to replace the processors took less than a minute and it was possible to start collecting the jackpot from this slot machine. Unfortunately for Denis, it was his accomplices who handed over the fraudster to the FBI.

The radio control scam

In 1973, the radio-controlled ball scam became known to the world. The croupier, his son-in-law and sister took part in it. The task of the son-in-law was to represent the player, and the sister had to sit at the next table. The main swindler was the croupier, whose hobby was connected with the manufacture of radio components. He managed to fabricate and place a radio transmitter in a small ball that was custom-made.

The work of the croupier was no different from the usual, and his son-in-law had to make large bets. At this time, the sister, who was sitting at the next table, turned on a radio transmitter disguised as a pack of cigarettes, which made the ball fall into one of the six holes. In general, the scammers were able to win more than five million francs in a week. The security service would not have been able to bring the scammers to clean water, if not for an accident.

The owner of the establishment liked the croupier’s sister, and paying attention to her, the owner noticed several oddities. After all, she always played alone and always lost without any emotions. In addition, she always had a pack of cigarettes in her hands, but no one saw the girl go out to smoke. Thus, this scam was exposed.

The radio control scam

The Rosselli Brothers Affair

History also knows the scam of the Rosselli brothers, who over the course of five years were able to ruin casinos in Puerto Rico and Nevada, while they did not make investments at all. The essence of the scam was to use the personal data of the players. The scammers hired a hacker who was able to download non-public credit system data for them. Using this information, the brothers opened bank accounts to which they transferred up to $50,000, which allowed them to open a line of credit at any casino in the state. All actions were thought out to the smallest detail, which allowed the scam to last from 1995 to 2000.

Cheating without a game

And finally, a scam carried out by a group of 14 people who did not even have to go to the casino to steal an impressive amount of money there. It was only necessary to acquire a plastic card and meet certain conditions, which allowed the attackers to earn about one million dollars. They used ATMs in the largest casinos in California and Nevada. Thanks to a hole in the security system, scammers could perform several unrecorded transactions within one minute. And since the limits on the cards were not exceeded, the FBI for a long time could not find out what was the matter.


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