Mobile App Development Tips for Startups


Before We Get Started

Want to know what you need to focus on in order to create a great Android app? Do you want your startup to become profitable and popular? Want to find an iOS app development company but don’t know how? Then you are in the right place.

In this article, you’ll get some valuable mobile app development tips for startups that help you beat your competitors and become the best. Want to try it?

Tip 1. Clearly Define Your Goal

In order to achieve the goal, you need to clearly know what it is. For example, if your goal is to make money on the app, then you need to create something that is already popular and already earns money. In this case, it’s not a shame to copy someone else’s idea, if you don’t have ambitions to make a really new app.

If you want to create an Android app for your own pleasure, then you need to focus on developing simple games. It is always interesting, in this area you’ll learn a lot, the sphere itself is developing rapidly. It’ll take a lot of time, the development process itself is not cheap, but still this is a great option that guarantees you pleasure.

If your goal is popularity, then you need to try to create a truly unique app. Something new that is still not available on the Android app market. Of course, this path is the most difficult, but it has the most advantages that you’ll get if you achieve your goal.

Now you know why it is important to have a clearly defined goal. Ask yourself what is your goal? This will show you the right way.

Tip 2. Social Applications are not so Simple

What is your budget? How many people are on your team? Do you have a team at all?

If you do not have a budget and if you do not have a team, then remember, you don’t need to create social apps. Social apps take a lot of money. Are you ready to invest big money in your app? Usually, huge teams of professionals work on creating such apps.

Just for fun, see how much an hour of work as a professional programmer cost. Now you understand why such apps shouldn’t be taken without a budget?

Tip 3. Single-player Mode is the Key

If you reject the idea of ​​engaging in social offerings, then you need to think about one more thing. Apps with single-player mode will be theoretically more profitable for you. Create applications in which it won’t matter whether friends or just other people use this app.

For example, when we use a pedometer, we don’t care how many people have downloaded the same application. It is important for us that we like this app. Keep it in mind. Attracting a large number of people isn’t so easy. The app market for Android is full. So, enter the market with a terrific idea.

Tip 4. Earning on Advertising is not a Salvation

Many people think that having created the app, they will earn a lot of money from advertising and will forget about office work forever. Alas, this is not so.

You may not even think that advertising in the app will help you make money if 100,000 people don’t use your application daily. This is a huge figure, which is available to few. Therefore, do not dream of a decent income from advertising in the app. Think about how you can still make money on it.

Tip 5. Promotion or Technology?

Remember that no matter what type of Android app you choose, you need to deal with the kind that you really like. In the development of applications, too often there are various difficulties that sooner or later may lead to abandon the idea of ​​developing the app in general. Therefore, if you are doing your job obsessively, then you will surely succeed. But if your main motivation is money, then you are unlikely to achieve a good result.

And yet, you need to clearly know what your strengths and weaknesses are. For example, if you do not have money to promote the app, then get involved in such an app, the main one of which will be the technical side.

It must be something unique. Something that they can notice without advancement. But if you have a weak technical, then you need to focus on the tools to promote your app. The main thing is to find your own approach.

What Could be Your Startup?

There are only two options: successful or unsuccessful. What your startup will be is only up to you. Take time to analyze articles on this topic. Chat with those who have already accomplished what you are about to do.

Experience is what is valuable, and you need to find someone who will share their own experience with you. For example, our specialists have the necessary knowledge. And if you are determined to achieve the goal, then contact us and we will tell you how to do it.



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