20% Off Maxim Promo Codes & Discounts [July 2023]

The Maxim promo codes is a kind of special code that you can use to get certain promos for both new and old users.

So far, Maxim has released many of the latest promo codes that have proven to benefit its users throughout India.

Taxi Maxim itself has been operating in more than 60 regions in India. If your city also has Maxim services, then you must try the Maxim promo code to get an exclusive bonus.

Maxim Promo Codes & Discounts [100% Working]

What is Maxim Promo Code?

The Maxim promo code is a unique code in the form of a unique combination of letters and numbers that functions to claim discounts, vouchers, or additional prizes for users of the Maxim Delivery application.

The Maxim 2023 promo code will get a bonus non-cash balance of Rs. 547.46 which can be disbursed to the user’s balance as well as a 20% discount/trip.

You can get this balance and bonus by entering a Promo code after installing the user (customer) maxim application and logging in using an active mobile number.

Maxim Promo Code function

Maxim promo codes work like voucher codes or discount codes on various services. Users who meet certain criteria will get a unique code.

The code is then given to the officer or entered into the service column for the claim process.

If the code is declared valid, then the user has the right to get discounts, special offers, additional prizes, and so on.

Benefits of Using Maxim Promo Codes

By using the Maxim promo code, you can get cheaper service prices. The value of the discount also varies, depending on the type of code, location, total cost, and so on.

Benefits of Using Maxim Promo Codes

No matter what nominal discount you get, you will still benefit because you can save some money.

Specifically for Drivers, they will also get a bonus of Rs. 547.38 free balances and a 10% discount for each successful trip they get.

Terms of Using Maxim Coupon Code

To be able to use the Maxim promo code, there are several conditions that you must fulfill, namely:

  • Using the latest version of the Maxim application.
  • There is a code that only new users can use.
  • The mobile number that you registered with Maxim is still active and can be used to verify it.
  • Your internet connection is stable enough to complete the claim process.

How to Get Maxim Promo Codes?

To get the Maxim promo code, there are many ways you can do it, including:

  • Install the Maxim application.
  • Complete transactions using Maxim services.
  • Participated in an event organized by Maxim.

The Latest Collection of Maxim Promo Codes 2023

You need to know that the latest Maxim promo code has an active period and conditions. If you can’t use the code below, then most likely the code is no longer valid.

Until now, there are two Maxim promo codes that are still circulating on the internet and can still be claimed, namely:

✅ E917B2F2⭐ IDR 20,000 bonus per account.
✅DRV22472443⚡ IDR 100,000 bonus (10% discount) per account.
✅ MAXIM50⭐ 50% discount on the next trip.
✅ FOODMXM25⚡ 25% discount on food delivery services.
✅ WOWMXM⭐ Cashback worth IDR 20,000 every day.
✅ POINT MAXIM 100⚡ Get 100 GoPoints points.
✅ Check T&C PromoClick Here ⭐⭐⭐

We recommend trying the first promo code first because the nominal is bigger. This code only applies to new users, so your old Maxim account won’t be able to use it.

New User Maxim Promo Code

The Maxim Promo Code for new users is DRV22472443 for a Maxim bonus balance of Rs. 547.38 which can be claimed immediately after the promo code is verified when registering an account.

In addition, new users will also get a transaction discount of 10%. For example, travel expenses are worth INR 547.38, so you only need to pay INR 492.64.

Old User Maxim Promo Code

Meanwhile, the existing Maxim promo code is E917B2F2 with a bonus prize of INR 109.48. However, this code is not very popular and the testimonials are not as many as the second code.

Even so, you can still try to claim the promo code above to prove it yourself.

Even if you are lucky, it is possible that you can benefit from both codes at once.

The Latest Maxim Promo Code Prize

Maxim also often gives prizes in the form of Maxim promo codes for its users who have participated in the programs being held by Maxim.

For example, some time ago Maxim gave a promo code to users who made at least 3 trips within 90 days.

If you subscribe to the Maxim service, of course, it’s not a difficult thing to do. Especially now, Maxim has become a priority for regular trips to campus, work, or school.

In addition, here are some prizes offered by the Maxim promo code:

Discount Rates

Maxim app promos often offer fare discounts where you can save some money on your trip.

For example, a 50% discount on travel over a certain period of time so you only have to pay half of what you would normally pay for the same trip.


Some promos offer cashback or a partial refund of Maxim’s travel expenses in the form of a balance.

For example, you can receive a cashback of 10% of the total cost of your trip as a balance that can be used in the application on your next trip.

Loyalty Points

The Maxim application often has a loyalty program where you can collect points every time you use the service using a valid promo code.

These points can be exchanged for prizes such as discounts on the next trip, free products, or vouchers from business partners such as Maxim drivers.

Free Service

In some promo codes, you may get free services, such as free travel using a special promo code or free shipping for food delivery services.

Apart from that, you also have the opportunity to win attractive prizes, such as electronic devices, holidays, or credit balances in the application.

How to Claim the Maxim Promo Code Bonus?

To get a bonus balance of Rs. 547.38 and a 10% discount for each trip, of course, you must first claim the Maxim Promo code on the account you are currently using.

Therefore, see how to claim the latest Maxim promo code bonus:

  1. Install the Maxim application for passengers from the PlayStore or AppStore.
  2. If you don’t have a Maxim account yet, create a new account with your email and phone number.
  3. On the main page select Menu in the lower right corner.
  4. On the menu page click Promo code.
  5. Enter code DRV22472443 or E917B2F2 in the column provided.
  6. Click ACTIVATE.
  7. If the claim is successful and the code is still valid, then you will immediately get benefits according to the type of code you use.

Advantages of Using Maxim Promo Codes

By using the Maxim promo code, you will get many benefits ranging from bonuses to discounted travel prices. Here are some advantages of using promo codes in the Maxim application:

Travel Cost Discounts

You can also use the Maxim promo code to get a discount on travel expenses. The amount of the discount varies, depending on the ongoing event and the type of code you get.

If you want to get a bigger discount, try to subscribe to Maxim service by using it as often as possible.

Get Free Balance Bonus

The code that you use will give you a bonus in the form of a discount, additional balance, or other types of bonuses. Interestingly, you can get all of these bonuses for free.

You only need to complete missions in the form of ordinary travel transactions. In other promotions, you may need to invite your friends to use the Maxim referral code.

Whatever it is, Maxim has never given a promotion with a heavy and convoluted mission. Everything is simple and can be done by all Maxim users.

Can Be Used Forever

The code that you have claimed will be immediately active in your account. You can use this code at any time when traveling without an active period limit.

However, you still need to check your Maxim account periodically. Maxim may change the conditions at any time without notification to the user.

Tips for Using Maxim Promo Codes

Before using a promo code to get a bonus in the Maxim application, it’s a good idea to pay attention to a few tips on using the promo code on the Maxim APK below:

Check Promo T&C

Always read carefully the terms and conditions related to the promo code which are usually found in the promo information section.

Make sure you understand the usage restrictions, expiration date, eligible service types, and other requirements before using the promo code.

Pay attention to the validity period of the promo

Some promo codes are only valid for a certain period of time or on certain dates.

Make sure you use the promo code before the expiration date and according to the specified period.

Check Promo Code Availability

Make sure that the Maxim promo code that you want to use is still available and valid because usually promo codes can have a limit on the number of uses or are only valid for new users.

Make sure you don’t miss important information about the availability and conditions for using promo codes.

Copy Code Properly

Make sure you copy the promo code correctly when using it in the Maxim application so that the promo code can be claimed.

Errors in writing a promo code can make it invalid or unusable so that the code is considered invalid.


That’s the latest Maxim promo code that you can use to save on travel costs. Keep checking email and notifications in the Maxim app so you don’t miss the latest information and promotions.

After completing the mission from Maxim, you are entitled to get a promotional code. The code is useful for getting discounts or other special incentives.

On another day, Maxim may hold a promotion with different terms and conditions. Keep up with information about Maxim’s promotions so you don’t miss the benefits.

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